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How Not To Prepare for Your Entrance Exams


One step closer to entering the college of your dreams.

The Pearl Academy gates swing open and you’re faced with a new world- a hotbed of creativity where great minds, perspectives and industries converge to create ground breaking work.

But, before you pass, you’re faced with a test. Surely by this point you have already spent several sleepless nights priming yourself with the tools and information necessary to overcome the final obstacle in your way to getting what you want: a future in design.

All the prescriptive manuals, guidelines, tips, tricks, hacks and how-tos must have been feverishly consulted by now. (We hope.) You’ve done well so far figuring out what you need to do in order to:

>Crack a College Entrance Exam
>Breeze through an interview like a maestro
>Bust out an immaculate portfolio that’s guaranteed to impress

There’s tons of “How To Get Into College” and “How to Crack the Entrance Exam” videos, articles and books out there for you to follow the roadmap to success. This isn’t exactly another one of those.

Instead, we’re going to quickly walk you through the things you really don’t want to do in order to seal the deal at the end of the day- just so you have all your bases covered. You know, going through all the things the traditional guide book won’t discuss.

Sometimes, when you’re so focused on getting everything right by the rule book, you forget to take into account all the not so right things that might slip you up.

Just like a banana peel lying on the sidewalk you just didn’t notice. Or maybe you did notice but stepped right on it, underestimating it as a potential threat because it was just a silly, harmless banana peel.

So let’s get to it.

Studying thoroughly for any test is pretty much the only real way to crack it. However, here are some potentially disastrous scenarios you really don’t want to find yourself in during prep mode.

1.You start studying a month. . a week. . a night before the exam. You’re cramming information into your brain last minute, quite confidently believing any of it going to stick.

2.You drink 15 cans of Red Bulls before tackling a mock paper thinking you’re going to be infused with magical, creative powers. Pablo Picasso may have created masterpieces in this way, but you’re not Picasso (Yet.)

3.Watching youtube videos about cats, blasting Ed Sheeran on repeat and simultaneously playing candy crush on your phone. Consider yourself the Master of Multitasking all you want, scientific research is certain that doing too many things at one time dramatically diminishes productivity.

4.Texting your crush all through study hour. Really, that coffee date can wait- after your exam.

5.Allowing stress and unrest to get the best of you, turning you into an unshowered, delirious, incoherent monster your parents want to disown.

We acknowledge that design schools are liberal, free thinking spaces where you’re allowed to challenge the status-quo. It might be tempting to want to break the rules while giving your test in order to showcase your creative brilliance. We strongly recommend that you resist the following approaches on the day of your exam:

1.Doodling passionately in the margins, across answers or even as answers in place of writing. No matter how thought provoking your sketches are, they run the risk of offending your examiner if you blatantly ignore instructions.

2.Listening to your carefully curated inspirational playlist put together for optimal performance on examination day. Okay, maybe you’re being polite with headphones and sure, music might help you focus, but this might just get you kicked out.

3.Peeping into your neighbors sheet to copy/compare/scoff at their work while they are taking the test.

4.Covering your test paper in glitter, spraying Chanel no. 5 on it and dotting all your i’s with stars to give it your personal, distinctive essence that will surely make an impact on your evaluator.

5.Taking a picture of your exam paper and uploading it to your instagram so your followers can see your witty responses OR taking selfies of yourself in the exam hall to show off your #OOTE (Outfit of the Exam) on #JudgementDay.

Your personal interview is where you’re scanned and judged as a potential fit for Pearl on the basis of your presentation, behaviour and responses. There are numerous things you could do during your interview we’re convinced you shouldn’t do, but we’re going to keep this list short and sweet.

1.You show up wearing a really, really over the top outfit. Forget form and function, you’re here to make a statement that makes Lady Gaga pale in comparison. Just remember there’s a fine line between looking artsy/eccentric and plain, borderline insane. Pearl is also a school of business, mind you.

2.You show up 36 minutes late and brush it off nonchalantly, because it’s fashionable.

3.Your session degenerates into an angry, screaming match with your Interviewer because your political/religious/intellectual/dietary views fail to align.

4.You keep checking your facebook notifications through the session. You just posted a really great picture of your coffee, duh.

