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Unlearn, Unravel, Unwind and Understand with Pow Wow Ping’15

Wow, what a Success!

pow wow

Living up to its expectations, the unstoppable bandwagon of Pow Wow created the buzz, the liveliness, the energy, the vibe which set the tone for all the new Pearlites before stepping into the world full of creativity and innovation. All the young entrants of the Academy participated in the event with full zeal and enthusiasm. Happy faces, cheerful moods, hi-fives, chirpy groups were making the inaugural event an affair to remember for the years to come.


The purpose of PowWow’2015 is to help new Pearlites unlearn, undo, unveil and unravel all the hidden mysteries which have occupied their minds during their schooling phase. Pow Wow is a series of super crazy workshops which introduces the fresh incoming students to a plethora of multi- disciplinary, energetic and multi- sensory activities- through active involvement – that is, through first-hand, investigative experiences, both hands-on and minds-on in nature. The young minds would be engaged both physically and mentally in investigating and manipulating elements in the surrounding environment.

IMG_7563Take for instance; a workshop on ‘Bamboo’ by Suresh Kumar helped students exploring the possibility of the material being a beacon, material of the next century. The workshop aimed at making the students develop not only art but also products which have a good aesthetic value. Students are making different objects and products with Bamboo. Two Bamboo experts have come in from Mehrauli and own a shop in Rajiv Chawk. A total of 30 students enrolled for the workshop. According to the mentor, Bamboo is a substitute for steel and plastic. Even houses in Uttarakhand are being rebuilt from the material due to its sturdy nature.


‘Sixth Sense’ is considered to be an ability of an individual to perceive the subtle-dimension or the unseen world of angels, demons, heaven or hell, etc. or to connect with it. An interesting workshop – ‘The Creative Connexxion’ by Renuka Taneja is inspired from this untapped dimension. Aimed at developing the senses of the young shining minds and enhance their intuition or sixth sense, this workshop will help students to design or create a better world in the future, she said. The touching motive of this workshop is to instil the feeling of gratitude, kindness, honesty and thankfulness among students towards each and everything present around them in this whole universe. We must say that is a beautiful initiative in the right direction to nurture the young minds!

Drama, acting, imitating, show business, et al have always caught our fancy since the childhood stage. At some point in our lives, we all have wanted to become a Hero or an actor who performs for the large crowd and entertain them with his style and moves. ‘Action Express’, a theatre workshop by Himanshu Mehta (Actor & Director) helped students in exploring themselves and shedding their hidden inhibitions through a series of games, activities and various exercises. Interesting storylines, funny concepts, spontaneous actions, cheerful participants have certainly enlightened up the whole workshop. The level of energy and enthusiasm shown by the freshers were commendable.



Everybody loves to Dance; this is one such word which gets our feet tapping, moving and grooving. A unique workshop ‘Dancing Bodies- Shifting Spaces’ by Aastha Gandhi focusses on movement generation through elements like geometry and images. During the workshop, the students were taught how costumes affect the movement of the body. The central line of the body is around which the body forms different shapes in various dance forms. Geometries of the bodies are formed around the central line of body. Changing dimensions of space is what this workshop aimed at teaching. It emphasized on opening the creative buds, so that the students see design, shapes, spaces and patterns and think with a design perspective. IMG_7601
Students thoroughly enjoyed the experience of this workshop as they showcased some of their favourite moves on interesting Bollywood numbers.

A popular saying goes as “Almost everyone with a camera on their Smartphone is a photographer.” Then there’s the other one that goes like “Anyone with a DSLR in his hand considers himself as a photographer.” Photography is an art which needs to be preserved for the well-being of our society. ‘Exploring beyond the Image’, a photography workshop by the well-known photographer Sandeep Biswas proved out to be a huge hit among the new entrants of the academy. He not only discussed the history of photography but also shared his wealth of experience with the participants about the contemporary advancements in this field.

He taught the students the art of reading an image; understand every single detail of image, perspective of photographer while clicking the image, the thought process while choosing the subject. Our budding photographers and young photography enthusiasts looked super happy after learning the new tricks from the master himself.

