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Marketing and Sales Promotion by Palak Jain - Pearl Academy


Vhannah is a fashion store which opened in 2010 in Jaipur. It deals in Ethnic wear for women; extended lines include hand bags, evening wear. It specializes in hand embroidery, gotta pati work, danka work of Rajasthan. Has its own manufacturing unit and has an annual turn-over of around Rs 4,05,00,000.

Objectives and Research Method

1. Brand promotion
2. To increase the sales and hence profits
Primary data was collected by the in-depth interview of the owners of various brands and the wholesalers and Secondary data was collected through internet and the company catalogue


There is a lot of scope for the brand to grow as there is always a demand for the traditional women’s wear merchandise in Jaipur but the lack of branding/marketing and customer services is the hindrance to the company’s growth. The merchandise is exclusive but people are not aware of the existence of the company because there are no promotional activities done.


Working on marketing and sales promotion, for Vhannah, resulted in higher footfall and the sale increased by certain amount. Calling the customers and making them aware of the new merchandise, contacting wholesalers for order, analyzing the competitors and coordinating between the manufacturing unit and the retail outlet- were a part of this project. During the project assistance was given to the owner in range planning for the coming season and working upon the 6-month merchandise plan for the retail store.


1. Must hire marketing personnel
2. Tailor at the retail store is needed
3. Promotions are strongly suggested
4. Customer services must be taken care
5. Attractive offers/discounts needed to build clientele.

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