5.Fabricate fantastic stories about your past to appear more exciting or experienced, ultimately putting your own foot in your mouth because you forgot your own false facts mid-story.

The portfolio is your golden ticket to design school! This is where you allow your creativity to shine to its greatest potential, dazzling the examiner into granting you well-deserved access to Pearl Academy- where you obviously belong. So let’s make sure you don’t do the following things that will most probably mess up your chances of being accepted.

1.You decide to present an encyclopedia of work. We get that you consider every single piece of your life’s work as crucial and that you dedicated your life entirely to art, but we really don’t need to see that amazing, perfect bowl of fruit you painted as four year old.

2.You present your masterpiece and only your masterpiece. Because this is the only piece of art you’ve created that is relevant and clearly revolutionary.

3.You slip a couple of pieces into your portfolio that aren’t your original work to come off as more skilled. Really, the mona lisa?!? Examiners are much smarter than you think.

4.You decide to reject all standard requirements for putting the Portfolio together and present your portfolio with a whole new and improved model using 3D printing, sound effects and puppetry.

You forgot that a portfolio is required altogether. Oops. Maybe you need to stop reading this and fix that- quick.

We wish you all the very best in your Entrance Exam this Saturday, future Creators of Pearl Academy!

See you on the other side.

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A Spotlight on Mayank Singh

A Spotlight on Mayank Singh

“Creative inspiration can strike me anywhere, anytime. I could be walking down local marketplaces or sitting in my bedroom listening to the radio. It can come through the sight of rain or trees, strangers and books, stashed away like a jewel waiting for me to grab it, hidden inside moments of silence. I can’t predict the next time I’m struck by a great idea or visual to expand on.” contemplates Mayank Singh, a first year student of Interior and Spatial Design at Pearl Academy. Though academically rooted in the art and practice of designing and constructing buildings, Mayank delights in exploring the wellspring of options his foundation year at the Academy offers him. “We don’t limit our study to one particular field. We’re encouraged to take an interdisciplinary route towards advancing our skills at Pearl,” he says, clearly excited. Mayank’s imagination, free from any bridle, travels in unusual directions and is informed by everyday life, his private world, his passions and scholarly interests: nature, humans, everyday objects and world cultures.

Young, talented and blessed with a voracious curiosity about the world, he refuses to stay complacent within the boundaries of his own culture. “I haven’t had the luxury to travel as much as I would like to. There are beautiful, fascinating places out there I wish to visit. France, Wales, Netherlands and Japan to start with.” He lingers on his love for France, notably the bold wave of modernity that swept over the French Riviera during the 20’s and 30’s. This brought simplicity and clean lines which lay in stark, yet refreshing contrast to traditional design aesthetic Mayank regards with equal reverence- such as baroque and art deco. “I respect complexity as it is usually born out of great planning and intelligence. There is nothing more awe inspiring than the monumental dimensions the gothic churches in Paris such as the Notre Dame have” He chuckles, asking if I had seen the recent adaptation of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast film. “I love regalia. Some people shy away from the ornate and decadent because they fear excess. I embrace it..”

Making a bold statement isn’t something Mayank shies away from. His flamboyant, 6X6 canvas painting that caught everyone’s attention on campus with its girth and vibrant composition is an example of this tendency. It came as no surprise when it was featured on Pearl’s newest advertising campaign, hinged on student produced art.

The bold, nonchalant lines that bring this painting to life in a predominantly impressionist style bears comparison to the paintings of Le Corbusier, the visionary mastermind who inspires Mayank’s architecturally inclined mind. A portrait of a lady, left deliberately faceless against a sunny backdrop, flaunts an ornate up-do that is reminiscent of hairstyles worn in 18th century Europe- especially France and its court of Versailles. During this era, ornamentation of the hair was a reflection of affluence and flourishing times. Women weren’t afraid to project themselves vibrantly and did so with glamour and confidence. Men too, did not shy away from such vanity and decked themselves with equal pride.“This painting is a celebration and encouragement of feminine expression in a culture that is mostly oppressive towards women,” says Mayank, “The lady doesn’t have a face because she is archetypical. She represents qualities that are commonly only associated with the feminine spirit-” held paramount at Pearl Academy – creativity, beauty, vitality and colour.

