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Akanksha Thapliyal - Setting up Merchandising Department - Pearl Academy



The company started in 1976 and is a division of Dwarka Men’s Wear. They started with their first brand “Dash” only in men’s formal shirts for the domestic market, with time the company has grown and now they are into domestic market as well as exports. The company works on push strategy and now they have increased segments in Men’s wear shirts and segmented the product range into formal wear, casual wear, party wear.

Objectives and Research Method

  1. Set up a Merchandising department in the company
  2. Streamline the hierarchy of the marketing department

Secondary resources for understanding organizational structure and primary for organizational Behavior


The company has disorientated organizational structure, that is the departments are not streamlined which leads to mismanagement. There is lack of proper organizational behavior which leads to lack of motivation of the employees.


1. Proposed ideas are looked upon for changes
2. Proposed strategies will be applied gradually as the staff is rigid and averse to new changes


  1. Streamlining hierarchy of marketing department
  2. To tackle the problem of lack in organizational behavior, lack in motivation

    Re-training programs Orientation programs

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