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“Leadership is not wielding authority – its empowering people.”

‘OFFLINE’ is a unique initiative by the Research and Curation team of the School of Design at Pearl Academy. It is meant to be an informal and collegial yet a robust and rigorous forum for faculty to present previous, current, or future research projects and ideas. Here, the faculty propose discussion around professional projects that provoke or are able to lead to a research investigation.

Such intellectual and thought provoking initiatives are laying a strong foundation in the field of Design and expand the array of opportunities to play with. The title suggests the valuable intellectual ‘labour’ our academicians engage in when they are not ‘online,’ that is after fulfilling their teaching and administrative duties.

Let’s briefly walk through the topics covered in this super exciting series called ‘OFFLINE’.

• ‘Textile Tectonic’ by Dr. Anuradha Chatterjee (School of Design) – The inaugural seminar exposed the textile and sartorial foundations of architecture through the writings of John Ruskin. Dr. Chatterjee’s made a presentation on the Transformations/ Text / Tectonic/ Textile which depicted John Ruskin’s architectural historiography as ‘creative’.

• ‘Design and Fashion: Method and Madness’ by Dr. S. Badrinarayan (School of Design) – Dr. Badrinarayan’s talk considered the role of method and madness (where madness is interpreted as arbitrariness, a chance eruption into the calm waters of the method) in the parallel disciplines of architecture and fashion.

• ‘Green Energy Retrofit’ by Manisha G Das (School of Design) – In the third instalment of the series, Ms. Das discussed the findings from the study that was initiated at SUM@ark during the presentation. It is part of a series, which constitutes the research identifying parameters that may catalyse Green retrofits within residential built stocks in urban precincts.

• ‘Portents and Prospects of Corporate Social Responsibility in India’ by Dr. Poonam Kumar (School of Creative Business) – The primary aim of the research is to understand the development of CSR policy in India over the past few years. The paper she presented also examines an in-depth analysis of current DPE (Department of Public Enterprises) guidelines, GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) reporting and its implementation in few companies in India.

• ‘MILLENNAGOGY’ (Teaching Design in the Digital Age) by Nidhip Mehta (Head, School of Design) – Digitalism is the new technological heroism. This research emphasized the fact that history doesn’t exactly repeat itself, but it echoes itself. In the past, design pedagogy tended to be ahead of the technological curve, but now the design academia is now facing a crisis that hasn’t been seen in 150 years. In this presentation, Nidhip aptly explains how we got here, what it means for the current student generation, and what to expect in the future.

• ‘Wearable Structures’ by Rashmi Malik (School of Design) – An interesting study carried out by Ms. Malik aims to break the monotony of the traditional jewellery and encourage the use wearable structures. In her presentation, Ms. Rashmi discussed the benefits of Computer-aided 3D jewellery modelling, which is an excellent tool to supplement the conventional approach of representation (freehand technical drawing) and the traditional jewellery techniques, in order to be able to develop projects from the design phase through the development stage and up to actual production. Her ongoing research focuses on parametrically designed jewellery via computational tools and hybrid explorations among the several design disciplines.

OFFLINE occurs fortnightly on a Friday late afternoon, a great way to celebrate the end of the week. With its increasing popularity, ‘OFFLINE’ is seen as not just a gathering but a culture – “a culture of reflecting thoughts, sharing ideologies, investigating issues, and synergizing the creative intellect at and beyond Pearl!”

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Global Days of Service (Delhi): Workshop for Acid Attack Victims

Global Days of Service began as an initiative at Walden University in 2006 and has since grown to include the entire Laureate International Universities network. Local institutions have found many ways to participate in this initiative, hosting community events, serving those in need and partnering with other organizations already doing great work. The 2015 Laureate Global Days of Service were scheduled for 12th to 18th October, 2015.

At Pearl Academy, celebrated these days across four campuses through multiple community service projects. Our students and staff to participated actively and contribute towards the betterment of society.


In the Naraina Campus at Delhi, a special workshops was organized by Pearl Academy for the acid attack victims. The workshop was centered around ‘making it easier to live with the scars’, an initiative under community service in Laureate Global Days of Service, 2015.GLOBAL2 The workshops aimed at creating awareness amongst the victims of the acid attacks towards the non-surgical ways with which they can camouflage their scars.
The initiative was spear headed by AVP-SDS Reena Mehra. Pearl Academy had tied up with “Atijeevan”, a charitable organization started by our Alumni Pragya Singh, who is a survivor of an attack herself.  The workshop was conducted in three parts- Dermatology, Make-up and Styling demonstrations. Our educators for the workshops were- Dr. Anuj Pall, Dr. Shalini Pall, Ms. Anu Kaushik, Liz and Pragya.