Stepping into his role as an artist was not always on the cards for Mayank, who grew up aspiring to become a professional soccer player during his school days. Like the majority of his male peers, he was encouraged to fuel his athleticism and dedicate himself to the study of hard sciences- physics, chemistry and mathematics- all of which geared him towards a future career in engineering. However, Mayank decided to reject this conventionally “masculine” path, despite all its promises of security. Why? “Because you have only one life to live. I don’t want to be a slave to money and the tried and tested path. There are other parts of me that I want to explore, real interests I want to nurture.” And in deciding this, Mayank found himself enrolled as a proud student at Pearl, fearlessly committing himself to the path of an artist and coming face to face with his inner Creator.

Students like Mayank Singh form the lifeblood of Pearl Academy. We take pride in helping them focus their innate gifts and provide their passion with the structure, industry skills, guidance and resources necessary to make an impact in the world. They do so in real and practical ways without having to compromise their vision and authentic voice.

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“Creativity should be wearable” – Pankaj & Nidhi

“Creativity should be wearable” – Pankaj & Nidhi

As a part of its tie up with FDCI, Pearl Academy hosted its first Masterclass, with the husband wife designer duo – Pankaj & Nidhi. We had a little tete-a-tete with them, where they took us through their journey, reminiscing about their early days struggle. The duo also conducted an interactive activity with the students to test their creativity. The bunch of students were handed with mystery box with embellishments. The students were supposed to use these embellishments and white T-shirts to create their own design and style. The day was filled with sky-rocketing energies, splendid creativity and interaction that inspired many young and aspiring designers.

On asking about their journey and about Pearl Academy, this is what they had to say –

Watch out as we progress with this alliance and interact with other celebrated designers like Rina Singh Eka, Amit Aggarwal, Nida Mahmood Nida Mahmood and Anju Modi Clothing in coming months.

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Students from Pearl Academy at Paris Fashion Week

Students from Pearl Academy at Paris Fashion Week

Paris fashion Week, is the most celebrated fashion event across the globe. It is ‘a dream come true’ for any designer or fashion aspirant to be present at this prestigious event. Fashion designer Rahul Mishra who presented his collection at the Paris Fashion Week was supported by a group of design students from Pearl Academy. This is the first time that students from India have gone to Paris Fashion Week to help at a designers show.

Six Pearlites were given a chance to experience this global event. The students’ involvement with the designer and his collection started in India and went on till the show ended in Paris. They assisted Rahul with conceptualization, giving finishing touches to the collection, ensuring on ground preparedness, garment readiness, model coordination and in overall execution of the show in Paris. The students from Pearl Academy were a part of the hustle and bustle of the entire experience helping all along the way.

The students were visibly excited and shared their experiences of the Paris Fashion Week and recollected their once in a lifetime experiences. Akshita Nangia, a student from Agra who went abroad for the first time said, “”It was like living a dream. Getting great insights into managing a global fashion fiesta was fantastic. Being on time, being cool-headed under pressure and being detail-oriented, were some of the things I learned as a part of the process. Also, the fun and excitement of being at the greatest fashion show in the world was overwhelming.”

Expressing her joy, Tanaya Bora who hails from Assam said, “It was an experience of a lifetime. The opportunity of being at the Paris Fashion Week has given me the confidence to pursue a career in the fashion industry. It was amazing to be a part of the action and learn at the Paris Fashion Week. I would like to thank Pearl Academy and my faculty for providing me this great opportunity”.

Rahul Mishra, shared his experience of working with the Pearl Academy students “These students brought in lot of exuberance and vibrancy to my team at the Fashion Week. Their willingness to learn and to be a part of even the smallest of tasks was very commendable. I hope it was a great learning experience for them.”

“Pearl Academy provides life changing experiences to its students. Getting to be at Paris Fashion Week is one such opportunity. Our endeavor is to help young minds to find themselves and empower them to Be Somebody. This year over 200 students from Pearl Academy have experienced the world through similar opportunities.” Said Claudio Moderini, Head Academics Pearl Academy.

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Union Budget 2016: Highlights for Education, Employment and Skill Development

Union Budget 2016: Highlights for Education, Employment and Skill Development

The Union Budget, presented by finance minister Arun Jaitley on Monday, has concentrated on key areas of growth while creating employment within an overall context of fiscal discipline. Education has been listed among the ‘9 pillars’ of this year’s budget.

