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7 websites every UI/UX aspirant should know about - Pearl Academy

In today’s environment, with all its fast-paced content and decreasing user attention span, creating websites with a positive user experience has become more important than ever. User interface and user experience must be considered in every sphere of operation, from designing to marketing.

But figuring out where to begin your UI journey can be a daunting task for those who aren’t familiar with the discipline’s parts and parcels. But worry not! The internet always comes to the rescue. And this time, it has come with a host of inspirational UI/UX websites, resources, and blogs that cover everything from the basics of usability and design, right up to the advanced stuff.

So, here’s a list of online resources that hold a ton of value for UI/UX designers who are just starting out and which are just a tap and a click away.

This adobe-owned website is really a no-brainer when it comes to UI/UX design. Populated by millions of creative professionals, you can have a field day scanning through the never-ending supply of stunning creations concocted by worldwide designers. The site houses portfolios of new and experienced UI/UX designers alike, including visual works pertaining to illustration, photography, fashion, graphic design, and much more.

You might be thinking that such a comprehensive service may come with an eyebrow-raising price tag. Well, you’re dead mistaken. Participation in Behance is entirely free, and there are absolutely no restrictions on the number of projects, images, or other types of media you can showcase.

Lastly, the platform is not limited to UI/UX professionals and is available to creative individuals across various disciplines.

If Behance is the Android of UI/UX platforms, then Dribbble is the Apple. Dribbble essentially works the same as Behance and is a great platform to showcase your work and take inspiration from others’. But there’s one catch: Not everyone can submit their work. Other designers must invite you to enter this elite club. Due to this restriction, the platform is not accessible to everyone.

But on the bright side, if you get invited, you can be dead sure that the work you witness will be of top-notch quality.

Boxes and Arrows
If you’re a certified geek and like to delve into the theory of things, this site is for you. From peer-written journals to insightful articles, this site has got it all. They have a simple motto, to bring the world of design to the digital landscape, and till now, they have succeeded splendidly.

So, if you’re trying to understand mobile UX, social UX, lean UX, or any other complicated aspect of usability, be sure to check this page out first.

Minimalists will surely love this one. The website is a repository of the internet’s finest interactive and web designs. Like dribble, Siteinspire limits the number of posts the website receives. It does this by limiting the number of submissions received per day. It’s currently limited to 200 submissions, which are meticulously chosen based on their ease of use, simplicity, and cleanliness.

So, if you’re looking to showcase your work, make sure it’s free of any gimmicks or unnecessary decorations. And limit the usage of Flash because it’s really frowned upon.

If you’re using Figma, a competent opponent to AdobeXD, the FigmaCrush site can be a goldmine for you. Developed to fuel the platform’s growing appreciation, FigmaCrush is an ever-increasing reservoir of premium and free resources, which Figma beginners can use to drive their design ideas. The site houses a ton of UI kits, templates, icons, and mockups of real devices, as well as any other Figma freebie you may need.

So, if you’re one of those unconventional UI aspirants that decided to start out with Figma, be sure to check this site out.

UX Checklist
This website is more on the productivity side and is a place where UX designers, be it beginners or experienced, can maintain a checklist for all their tasks. You can use it to log in your project’s progress or set in deadlines for the hand-over. Whatever your use case may be, this site is a must if you’re looking to be a professional UI/UX designer.


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