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Pearl Noida chose the noble way to support the social cause

“Good deeds should be done with intention, not for attention.”

Being the centre of excellence for creativity and innovation from last 23 years, Pearl Academy has been helping the students to achieve their desired goals and success in their respective careers. But there’s more to Pearl as a brand than what meets the eye, the academy infuses a sense of social well being in its students so that they can also address the needs of the society and be sensitive towards the current social issues.

Islamic Centre1Recently, Pearl Academy Noida students got a chance to be a part of initiatives which were aimed at contributing something meaningful to the people in need and society at large. Pearl Academy’s PlanClan Music Society (Coordinated by SDS and PlanClan) paid a visit to the Indian Islamic Center to support an NGO ‘Touching Souls’ on 20th Sept.



The event was really inspiring and very interesting for all the members of the music society. where our Students Islamic Centre3Tushar, Shivam, Vikas, Vatsala, Suashant performed with their group.  The main objective behind the event was to help the underprivileged kids, especially the 4 year old “Pradeep” who was born without ears. The event was especially focused to raise funds to get his ears transplant.

Students also met Denero Ash , an International Musician who plays set of drums with his fingers and palm. Ash inspired all of our students and they learnt a lot from him. The event ended on a high note with a rocking jam session that featured the kids from the NGO and Denero Ash himself.

Another project ‘ATTENTION! HUNGER’, was initiated by Sarah Mirza, student of Communication Design Level 2 under the guidance of Shilpi Burman.

Hunger Project1
Hunger Project3According to the stats, 2.6 million children die of hunger every year, that is, a child every 12 seconds. This is in itself a huge concern for a big country like India. ATTENTION! HUNGER project is one such effort by the Communication Design team and PlanClan to provide meals to the under-served communities or the needy people, at least once a month. Robin hood Army, an organisation dedicated to collect excessive food and feed those who are in need helped the students to distribute food amongst the poor.


80 Lunch boxes donated by students,staff and faculty in this pilot project. The RobinhoodHunger Project4 Army collected and distributed them to the hungry underprivileged  kids. The entire team of Noida campus showed great enthusiasm and willingness to lend support for this social cause making it a huge success.



Such initiatives prove to be the guiding light for our students and faculty, as it may not get them a lot of fame but it will certainly go a long way in ensuring social well-being and make Pearlites socially responsible citizens.

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For You, For Me, For Earth

Future holds many challenges for the global fashion industry. Shortage of resources, climate change, demographic change, new technologies, and seismic shifts in the global economy will affect the businesses, customers and the world in ways we find hard to anticipate, let alone prepare for.



The nefarious effects of climate change can be felt everywhere; scientists and experts have taken account of all the man-made errors which are leading towards a worldwide serious issue famously called as Global Warming.
Designers and industry experts fear that the traditional seasonal collections which have formed the backbone of the business may become meaningless due to increasing unpredictability of the weather.

Lasil, student of Post Graduate Fashion Design, Pearl Academy has developed a unique collection which is intended to create awareness about man-made global warming. His collection is inspired by the story of human greed and how it has destroyed the mother earth.

The fashion industry brings many benefits to everyday lives across the globe. Fashion goes beyond simple clothing to express identity, create well-being, embrace creativity and connect global communities. But, like all other industries there’s a negative side to it as well and it is characterised at its worst by factories exploiting workers, generating throwaway fashion, wasting resources and encouraging unsustainable consumption.

Lasil named his project ‘For You For Me For Earth’, The silhouettes are developed from the concept of ‘Heat generation inside a heat furnace’. The shape of industrial chimneys is manipulated in different ways to achieve this goal. The concept of pollution is also used for the same. Textures created show the after-effects of global warming and polluted air. The collection exhibits a combination of structure and fluidity. The colour palette includes black green and different shades of grey and blue.

Wool used for making the apparels is sponsored by Jaya Shree textiles-Aditya Birla Nuvo.

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Pearlites making Headlines in National Newspapers

Since its inception, Pearl Academy has been a nourishing cradle to creativity, design and innovation. The shinning Pearlites from this Academy have been making big in the creative industries. Proving their worth in the rapidly changing world, our students are recognised for their hard work, success and out-of-the box thinking.

Presenting here four such Pearls – Drishti Vij, Suveshi Jain, Avisha Chaudhary, and Sukanya Deepak who have made headlines in the national newspapers recently. One thing that these bright and upbeat minds have in common is ‘uniqueness’ that is making the heads turn and look at the marvelous achievements of our students.

Drishti‘Big Girl in a Thin World’ by Drishti Vij in L’Officiel magazine is a hard hitting and an interactive article where she perfectly describes the mind-set of our society and the complexities related to the debate of skinny versus ‘big’ girls. Drishti says, this debate has gained extra mileage because of the stereotypical display of women in cinema and on the ramp shows which side-lines the ‘over size’ from the skinny n toned ones.

Sharing her insights on this sensitive issue, Drishti emphasizes on the fact that these unkind insecurities impact an individual’s mind, body and soul greatly. She strongly believes that fashion doesn’t have to be serious all the time; being you and having fun is the key, regardless of the size. The norms of the beauty are constantly evolving and with the advent of social media, lot of stylists and fashion bloggers are decipherinSuveshig the appropriate taste for bigger sizes.

Another student Suveshi Jain from our Jaipur campus has made headlines with her work on the theme ‘Save Nature’. For her garments collection – ‘Dying Butterfly’, Suveshi’s effort to raise awareness to save the endangered species of butterflies or mini creatures through her creation has widely been applauded as well as covered by Dainik Bhaskar, a national daily.