The priorities of higher education and skill development are both welcome in developing the human capital necessary in fuelling growth. In this year’s budget, the FM announced an allocation of Rs 72,394 crore compared to Rs 68,963 crore for last year, which is a 4.9 per cent increase in the education budget. In this budget, Rs 43,554 crore (approximately 3 per cent increase) is allocated for school education and Rs 28,840 crore (approximately 7.3 per cent increase) is allocated for higher education.

Skills development and entrepreneurship

The budget focuses on skills development and entrepreneurship with allocation of Rs 1,700 crore for the setting up of 1500 multi-skill development institutes across the country to consolidate skill initiatives spread across several ministries, target of skilling 1 crore youth in the next 3 years under the PM Kaushal Vikas Yojna and allocation of Rs 500 crore for promoting entrepreneurship among SC/ST. A national SC/ST hub is to be set up in MSME Ministry, providing professional help.

Entrepreneurship training is to be provided across schools, colleges and massive online courses and incentives will be put in place to encourage employers to employ skilled and unskilled labour.

Literacy for rural India

The Digital Literacy Mission for rural India was announced and it targets to cover 6 crore new households within the next 3 years. If this scheme is implemented successfully, it can play an important role in increasing literacy in rural areas. The government’s effective use of technology for imparting education in remote areas can be a game changer for a large country like India.

Focus on quality education

The proposed opening 62 new Navodaya Vidyalayas to provide quality education will help in increasing enrolments in Navodaya Vidyalayas. Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan will increase focus on quality of education. The budget envisions a Senior Secondary School within a 5 km reach of every child, while improving quality of education and learning outcomes. A student Financial Aid Authority has been proposed to administer, monitor and front-end all scholarship, as well as Educational Loan Schemes, through the Pradhan Mantri Vidya Lakshmi Karyakram.

In his budget speech, the finance minister said the government will strive to make 10 private and 10 public institutions become world class. The proposed establishment of the Digital Repository of Academic Records is a timely move towards curbing forgeries in the educational credentials of job seekers. This will be a one-stop place for all education related e-certificates.

Creation of a Higher Education Funding Agency (HEFA) has been announced with an initial fund of Rs 1,000 crore.  The goal of this agency is to bring the quality of education and research at par with the international arena. HEFA will be a not-for-profit organisation that will leverage funds from the market and supplement them with donations and CSR funds. These funds will be used to finance improvement in infrastructure in top institutions and will be serviced through internal accruals.

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Pearlites unleash creativity at Kala Ghoda


Pearl Academy unleashed a spool of creative energies in its second year as design partner of the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, the country’s prestigious art and cultural event in Mumbai.

In a creative blend of imagination and talent, students encouraged a dialogue around the environment and sustainable practices through their art installation Cosmic Coalesce and recycling project Junk Genie, which created magic out of junk. The recycled products, a huge hit with the audience, were sold at the venue and the proceeds will go to St. Catherine of Sienna Orphanage and School of Bandra West. In a display of infectious joie de vivre, Pearlites also painted live on a large blank canvas at the venue.



India’s largest private institution for design, fashion and creative business, Pearl Academy believes in creativity beyond borders. Students collected unwanted or broken articles from households and worked with their faculty at Pearl Academy to creatively transform them into planters, key-chains, wall-clocks, decorative lights, colorful baskets, wind chimes, wall-hangings, recycled tyre seats, candles, etc.

On encouraging the spirit of Remake, Reuse, Reassemble and Recombine, Virat Bapat, faculty mentor for Creating Magic Out of Junk initiative said, “We reoriented common junk in interesting ways to create functional lifestyle accessory items, conceptualized and executed by the students themselves. The students are working towards a good cause and they have learnt a lot in the process.”

Shradha Vidulkar, student at Pearl Academy shared, “This has been an amazing learning curve for me. The faculty helped us practice some basic concepts of design, which made the product beautiful and also added to its utility.”

The Cosmic Coalesce, symbolizing creativity beyond borders, is composed of 16 metal frames, with illusory layers of embroidered fabric, lit up at the center for a celestial glow. It’s a vision of cosmic oneness, with arching branches and trees, created using hand embroidery, appliqué work, weaving and burnt-out print techniques, resulting in a synthesis of depth and color.