Dr. Anuj Pall and Shalini Pall run a NGO named ‘Mehaan’ which works for disaster management, education and women empowerment. The doctors educated the victims about the treatment available for the various kind of burns sustained. Dr. Shalini Pall gave a graphic description as well as explained to the minutest detail about the treatments of burns and the equipment used to treat the same. Dr. Anuj Pall explained the cost effectiveness and the ease of the treatment. Dr. Anuj runs a clinic called “La Skinnovita” and has promised free treatment to all the attendees of the workshop. Pragya further added that the cost of the equipment would be borne by the “Atijeevan” foundation. The second part of the workshop involved make-up and styling tips for the victims which help them conceal the scars and feel beautiful. The make-up workshop was conducted by Ms. Anu Malik and Liz, renowned make-up artists in the industry who now run the MAMA Academy in Janakpura. Ms. Anu Kaushik has recently concluded a photo shoot for Vogue with acid attack victims. She demonstrated ways in which one could revamp their scars and merge them with their skin color. Ms. Anu and Liz gave make-up kits to the victims and also offered free learning of the make-up techniques.


The last segment of the workshop involved styling where the students and faculty of FSID taught the survivors about the various body types and the colors and attire well suited for their body types. They even demonstrated how to style themselves with scarfs. The workshops concluded with a vote of thanks by Pragya and Reena Mehra.

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“Hands that weave magic – Errol Pires Nelson”

“Only legends leave a legacy behind that guides others to follow the path.”

Not everybody in this world has such magical hands that can create artistic masterpieces that are exquisite and simply breathtaking. Belongs to the ancient modernopolis of Ahmedabad, India, Errol Pires Nelson is a man with towering guru-like presence, godly white ponytails, and two extraordinarily long thumbnails (his weapon for some enthralling art).

Erroll Pires

Erroll Pires has devoted his whole life for a unique art of “Ply-split braiding”, a traditional technique utilized to make camel belts, containers of joy, belts and soft boards. He has refined, transformed, and reinvented its usage for over 30 years in what some would call an obsessive dedication, purposefully refusing the boundary between art and object. Erroll has redefined the form of art which will challenge the human minds and can resurrect the problems that one might be facing to join the centres of art and knowledge.

He joined the National Institute of Design (NID) as a student in 1970. The resource centre provided him his first introduction to the work of Fibre Artists from other countries. Erroll worked for nine years in the textiles and leather industry returning to NID in 1984 as a faculty member. His research into the techniques of ‘Ply-Split Braiding’ started around 1985, awoke a creative spirit of experimentation using this technique and has resulted in “some” pieces that might qualify as Art textiles.


Errol1The Guru himself is at Pearl Academy and will visit all the campuses from 31st August to 26th September. At Pearl Delhi, he displayed some of his artwork and interacted with the students about his life’s journey which is full of experiences and hard work on this uncommon topic. His hands, especially his thumbnails are the metaphors for creating such unique masterpieces which are acknowledged worldwide. Being a teacher for most of his life, Mr. Pires comes as an honest, humble and patient tutor who answers numerous queries of his disciples who are keen to learn this art.



Vandana, a student of PGFD (Level 1) said “Mr. Errol Pires is a true legend in this art and his work is a proof that there is no one in this world who can emulate him or his precision.”
Completely awestruck with Mr. Pires presence, she further added that “The technique is so addictive that once you start working on it, it is nearly impossible that you’ll leave the product till it is not completely finished.”
During the workshop, Errol also talked about various other aspects of Ply-Split braiding and how it is going to evolve as a technique in the years to come. He also discussed different kinds of weaving, braiding, and use of steel wire for the same technique.

According to Mr. Pires, it took almost 8 hours to make a complete container. While making a camel belt would take almost a year with 8 hours of work regularly on the product. His first experience with the famous camel belt marked a moment of epiphany for Mr. Pires. The belt is made of using sheep and goat hairs.


His repertoire extends from traditional camel belts to avant-garde three-dimensional objects and seamless dresses. You would be amazed to know that his secret weapon for this brilliant art work is actually not a secret – it’s his hands. His body of work is an amazing amalgamation of magnificent explosion of braided colors.

