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BANJARA - Apurva Agarwal - Pearl Academy

“Banjara” the care free tribal of India, from attires to actuaries, they reflect our unstained attitudes so my collection is couture for autumn winter. I tried to inculcate the power of expression and I am glad to take Banjaras as my theme for this season.

Banjara depicts self obsession, rudeness and breaks all rules, realistic, hard working, ‘selfish for some and selfish for everyone’ and they have their own defined world. With constant efforts and understanding of their culture, spending time and sharing experience helped me to know them better.

I have done the surface ornamentation through tie-die and 3D effects. I am going to play with variety of thick and thin yarn, felt, lace, layering, fluting, pleating. I have explored the variety of trims in different shapes and colours. My fabrics are specking about rustic look. 

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