The metal frames are divided into four layers with four specific walls. Fabric is stretched on all 16 frames, each serving as one side of a vertically oriented cuboid. There are four such cuboids inside each other. Explaining the concept, Ruchita Verma, Director, Pearl Academy Mumbai said, “India is associated with gorgeous fabrics, which are spread across states and societies. According to Indian tradition, all parts belong to a whole, and must ultimately return to it. What better way to depict this than through the Cosmic Coalesce?”

She added, “It has been our endeavor at Pearl Academy to constantly mentor and nurture creativity of our students. An installation is a good way to challenge their creative intellect and have their creativity blossom.”
Painting live on a canvas at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival also gave Pearlites an expressive outlet to translate their emotions into powerful paintings. Sharing her experience, Krutika Shah, a communication design student at Pearl Academy said, “This has been an amazing learning experience for me. It has given me the freedom to experiment and express my creative streak. It was great fun to work on a concept like this.”


The artworks created by students of Pearl Academy were on display at the Kala
Ghoda 14th February Arts Festival till  2016. Pearlites work – Cosmic Coalesce, Junk Genie and Live Canvas painting which caught the attention of many were also covered by the leading national daily Hindustan Times. And here’s to the Pearl Academy’s Mumbai team who made it all possible.

IMG_1021Check out some more of their work here.

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Buckle up Mumbai as Kala Ghoda gets ready to set the track on fire..


One of the most awaited art festivals in the country, Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is back! This year Kala Ghoda will open its doors from 6th to 17th February 2016. Offering a huge kaleidoscope of music, dance, theatre, literature, food, street stalls, cinema, workshops, visual arts, urban design and architecture and heritage walks in the store, this 12-day extravaganza promises to be a riveting ride like never before.

The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is a community celebration of the arts within one of the most beautiful and historic precincts of Mumbai, The Kala Ghoda Art District.
Last year, Pearl Academy collaborated with the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival (KGAF) as Festival Design Partner. Continuing their association, this year as well Pearl Academy will add a dash of spice and colours to the festival which takes the stakes a notch higher.

With an entire brigade of creative minds Pearl Academy is taking a new initiative called ‘Junk Genie’ – for the pre-Event, we appeal all Mumbaikars to share the household waste and trims with us and our students will work on them to create something interesting, there will also be an art installation on ‘Cosmic Coalesce’ – Environment and creativity without borders, and a canvas painting themed ‘Tic Tac Toe’ were too to be displayed at the event.
Furthermore, Pearl Academy, Mumbai campus is also hosting a design boot camp named as #Social Hearts.

kala Ghoda1Pearl Academy with the support of Hindustan Times will collect the waste from the city, Pearlites will don their creative side by making interesting art pieces out of scrap. These works of art will be displayed and up for sale at the festival and all proceeds will go to St. Catherine of Siena School and Orphanage.


Next will be an art installation “Cosmic Coalesce” that will aim to create an illusion through layers of fabric Cosmic1representing trees, branches co-mingling into each other and generating depth and colour synthesis. The embroidered motif/ image on all the four sides of the installation will represent a tree form, found anywhere or everywhere, whose branches grow & spread without any constraint, limit or fear. As the branches on different panels blend into each other, a symphony is formed and the music reverberates and takes the surroundings into it engulf. It celebrates the continuous never ending blend of cosmos that knows no borders or end. The centre of the installation would be lit up and lend it a soft luminosity as intrinsic to all cosmic objects or celestial bodies.

Meanwhile, to celebrate the free spirit and constant enthusiasm of young minds, a huge canvas installation will also be exhibited at the event named Tic-Tac-Toe. India is being touted as a young country, as the maximum number of citizens is below the age of 35. Through this installation, the spirit of free minds will be on display uninhibited and without any bars. The students embark on this journey of first conceptualising and then working on the theme of the magic that is going to unravel itself on the blank canvas stretch in front of them. The size of the canvas is estimated to be around 10*15 ft. (vertical) and 15*10 ft. (horizontal).

#Social Hearts is a design Boot Camp hosted by Pearl Academy, Mumbai Campus where individual students (11th Grade and above)/Schools/College Student Groups came in large numbers and use their creative prowess for a social cause. The top 5 entries are on display and for sale at the Pearl Academy stall. The proceeds will be donated to St. Catherine of Siena School and Orphanage.

So, gear up for the most-happening and visually appealing spectacle that is going to start as the soothing spring approaches. And don’t forget to celebrate the spirit of passion and bonding beyond borders by Pearl Academy at the event!

Some glimpses of the artwork to be presented at the Kala Ghoda 2016:




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Top 5 careers in sports that don’t require playing on the field

Top 5 careers in sports that don’t require playing on the field

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a majority of the world’s population are sports fans. Almost everyone loves one sport or the other; whether it’s cricket in India, football in UK or rugby in New Zealand, there are legions of fans for almost every athletic activity in existence.
But not everyone is athletically blessed to play on the field. There are scores of people for whom watching sports from afar is the closest thing they can get to experiencing the athlete’s adrenaline rush.
But all hope is not lost for these devoted sports fans. Here’s a look at 5 careers that can be pursued in the sports world without stepping on the field of play:

1. Sports Business Manager: 

Playing one of the most integral roles in the functioning of a sports team, the business manager has to handle the team’s finances behind the scene. S/he is responsible for monitoring the funds available to the team, its revenue, its endorsements, its contracts and more.
In addition, a manager also plays a key role in the business operations and organizational structure. They must ensure that the players’ finances and funds are handled quickly so that the athletes can concentrate on their game without having to worry about any off-field problems.
A career as a sports business manager is both exciting and lucrative, and can give you influence over the team’s status and functioning.

2. Strategist

The team strategist must analyze the raw data and clusters of subtle information as s/he observes the team’s performances. And it isn’t just the team’s own strengths and weaknesses that need attention; those of their rivals need to be thoroughly examined as well.
In addition, a strategist must also look into venues, weather and other factors that could have a significant effect on how their team will perform on a given day. Several sports, such as Formula One, for example, have data that is sent to a team’s crew behind the scenes, and a strategist or team of strategists will then interpret that data to understand what its ramifications are for a team or player.
A strategist’s role is vital in ensuring that a team has its best possible chance at winning.

3. Sports Agent

An agent handles the day-to-day interactions of a specific player. Responsible not only for the athlete’s career development, the agent also handles endorsement deals and rights, and manages his or her dates and appointments.
In addition to being in charge of all promotional activities, an agent forms the eyes and ears of a player. Handling all the monetary aspects of their individual careers, a good agent enables athletes to concentrate on playing the sport and making the most out of their talent.

4. Sports Development Manager

Sports development managers have a significant role in contributing to a sport. They aim to provide youngsters more, and better, opportunities to be able to achieve their goals.
People involved in sports development also get to interact with sports bodies, organisations and charities who are working towards the common cause of promoting sport.
A sports development manager will also, in the course of his or her career, interact regularly with sports personalities, both past and present. In addition to making a change to the world of sports and sportspersons, the role also brings excitement, travel and new opportunities to those who choose to pursue the field.

5. Sports Marketing

A humungous number of people watch sports on a daily basis. With new media taking over the airwaves and traditional media taking a backseat to internet streaming, and more people with access to internet and television than ever, this is a burgeoning field.
It is the marketer’s job to be able to pinpoint audiences for a sport and its products, and to be able to target those products to the consumers.
Sports’ marketing isn’t just restricted to a single product; a sports marketing manager could also analyse how to sell advertising space and airtime. A marketing manager can also potentially handle celebrities’ marketing campaigns and manage their endorsements.
With newer platforms to watch and follow sports, it goes without saying that this is a very lucrative field.
How do you start?

Now here is the good news, the advent of the IPL, Hockey India League, Pro Kabbadi and other leagues have created enormous opportunity in the field of sports management. Educational institutions like Pearl Academy have identified the gap and have started offering courses in Sports Management both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. So in case Sports is what you love now is the time to strike the iron.

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Pearl Academy’s wave of Creative Careers reaches Delhi University

Hansraj College witnessed a compelling, informative and eye-opening round of the Creative Career Conclave, an initiative by Pearl Academy.