IMG_7553A super interesting material/craft workshop on ‘Rejuvenating Beads’ by Afsana Chaudhary explored the possibilities of creating products and a range of accessories to familiarize the students with the work culture of the artisans.
The workshop has been aided by Aghaz Group: a group started by 60 women who are skilled in the trade. Four artisans of the group, including the group leader and her daughter have come to teach the students the art. The experts are from Hapur, a village in UP. A group of 30 students attended the workshop and tested their skills with proper guidance from the experts.

This year Pow Wow worked around the theme ‘Ping’ which tends to generates response. Ping is considered as an online expression and is a measure of the latency we feel in everything we do, whether it’s clicking a link, posting a status update, sending a message, playing a game, uploading a file, streaming an online video, or anything else.
A gentle poke on the social media helps draw attention. When you poke your friend, you get poked back. Then you poke again, and get poked back again, and so on, called Ping-Pong poking. Response to stimuli- it encourages curiosity, awareness and tolerance towards new experiences.

Similarly, the sole idea behind POW WOW PING is to generate response or gather feedback from the participants by involving them through an array of activities and exercises. More than 1200 participants from four different cities made this fun-filled event a huge success and helped all the new entrants of the Academy to write a new beginning for the most the important chapter of their life, The College Life!

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To the new place, new friends, new beginnings!



This is ‘The day’! This day is very special because your heart palpitates at the mere thought of it; because you want to know what’s awaiting you; because this day will never come back! A very warm and a big welcome to all the new Pearlites!!

While it was your very own famous alumnus Nikhil Mehra to welcome you in Jaipur campus, Ravi Sharma inspired so many of you to bring out your best at Talkatora Stadium in Delhi. In Mumbai, Arnab Chaudhari and Arfi Lamba struck your creative cords. What a beginning for you all during the Orientation at Pearl!

Just like you all, Nikhil is a true Pearlite. “I am a proud Pearl Alumni and I thank my teachers at Pearl for nurturing me during my academic years. They helped me and they will help you also to focus on your goals. In my opinion, the smartest people in the industry come from Pearl Academy.” said the nostalgic maestro of couture from Pearl.

But he had more to share with you because you are in the same league – the league of best designers from Pearl Academy. Nikhil said, “Studying at Pearl is a brilliant opportunity for you. When I come back here after 4 years, I want to be proud of what you all have done during these academic years. Do something meaningful, work hard, have clarity in thoughts, be consistent, learn like you know nothing, see within what you like, achieve something un-achievable and become a good and honest designer. Focus on your goals for the next 4 years; focus on what you are good at. If you are ever unsure of something, always go back to your roots and you will find the answers. Very important – shed your ego but do believe in something and believe in that very strongly as it will define you as an individual.

Well! The fantastic day of orientation did end but it ended on an even better note. Because from tomorrow, you are required to ‘Ping’ to ‘POW WOW’!

Just like its name, POW WOW PING is an electrifying initiative by Pearl Academy that offers numerous workshops for you . A series of super crazy workshops from 28th July to 31st July, 2015 will welcome the fresher’s with several multi-sensory activities, energetic and multidisciplinary workshops designed and conceptualized by the School of Foundation. Mentors from different fields of society, culture and specializations, which are not academic led, will help in creating a more nurturing and learning environment.

Hey wait! Workshops start from tomorrow. So relax for a while and savour the best of the moments captured during Orientation across campuses in Delhi, Noida, Jaipur and Mumbai…








Parents and students interaction

Parents and students interaction

Full house at Talkatora, Delhi

Full house at Talkatora, Delhi

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Myriad expressions of Freedom @ Pow Wow in Jaipur campus

POW WOW 1In each workshop, the concept of Freedom was expressed in various ways by the new Pearlites and each meaning was close to every individual at Pow Wow. The mentors, who helped these Pearlites to bring out their best, were also exploring new meanings through these workshops. Check out some glimpses of PoW Wow here:

Reclaiming Freedom - K.B. Jinan2Reclaiming Freedom by K. B. Jinan – We were born intelligent but education ruined us!! Sounds cool, isn’t it? But it became more interesting when the students were asked to explore this cool saying!

