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5 Makeup Trends to Look out for in Fall 2021 - Pearl Academy

Makeup has moved on from becoming a way of beautifying ourselves to an art form of its own. Now it’s used to express one’s mood, paint a picture of the current environment and even make a social commentary about an issue. With fashion and makeup trends changing by the minute, it can be hard to keep up. But you don’t have to worry because we’re here to help!

Here are 5 makeup trends to look out for in the fall of 2021:

1. Bold and beautiful:
Ever since the pandemic started and masks became the new addition to the 3 things you can’t leave your home without’, eyes have become the focus of makeup looks.
Thick mascara and bold eyebrows can add definition to the eyes, making you appear fresh and confident. Apart from this, using dramatically thick eyeliner is another thing on the 2021 fall checklist.

2. Lavender is the new black
If you’re thinking of giving your makeup closet an overhaul, or looking to invest in some new additions for your collection, lavender is the go-to color. From lip shades to eyeshadows, this color is all the rage and a must have to be with the trends!

3. Bringing the 90s back
With Y2k (the year 2000) aesthetic taking the fashion world by the storm, it’s hardly a surprise that the infamous smokey eye look would make a comeback. What’s more, it’s now better than ever before! Apart from the classic smokey eye, people are now creating this look using the lavender or purple tones, for a truly enthralling effect.

4. Giving the skin some lovin’
Beauty is not skin deep, they say, and the pandemic has shown us the importance of self-care. Sales of skincare products have been skyrocketing with people trying out different skincare routines and challenges, and it is here to stay.
Caring for the skin takes away the impurities, giving you a fresh, clean canvas for you to experiment different makeup looks on. However, more than this, it also lets you take out some time for pampering yourself after a long day, giving you a chance to relax and rejuvenate. A win-win!

5. Adding bursts of color
Lavender might be taking the crown in the makeup industry right now, but the rest of the color palette is not far behind. To combat the dull and gloomy days of the lockdowns, people have taken to adding bright colors in abstract designs. This includes brightly colored glittery eye looks, adding star embellishments or sequins to the lids and poppy colors on the pout.

At the end of the day, trends will come and go, but makeup is all about experimentation, self-expression and letting the artist in you come out, play and have fun. With more and more people choosing to embrace this art-form, the makeup industry has expanded exponentially, bringing several new prospects for young enthusiasts to make a career out of. From Makeup Artists, Esthetician, Hair Stylist, Nail Technician, Fashion Photographer, the list of opportunities is endless!

Young makeup artists and stylists like Sandhya Shekar, Arjun Verma, Dikshi Verma, Akshita Singh, Vidhi Sekhi, Gomit Chopra and many more are leading the industry – from the runways to the red carpets and the silver screen.
If you’ve also been fascinated by makeup since forever and want to see your name amongst these, you can apply to our 11 month Fashion & Celebrity Make up professional course at Pearl Academy and transform your career just like you transform a person with your makeup skills. To know more about the course, click here.

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