His vision, art, dedication towards this art is truly remarkable and enlightens our minds to think beyond the conventional forms of designing. It won’t be wrong to say that we are and will be in debt of this living legend for conserving the dying art of ‘Ply-split braiding’ and inspiring many others to carry on this legacy.

Students work on display during the workshop:

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Unlearn, Unravel, Unwind and Understand with Pow Wow Ping’15

Wow, what a Success!

pow wow

Living up to its expectations, the unstoppable bandwagon of Pow Wow created the buzz, the liveliness, the energy, the vibe which set the tone for all the new Pearlites before stepping into the world full of creativity and innovation. All the young entrants of the Academy participated in the event with full zeal and enthusiasm. Happy faces, cheerful moods, hi-fives, chirpy groups were making the inaugural event an affair to remember for the years to come.


The purpose of PowWow’2015 is to help new Pearlites unlearn, undo, unveil and unravel all the hidden mysteries which have occupied their minds during their schooling phase. Pow Wow is a series of super crazy workshops which introduces the fresh incoming students to a plethora of multi- disciplinary, energetic and multi- sensory activities- through active involvement – that is, through first-hand, investigative experiences, both hands-on and minds-on in nature. The young minds would be engaged both physically and mentally in investigating and manipulating elements in the surrounding environment.

IMG_7563Take for instance; a workshop on ‘Bamboo’ by Suresh Kumar helped students exploring the possibility of the material being a beacon, material of the next century. The workshop aimed at making the students develop not only art but also products which have a good aesthetic value. Students are making different objects and products with Bamboo. Two Bamboo experts have come in from Mehrauli and own a shop in Rajiv Chawk. A total of 30 students enrolled for the workshop. According to the mentor, Bamboo is a substitute for steel and plastic. Even houses in Uttarakhand are being rebuilt from the material due to its sturdy nature.


‘Sixth Sense’ is considered to be an ability of an individual to perceive the subtle-dimension or the unseen world of angels, demons, heaven or hell, etc. or to connect with it. An interesting workshop – ‘The Creative Connexxion’ by Renuka Taneja is inspired from this untapped dimension. Aimed at developing the senses of the young shining minds and enhance their intuition or sixth sense, this workshop will help students to design or create a better world in the future, she said. The touching motive of this workshop is to instil the feeling of gratitude, kindness, honesty and thankfulness among students towards each and everything present around them in this whole universe. We must say that is a beautiful initiative in the right direction to nurture the young minds!

Drama, acting, imitating, show business, et al have always caught our fancy since the childhood stage. At some point in our lives, we all have wanted to become a Hero or an actor who performs for the large crowd and entertain them with his style and moves. ‘Action Express’, a theatre workshop by Himanshu Mehta (Actor & Director) helped students in exploring themselves and shedding their hidden inhibitions through a series of games, activities and various exercises. Interesting storylines, funny concepts, spontaneous actions, cheerful participants have certainly enlightened up the whole workshop. The level of energy and enthusiasm shown by the freshers were commendable.



Everybody loves to Dance; this is one such word which gets our feet tapping, moving and grooving. A unique workshop ‘Dancing Bodies- Shifting Spaces’ by Aastha Gandhi focusses on movement generation through elements like geometry and images. During the workshop, the students were taught how costumes affect the movement of the body. The central line of the body is around which the body forms different shapes in various dance forms. Geometries of the bodies are formed around the central line of body. Changing dimensions of space is what this workshop aimed at teaching. It emphasized on opening the creative buds, so that the students see design, shapes, spaces and patterns and think with a design perspective. IMG_7601
Students thoroughly enjoyed the experience of this workshop as they showcased some of their favourite moves on interesting Bollywood numbers.

A popular saying goes as “Almost everyone with a camera on their Smartphone is a photographer.” Then there’s the other one that goes like “Anyone with a DSLR in his hand considers himself as a photographer.” Photography is an art which needs to be preserved for the well-being of our society. ‘Exploring beyond the Image’, a photography workshop by the well-known photographer Sandeep Biswas proved out to be a huge hit among the new entrants of the academy. He not only discussed the history of photography but also shared his wealth of experience with the participants about the contemporary advancements in this field.

He taught the students the art of reading an image; understand every single detail of image, perspective of photographer while clicking the image, the thought process while choosing the subject. Our budding photographers and young photography enthusiasts looked super happy after learning the new tricks from the master himself.

