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An Amazing Session with David James Baker - Pearl Academy

Having David James Baker for a Q&A session was truly a delight as he enthralled us by his in-depth knowledge of the world of film making. There were plenty of questions for him to answer and he obliged and shared his thoughts on a variety of topics. It was amazing to have this chat with him and we’re sure each participant has gained something from it.

David shared his excitement about visiting India for the first time and meeting everyone here. He will be one of the four main speakers at the Creative Careers Conclave and he will also hold a talk on Why Some Videos Go Viral on the Internet. Register for the events here:

Creative Careers Conclave, Mumbai:

A Talk On Why Some Videos Go Viral, Delhi:

When asked about his expectations from the Creative Careers Conclave, David said, “You saved the toughest question for the last! I would like for all of the artists and creators involved in the CCC to realize that they stand to benefit most in the new landscape of art and media we are discussing. Especially, if they can adapt their work to thrive in the new formats of expression and feedback.”

To read the complete Q&A session, click here:

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