How many of us can think about how to draw a circle with a scale! Not many! Because we were never taught on the school about this! The mentor told that a child once told him 6 ways! Now that surely is worth a thought!

Students also had a small meditation session as according Jinan, every child meditates. Not everything learnt is taught after all!
And surely not everything taught is learnt by all! To prove that there were a series of videos about children and artisans with immense talents which were taught by none! That was an inspiring one and a take back to home.

HeRa - Breaking Essentials1Hip-hop workshop led by HeRa – Hip hop is the streets. It speaks to your livelihood and it’s not compromised. It’s raw, straight off the streets – from the beat to the voice to the words. But the workshop was not just about Hip-hop as it included various other forms of dance such as break dance, locking & popping, etc. were integrated in the session.

Multiple activities such as body movements, role-playing, script making with body, etc. made the dancing a fun filled exercise. Students learned that they have to bring out their individuality to stand out from the rest crowd –even if they are considered weird for doing so. Believe in what you want and believe it so hard that everybody else believes in your belief.

The hero's Journey - Amitesh SinghalUnleash the writer within by Priyadarshani Sharma – A Delhi based writer who has done film making, written scripts and does freelancing photography and writing for passion.

She did an interesting exercise where students were made aware of the power of communication and how important it is to express your feelings. Initially, Priyandarshini made students write about their given partners (Both the partners were obviously unknown to each other as they have just joined the Academy) and their experience in the campus so far. Students were also given an activity where they had to continuously write on anything which hit their minds, to teach them the fact that words can actually make one feel better, even when you feel you don’t want to write. All these activities along with a couple of others were aimed at expressing feeling and thoughts effectively through words.

One of the students, Ankita Rachcha said, “This workshop has been extremely informative and interesting right since the beginning. It has helped me overcome the fear of putting what I feel into words. I now find it easier to organise my ideas and thoughts in a way that is appealing to readers. I am sure that this creative writing workshop will help in any situation where I will have to deal with words”.

Another student, Pragya said, “The workshop helped us put our thoughts and imagination into words. Expressions and emotions play a major role. Our facilitator motivated us to perform a better task at creative writing”.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Day 1 @Pow Wow – Oodles of Curiosity, Craziness and enthusiasm!

Logo - Pow WowPow Wow for freedom is a series of heterogeneous, energetic and curious multi-disciplinary workshops for the fresher batch. Each workshop has an interesting underlying sense of freedom in it. Students creatively explore a new activity and are let to break barriers and feel free to express themselves.

Day 1 of Pow Wow at the Naraina campus witnessed a fresh wave of the new batch busting with excitement and energy!  Here is what happened – so that you don’t miss the fun at Pearl:

Shree Damble WorkshopThe Ultimate Freedom- a workshop on life skillsShree Damble, the facilitator of the workshop, feels that kids in their teens harbor some thoughts in their minds that limit their growth as a person. Hence, her aim is to empower these kids with the unwavering self-belief so that they are not apprehensive of expressing themselves. After an interactive introduction the kids were asked to express their idea of a best friend on a canvas. The clueless bunch of kids reluctantly started drawing and wondering whether or not they were doing the right thing. There were several other activities that followed which helped them let go of their fears and self-hindering beliefs.  At the end of the whole day exercise, it seemed like the students walked out with a sense of freedom through self-love as their face were now brighter and they all had a big smile on their faces. They all are eagerly waiting for tomorrow to experience what lies before them!

How would it be if one could create his own tools to draw and paint? Sounds unusual, right? But that’s exactly what happened at the Multiplicity (Draw Free) workshop facilitated by Nitin Bal Chauhan. Here the students enjoyed the freedom to create their own paint brushes. So they joined 3-4 sketch pens/bold markers to create one alternative for brushes. