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5 Upcoming Trends In Visual Merchandising by Ritu Jain - Pearl Academy

by Pearl Academy Faculty, Ritu Jain

Future of Retail is about 3E’s …..…To discover read more….
The current trend of multichannel retailing and show rooming has posed a great challenge to the retailers to ensure a seamless experience online and offline. Nonetheless, the technology has enabled the consumers to be empowered in taking buying decisions anytime and anywhere. Today’s consumer is well connected and informed on the move through social Medias. They are time-poor and therefore look for convenience. But, what’s next in retail and especially in visual merchandising??

To discover this, let’s get into the world of imagination as I describe to you the future of retail by 2020. In brief, future is about 3 E’s that is Engagement, Education and Entertainment. Imagine yourself walking into a retail store where you see large touch screens in place of Windows (trend1) and robotized mannequins walking on the aisles and helping you with your favorite color(trend 2). So, you can imagine how the level of interactivity will go up outside and inside the store to entice your senses. In fact, the entire store ambience will be theatrical with an amalgamation of design, creativity and technology such that you will feel thrilled and entertained throughout your stay (trend3). Besides, retail brands will emphasize on exploring eco-friendly and recycled materials to save the cost as well as to educate you about sustainable environment. Moreover, this practice will be organically embedded in their core philosophy (trend 4). Further, you will not only be able to interact, test and try through digital displays but also personalize your purchases (trend 5). All in all, there will be a full-fledged integration of visual merchandising with interactive technology to provide you with a unique brand experience. How exciting is all this?? Isn’t it??


Touchscreen windows –
Robotic Mannequins –
Ecofriendly store design –
Digital Displays –

Ideas taken from: and My colleague Mr. Gaurav Sharma, Faculty, Visual Merchandising, School of Creative Business

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