IMG_7553A super interesting material/craft workshop on ‘Rejuvenating Beads’ by Afsana Chaudhary explored the possibilities of creating products and a range of accessories to familiarize the students with the work culture of the artisans.
The workshop has been aided by Aghaz Group: a group started by 60 women who are skilled in the trade. Four artisans of the group, including the group leader and her daughter have come to teach the students the art. The experts are from Hapur, a village in UP. A group of 30 students attended the workshop and tested their skills with proper guidance from the experts.

This year Pow Wow worked around the theme ‘Ping’ which tends to generates response. Ping is considered as an online expression and is a measure of the latency we feel in everything we do, whether it’s clicking a link, posting a status update, sending a message, playing a game, uploading a file, streaming an online video, or anything else.
A gentle poke on the social media helps draw attention. When you poke your friend, you get poked back. Then you poke again, and get poked back again, and so on, called Ping-Pong poking. Response to stimuli- it encourages curiosity, awareness and tolerance towards new experiences.

Similarly, the sole idea behind POW WOW PING is to generate response or gather feedback from the participants by involving them through an array of activities and exercises. More than 1200 participants from four different cities made this fun-filled event a huge success and helped all the new entrants of the Academy to write a new beginning for the most the important chapter of their life, The College Life!

Check out all the excitement on our FaceBook

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Pearlites spreading the essence of Punjab at Mela Phulkari

Mela PhulkariWear your heart on your sleeve just like a true Punjabi and enjoy the rich colours, art & craft and design flavours of the liveliest state of India, Punjab at ‘Mela Phulkari’ in the capital of India – Delhi!

Mela Phulkari is an annual affair organised by Punjabi brand 1469workshop to celebrate the Punjabi crafts and traditions. Recently, the School of Creative Business and Foundation Design at Pearl teamed up to collaborate with the brand to put together an installation at Mela Phulkari’s this year edition in Delhi at India Habitat Centre. With a team of 20 students under the creative guidance of faculty members Khushbu Dublish and Shovin Bhattacharjee, an installation ‘Life of Punjab’ was created with the support of Sanya Shankar and Vivek Karmokar.

Mela Phulkari1‘Life of Punjab’ is a boat that symbolically represents culmination of the five rivers of the original Punjab region. The five rivers of culture, namely Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Sutlej and Beas are shown to depict the rich heritage of Punjab with respect to beautiful textiles of Phulkari and Bagh, mesmerizing Gurmukhi calligraphy, popular verses, spiritual songs, vibrant fertile landscapes, rhythmic dances and impressionable brave icons. The installation speaks of the elements that inculcate the feelings of pride and sovereignty in the culture and talks of the remarkable people who have contributed in making Punjab a synonym of Life itself.

Unity as a metaphor is used to perfectly showcase the physical aspect and Diversity is used to represent the visual aspect of the Phulkari festival. The complete installation speaks of the elements that inculcate the feelings of pride and sovereignty in the culture and talks of the remarkable people and crafts that have contributed in making Punjab a synonym of Life itself, the Paragon of Punjab.

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SIDE is back with ‘Performance as a Specific Kind of Awareness’

SIDE is back with ‘Performance as a Specific Kind of Awareness’

One of the recent initiatives by Pearl Academy, SIDE is an organic community space for students, educators and practitioners from all disciplines to explore, self-learn and bring about new possibilities by collective experiments. Under this second season of SIDE, renowned artist, occasional teacher and curator Prayas Abhinav is conducting a 4 day workshop on ‘Performance as a Specific Kind of Awareness’ at Academy’s Kukas based campus.


Throwing light on the workshop, Prayas said, “Performance is traditionally understood to be a kind of transmission. An experience is produced and then how this experience is received is not thought about so much. In these four days we will not just talk and listen but try out modes of performance which are thought of as heightened states of awareness towards our surroundings. People, things, architecture, music – each can be listened to. Humanity is to be realized in each transactional exchange of listening and speaking and the balance therein and therefore this workshop will look at forms of communication actualized only through listening.

PrayasPrayas is also the Co-Director of the ‘Museum of Vestigial Desire’ and is appreciative of SIDE. He says, “SIDE is an innovative way of motivating Learning amongst the younger generation. I am quite impressed by the idea of SIDE wherein there is no parameters for forcing learning outcomes rather it revolves around creating that environment of learning, which triggers the will to learn. It is quite a futuristic approach. Kudos to Pearl Academy!

