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Aqdus Saleem's Iffat vs Ismat | #PearlWhatsNext - Pearl Academy








Aqdus Saleem
School of Fashion, Styling & Textiles

Iffat va Ismat – Contemporary Abayas for modern day liberated and empowered women
This Thesis Project embraces two dynamic elements; Islamic ethnic wear and contemporary fashion trends to create a fusion that projects the best of both. The eternal appeal thus created has no geographical boundaries but exudes an international appeal.

Aqdus Saleem, Post Graduate student of Fashion at Pearl Academy, through her project, has endeavoured to create and maintain a delicate balance between tradition and modernity. Her deep-rooted belief in Islamic culture and values were often questioned by her creativity, while the rich Islamic art fascinated her endlessly…. Can women be made to look gracious, elegant and joyous with low-key styling, muted colours and minimal embellishments? Can a designer bring about a life-changing trend through ideas that blend culture and values to create a practical solution? She was compelled to find solutions and answers to satisfy her creativity.

Aqdus, after intensive research and groundwork has developed a clear vision of the attire that modern Muslim women or women living and working in a conservative milieu would require for their daily dressing as well as that for special occasions. Her line of garments allows the wearers the freedom to pursue their lives and professions with ease, comfort and style without compromising on their modesty. The flowing lines, easy fittings are practical for all climates and are aesthetically appealing to the eye and have a global appeal.

“When I joined Pearl Academy I was encouraged to think independently and without fear; I learnt to question old norms and find new solutions. I also learnt how to work within strict parameters. Constructive criticism from my mentors and faculty members gave me the confidence to move ahead. The extensive library of the Academy provided me with adequate information and was a sanctum for thinking and reflecting on my work. My research exposed me to various nuances of tradition and made me understand them thoroughly” says Aqdus.

She is sure that the ensembles designed by her will impact women’s fashion worldwide and particularly to conservative cultures without offence. One can foresee Aqdus’ efforts not only bearing fruit in the near future but also ushering a tidal wave of wearable fashion for women of all age groups in conservative cultures.

Design Mentor – Ankur Gulati
Technical Mentor – Ramnik Dhillon

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