10502575_1697297550498595_111685091_nAvisha Chaudhary, student of BA (Hons) in Fashion Media Communication from Pearl Academy invented an App called ‘The Gentlemen’s Club’; the exclusive app that encourages men to shop according to their body-type and personalities. To change the general opinion that men do not wish to indulge too much in shopping, Chaudhary focuses on changing this age old perception and wants more engagement of the male users in this application.

In her endeavour to cater the fashion needs of men, she has created a platform “where men are not just more aware about the latest fashion trends but also know their bodies and personalities better.” Her work has featured in Deccan Herald and also won the award for Most Professional Project during ‘Portfolio’15’.

Sukanya Deepak, student of School of Communication, Media & Film at Pearl, penned down the bittersweet Sukanyamemories of India-Pakistan partition in her book ‘Memoirs of 1947’. Before documenting everything in the book, Sukanya did a lot of research on this sensitive topic which included reading books on partition, watching films on partition and finding people whom she could talk to.

She chose to keep the book interactive by using lot of photographs and also her graphic designing skills to make it look like a long letter that opens and folds like the musical instrument – accordion. The images of withering leaves on each page, printed in sepia tone, add an element of continuity to the documentation that she has done. Deccan Herald made her project as part of its memories by featuring an exclusive article on Sukanya.

Engrossing ideas, touching issues, resourceful thoughts are some of the traits that have been perfectly showcased by our talented Pearlites in their work. Indeed, they never fail to impress with their inventive and innovative thinking.

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Rohan Chhabra is ‘Here For Good’ with Project ‘Endangered’

Rohan-Chhabra-Blog-260x300Rohan Chhabra is redefining the connections among fashion, art and advocacy. He has quickly become a widely celebrated and respected designer and producer of clothing that challenges our expectations, our sense of personal responsibility, and the connection we feel to the world around us.

“The rate at which animals are becoming extinct is now 1,000 times faster than at any other point in history. This is due to human activity, hunting, and severe exploitation of the physical environment,” said Rohan. This striking realization inspired Rohan to use his work in fashion and product design as a platform for action.

Meeting Cora Goettmann, head of design at Pearl Academy, was a turning point for Rohan. With a long-held interest in product design and development, Rohan was initially unsure how he would approach his study in the world of fashion. Cora, however, challenged his thinking and opened up a world of possibilities that have set Rohan on a path he had
never imagined.

“Cora understood and supported me like no one else could. After four years with Pearl Academy, I was more confident, outspoken, ambitious, and had defined and developed my own aesthetic and methodology,”
Rohan said.

“Cora gave me the freedom to see and explore fashion not just as a particular style, but as products and as a platform. This helped me understand fashion was less about designing a look, and could in fact be about significant emotional and ethical connections. This really allowed me to start developing a new narrative for my work and for my future.”

Rohan describes his collections as “design for debate.” For example, as part of his Project Endangered line, Rohan has designed leather pants that transform into a cow, and hunting jackets that show the story of the hunter becoming the hunted.

Project Endangered aims to explore the issue of extinction of endangered species like the elephant, the mountain gorilla, the tiger and the rhino. By designing a series of hunting outfits that turn into representations of the animal under threat, Rohan reminds us of our complicity in the problem. The aim is to create a somewhat disturbing experience that moves from aesthetics to moral reflection.

Rohan’s work has received many international awards, including Best Design Project featured in Vogue Italy, the Grand Prix at the Asia Awards, Best Young Creator at Tokyo Designers Week, and the Wildlife Artist of the Year
(Endangered Wildlife Category) organized by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation in London.

“I’ve taken my own path and have dedicated myself to something I really believe in.” In the future, Rohan plans to continue to promote his latest collection online, develop a relationship with an international wildlife protection foundation, and inspire a reduction in the unnecessary killing of animals.

His project aims to explore the serious issue of extinction of endangered species like Elephant, mountain gorilla, tiger, rhino, etc. Several hunting activities and severe exploitation of physical environment is the main reason behind this.Rohan's work***Content courtesy – Laureate Global Impact Report 2015 – Here For Good

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Akshardham inspired Rohini Varshney to create ‘Dharohar’


Rohini Varshney

Considered among one of the oldest civilizations in the world, Indian civilization began about 4,500 years ago. Despite a series of cultural invasions, it retained its culture and heritage for the future generations of ‘Bharat’.

The rich and glorious past, architecture, culture, art & craft, etc. of India have always been a muse to many national and international designers. No surprise that our student Rohini Varshney chose one of the most recent architectural marvel and symbol of  devotion, learning and harmony – Akshardham, for her final year project.

Inspired from Akshardham, Rohini from the Pg-Fashion Design course named her garments’ collection as ‘Dharohar’ which in Hindi language means heritage or legacy.

Akshardham temple in New Delhi exemplifies 10,000 years of Indian culture in all its breath-taking grandeur, beauty, wisdom and bliss. It brilliantly showcases the essence of India’s ancient architecture, traditions and timeless spiritual messages. The Akshardham experience is an enlightening journey through India’s glorious art, values and contributions for the progress, happiness and harmony of mankind. Everything about it mesmerised Rohini and used used temple’s peculiar and aesthetic construction like, pillars, toms, carving, motifs, and most importantly framework for her creation. Rohini combined the repetitive approach of elements, like lines and monograms with Calcutta traditional fabric.

Overall, this collection is a perfect blend of contemporary thinking and our age old customs which binds us all in a single thread. After taking a look at this beautiful collection, we can surely say Job well done girl!


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