CCC_CCC_Banner 1050x350

The big auditorium was aptly filled by the large gathering of more than 250 enthusiastic students. The creatively charged audience at the conclave was enthralled by the rich information and knowledge that the esteemed panellists shared with them on several creative careers. Students wanted to know more about ‘Careers of Tomorrow’ and with Pearl Academy introducing courses in niche segments such as Sports Business, Fashion  & Lifestyle eCommerce and Journalism & Mass communication, the conclave became all the more relevant.

Ms. Jyotsana Raghunathan, Associate Professor, Pearl Academy donned the anchor’s hat to initiate the event. The experts present during the conclave featured names like well-known fashion designer Rina Dhaka,         Principal Architect Manish Gulati (MOFA), ace photographer Rohit Dhingra and Dr. Bhavna Chaddha- Head Corporate Relations, Pearl Academy.

Rina Dhaka started the session with emphasis on various aspects of fashion designing and discussed hardships associated with the glamorous world of fashion. To a query on the scope of Fashion marketing in India, Rina said, ‘Marketing is a wonderful medium to communicate your thoughts among the masses if you have good communication skills you can become a good seller. Every Fashion designer or a Fashion house requires good marketing professionals to promote or sell their brand in the market.’

The second speaker Manish Gulati – Principle Architect, MOFA carried forward the discussion further and gave important insights into the world of architecture. “Architecture as a field leaves you free; it opens up a lot of dimensions to play with.” He talked about his journey which started from Retail, Exhibition and Events and finally finding his passion in architectural and interior design practice.

Talking about  his inspirations, Manish said, “When you observe the world around you; its hues, textures, psyches, people, diversity, landscape, all become a part of a collective consciousness.”

In his impressive portfolio, Manish has designed the launch of Virgin Atlantic in India, 25years of India Today, Delhi Daredevils (Delhi) office and various big profile government infrastructures. He ended by saying “Design and architecture go hand-in-hand and requires an innate passion for it to make a career out of them.”

Dr. Bhavna Chaddha, AVP Corporate Relations, Pearl Academy, threw some light on the recent news about Startup India that was launched last weekend. She talked about the Action Plan which includes some amazing incentives for startup entrepreneurs such as a massive Rs 10,000 crore fund. The government has also proposed to create a new category of business (“Innovative Startups”) with  guidelines that will make it  easier to start these businesses. Further, she added that Pearl Academy will soon launch its own incubation centres across all its campuses to promote the budding ideas in the innovation space.

The session with the industry experts was in line with Pearl Academy’s objective to guide and empower students with knowledge and perspective, which would further enable them to assess their future and be somebody tomorrow.


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Indian Designer makes it big at the coveted International platform

“Not every Indian designer wins an International acclaim quite that often, but when it does, it makes it big.”



Delhi-based designer Suket Dhir’s brand Suketdhir won the famous ‘International Woolmark Prize’ this January 2016 at the Pitti Uomo (the biannual menswear trade show) in Florence, Italy. The award recognises design excellence using merino wool.
Dhir made it to the list of six finalists from over 70 nominees around the world, before winning the award. He quoted to NY Times on his win “I didn’t expect it, but I was hoping. My god was I hoping. This is the most beautiful and surreal moment for me, my family and all my team back in New Delhi. It is a real game changer for the house of Suketdhir.”
Launched in 2009, the brand wins a cash prize of $70,000, and also partnerships with department stores around the world to sell the winning collection. This award will steady the career ship for fledgling designer’s career. Dhir said that while he wanted to go international, he didn’t have the right contacts. So, this win will provide him the perfect Launchpad to grow his name globally on the fashion circuit.
“The judging panel said it was impressed by the collection’s contemporary take on classic Western tailoring with an Indian twist – homage to the style of his grandfather that marries sharp lines with a romantic sub continental fluidity,” the New York Times report further stated.

In 2014, designer Rahul Mishra also bagged the similar award in the women’s wear category.

Earlier last year, Suket Dhir also shared his valuable inputs with the fashion design students of Pearl Academy Noida. During the chat with the Pearlites, Mr. Dhir quoted the importance of organic fashion in the near future. Dhir also runs a Weddingwear and Womenswear capsule but these are not his priority list.

Check out more of his work: Here

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