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5 Top Product Designers across the globe - Pearl Academy

There are two kinds of people on this planet- one who use Apple Products, others who do not. But what these two groups have in common is the appreciation for the beauty and designing of Apple Products- the MacBooks , iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch and iOS. The celebrated man behind these pieces of beauty is Sir Jonathan Ive, the Chief Design Officer (CDO) of Apple Inc. All the glory that Apple enjoys today has a lot to do with the persistent endeavours and creativity of this man.

With the multitude of never-existed-before career choices available today for the youth, Product Design is one of the most interesting, challenging and well-paid profession. Traditionally understood as a mere art of creating beautiful artefacts, Product Design has grown into a strategic, specialised and systematic conception and development of the ideas that beautifully resolve the user’s need, the client’s brief by way of either improving existing products for the better or innovating and building new products.

Below are some of the most popular Product Designers from across the globe, creating a mark in the designing world, transforming not just how we see the products but gifting us and many more generations to come with some revolutionary products.

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With the ever evolving market and consumer demands, product and technology innovation is the need of the hour. So, if you’re planning to consider Product Design as a career option then Pearl Academy offers four-year UG pathway in Product & Lifestyle Design, spread across four semester and one year of Foundation. The principal aim of this program in Product Design is to produce competent, creative and ethical product designers/entrepreneurs who are intellectually mature, ecologically sensitive and socially responsible.

The faculty at Pearl Academy is credited for matching steps with the Global standards. The Product Design faculty is multi-faceted and passionate professionals. Heading the course are- Ms. Srishti Bajaj and Mr. Hardik Gandhi. Ms. Bajaj with her M.A. in Product Design from Royal College of Art, London has been hailed as one of “The top 20 creative entrepreneur in India” by IIM and the British council. Mr. Gandhi, a post-graduate from NID (Ahmedabad) comes with an experience of over 10 years and has been recognised by the prestigious ELLE DECOR‘s Young Talent of the Year 2012-13, one of the many awards and honours he has won.

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