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6 Funky Independent Brands We Love - Pearl Academy

Quirky ideas stand out. There are no two ways about it. And if the idea is unconventional and funky enough, it’s definitely going to catch our attention – like these homegrown indie brands that have walked off the beaten path, and guess what, loved by India.

From prints covering minions and owls to crazy pop culture graphics, these designs have wowed us much.

Quirk Box
A riot of colours, we love each and every design of this offbeat, creative and innovative brand. The brainchild of Jayesh Sachdev and Rixi Bhatia, Quirk Box is a fashion and lifestyle label that believes in wearable eccentricity. Watch out for the pop-coloured unique prints.

Extremely popular for their fun products that echo an easy-going charisma, Chumbak is a magnet that will draw you towards its fun prints. The label was born out of love for India and the love for travel.

Happily Unmarried
Happily married is the term we’re quite familiar with until happily unmarried was anti established. Yes, that’s how they like to position themselves. A fun brand with even funnier phrases and lines that run across all their products, Happily Unmarried is a fashion and lifestyle label.

The Elephant Company
Launched with the aim to make everyday life a little more interesting, The Elephant Company designs are inspired by a perfect blend of Indian heritage and international élan. The vibrant colours and designs will only increase you your love for everything India.

Forty Red Bangles
This label is here to tell a tale of different cities through its designs, and when they’re at it, Forty Red Bangles marries sustainability and creativity with its handcrafted pieces. The name came from the Founder, Ramona’s forty red bangles she wore as a newly wed. These bangles represented the connection between her past and her future; and all the joys and tribulations that finally led to a collection of ideas and experiences that evolved into a lifestyle label.

Red Wolf
Heavily influenced by pop culture, Red Wolf is an indie clothing brand with a line of graphic tees. After giving up their 9 to 5 jobs, three engineers decided to design something they truly believed in for the twenty-something across the world.

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