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A guide to a career in Product Designing - Pearl Academy

PGIDSDesign is present everywhere, but rarely acknowledged.

If you sit back and think of the things we do every day and the ease with which we do it, you will realise how important design is in our everyday lives. Let us share some instances with you – What if the chair you sit on at work was not designed keeping in mind your long-hour desk jobs? And the laptop you work on – don’t you prefer a sleeker design over a bulky one? And if you have to make notes, wouldn’t you prefer a pen that doesn’t slip through your fingers as you write? Here’s that important role design plays.
Design is the essence of a product. Design is what gives a product structure and beauty.

As Steve Jobs rightly said, design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.
A good product design, be it for something as simple as a bottle or a chair to something as intricate and complex as a smartphone, design is based on a thorough study of consumer needs and aspirations. It is essential for a product designer to understand the user’s requirements, be on a constant lookout for opportunities and yes, make innovation your best friend. In a nutshell, a product designer is the one who conceives the product in his/ her mind. This role combines art, science and technology to create tangible three-dimensional products.

So, while you are exploring career opportunities around you, product design could offer you an exciting, creative and fulfilling career. Here is a non- exhaustive list of skills that you must possess, and eventually master in order to become a product designer:

Curiosity: Innovation is driven by curiosity. To be a good product designer, you must always be curious about how things work and how they can be made better.
Imagination: Let your imagination run wild. If you can dream it, you can definitely do it.
Flawless execution: An idea, if not executed well, is just an idea. To turn all your creativity and imagination into reality, you must have the grit and determination to execute it and do it well. Flawless execution of an idea requires extensive training and hard work.
Business acumen: For your designs to become a hit, it is essential that you understand the consumer market. There is no point creating a product that is no longer needed or something that the consumer just won’t buy.
Global awareness: It’s very important to be updated with global trends and developments in technology. Remember, the world is becoming smaller every day. Brace up to cater to a global audience.

If you are always brimming with exciting ideas, have an eye for detail and the will power to try till you get it right, the product you design could be the next big thing we hear about.

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