Prayas also advised to just learn and contemplate with passion to the budding designer during one of his sessions.


Dr. Veena Dutta, Director, Pearl Academy-Jaipur campus, says, “SIDE is emerging as a very interesting and interactive platform for the students where they get encouraged to unleash their creativity and explore their intellectual capabilities. It is leading to a holistic growth of our students by involving them in various activities planned and executed by the hand-picked creative personalities for the residencies.


The workshop is running at present and is receiving tremendous response and participation from the students. The 3rd Edition of residency at SIDE is scheduled in the month of March where Jaipur shall witness some of the renowned global names in the domain of design, art and creativity.

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“In theory, there is no difference between practice and theory”

Says David James Baker at an Interactive Session on ‘Web Storytelling and Building Audience Engagement – Why do some stories engage and some enrage?’ by Pearl Academy

Storytelling is an art that has been there in this world since ages yet nobody knows the exact origin of it. In the forms of myths, legends, fairy tales, fables, ghost stories, adventures, etc., stories exist in all parts of the world; they have been passed down from generation to generation and told and retold through various mediums.

Today, Pearl Academy organized a very interesting Interactive Session on ‘Web Storytelling and Building Audience Engagement – Why do some stories engage and some enrage?’ and discussed the relevance of storytelling in today’s scenario where technology is an integral aspect of our daily lives.

The session was made worth attending by valuable insights on Viral Film Making, Story Telling, Digital Content Creation & Promotion and much more by distinguished experts David James Baker, Writer-Producer, Faculty member at Sante Fe University of Art & Design; Deepti Pant, Head-School of Communication, Media and Film; Pushpendra Misra, Founder-Director & Writer, Flying Saucer Pictures; and Rajat Nagpal, Film Maker, Chef & Entrepreneur.

David James Baker said that in theory, there is no difference between practice and theory; there is a metamorphosis of ideas that’s occurring all the time and the artists need to be right in the middle of it and be involved.

“Intent is more important that the Medium” quoted Rajat Nagpal when explained the four ‘S’ of storytelling.

Pushpendra Mishra believes in bold storytelling and loves to celebrate ideas and humor. At the session, he encouraged budding story tellers to push their ideas and make the most of them.

Deepti Pant presented her case study titled ‘Rasgatha’, an amalgamation of Mythology and Interactive Media Style. She believes that when facts are woven with stories, they make the stories more powerful yet keeping the facts alive. She urged the participants to integrate technology in storytelling and experiment in the virtual reality space in order to take the art of storytelling to another level.

At the end of the session, participants took away with them some interesting tips on creating authentic, captivating, meaningful, content and building audience engagement. A day that was well spent and celebrated by the storytellers…

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‘Opportunities in Creative Industry’ – A fun-filled and informational day at RG Degree College

Unlike a boring Monday, it was a fun-filled and informational beginning of the week with the whole day dedicated to workshops and competitions at ‘Opportunities in Creative Industry’ – an exclusive session organized by Pearl Academy, India’s leading higher education institute in design, fashion and creative business courses, in collaboration with RG Degree College, Meerut, at its campus. The session was aimed at spreading awareness among the aspiring design students on immense career prospects in the creative industry along with valuable insights on entrepreneurship by the Experts from Pearl Academy.


More than 500 students of the college participated in three workshops – Fashion, Hair & Make-up and Entrepreneurship conducted by Pearl Experts Ms. Shalini Bisht, Ms. Anjum Bhardwaj and Mr. Tarun Pandey respectively.


Ms. Nien Siao, Director, Pearl Academy-Noida campus, shared her views and said, “Meerut is a city of immense talent pool. This collaboration with RG Degree College is an effort to tap the young minds and apprise them about the possibilities available in the field of design in India and abroad. We thank Dr. Seema Jain, Principal of the College for making this event happen. Also, would like to thank convener Dr. Kanchan Puri and Dr. Deeksha Yajurvedi for all the support extended by them. It turned out to be an extremely successful day for everyone.”


Dr. Seema Jain, Principal, RG Degree College, said, “Our students have tremendous potential and we consider it as our prime responsibility to channelize that in the right direction especially when it is about their career. We thank Pearl Academy and are glad that their experts gave their valuable time and advices to our students today. We wish all the best for our students.


The day also witnessed two other activities – a Design Quiz and a Comic Design Competition. Students participated in both the activities enthusiastically and the top contenders walked away with prizes by Pearl Academy.


Pearl Academy will be back in the city on 1st February, 2015, and will bring one of its unique initiatives ‘Creative Career Conclave’ to the city. The conclave would be an eye-opening session for many of the attendants where the industry experts will talk about their share of experiences in the design world and much more beyond that.


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“SIDE” – An organic community space for students, educators and practitioners to explore, self-learn and bring about new possibilities by collective experiments

“SIDE” – An organic community space for students, educators and practitioners to explore, self-learn and bring about new possibilities by collective experiments

SIDE – a new initiative by Pearl Academy is an organic community space for students, educators and practitioners from all disciplines. To explore, self-learn and bring about new possibilities by collective experiments. SIDE is located on the Pearl Academy’s Kukas based campus in Jaipur. It will witness a continuous series of 2 to 8 weeks of residencies, workshops, research fellowships and publications among other activities where national and international practitioners from multiple disciplines shall be a part of it. Starting with its first residency of 2 weeks at the campus currently, SIDE marks its beginning and shall continue in the coming year with various activities.



SIDE is organized in a way that students form organic connections with resident practitioners learn, unlearn and grow. SIDE engages with students in different roles as apprentices, participants as well as organizers for different programs.


“SIDE is Pearl Academy’s new initiative to encourage the creative, intellectual and personal growth of our students by involving them in various activities planned and executed by the invited creative personalities of this residency. They help Pearlites to explore their inner self and open their minds to a world which was not familiar to the students earlier. It’s beyond the routine academic studies and interests students. We have just begun this and we look forward to some interesting residencies in the coming future.” says Dr. Veena Dutta, Director-Pearl Academy, Jaipur.


SIDE 3The first residency SIDE is culminating today with ‘Open Day’ where all the Pearlites, who were engaged through formal as well as informal group activities with the resident practitioners as well as other invited participants during the residency, showcased their work/outcome of the 2 weeks to the masses.

Catch a glimpse here :

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Expert from Pearl Academy, Noida prepares students for Creative Entrance Exams

~ More than 100 students participated in an exclusive Workshop on Design Aptitude aimed at instilling required knowledge and skills in them to crack national level entrance examinations

Ludhiana, 7th November, 2014: In an interactive and enlightening ‘Workshop on Design Aptitude’ by the expert faculty from Pearl Academy- Noida Campus, the leading higher education institute in the arena of design, fashion and related businesses. More than 100 students gathered  to master the skills essential for cracking any design aptitude test, an essential part of entrance examinations of various national level creative education institutes. The workshop was organized under the expert guidance of Mr. Ankur Kaushik, Senior Lecturer, Department of Fashion Design, Pearl Academy, Noida. Students’ participation from nearly 10 education institutes was witnessed at the workshop.


The workshop was aimed at empowering students with the necessary skills and knowledge to face various design aptitude tests in a more comfortable, confident and appropriate manner. It was a mix of puzzles, fun games and theory which made students learn everything with quite an ease.


Speaking about the event, Ms. Nien Siao, Director, Pearl Academy, Noida, said, “Earlier, creative education was not considered very seriously; a soft career option. With the changing times and mind-set, it is emerging as a very lucrative career option not just in India but globally. We are glad that we are contributing towards its growth in our own way. Also, students’ enthusiastic participation gives us motivation to come up with interesting initiatives such as this workshop on design aptitude.”


While interacting with the students, Mr. Ankur Kaushik, Senior Lecturer, Department of Fashion Design, Pearl Academy, Noida, said, “To crack entrance tests, it is very important to have clear understanding of the basic concepts. And, if your basics are clear, questions will be answered quickly which also takes care of the time management.”   


Throwing light on the workshop, Ankur explained that, “The topics that were covered in the workshop included, Critical Thinking and Lateral Thinking, both of which are required to crack any design aptitude test. Critical Thinking is about examining the pieces in a puzzle in any given scenario, while lateral thinking is about rejecting the ‘status quo’ of ideas and conceiving entirely new ways of looking at a problem. In a nutshell, it’s about bringing new pieces into the puzzle, rather than just working with what you have. The workshop also touched upon the basics of colour theory and interpreting/dissecting visuals.”


Students from various education institutions such as, Sat Paul Mittal School, Kundan Vidya Mandir, BCM Arya Model Ser. Sec. School, Convent of Sacred Heart, DAV Public School, Ryan International School, Aurbindo College and Guru Nanak Engineering College, among others participated in the workshop. Their high spirits made the workshop worthwhile.

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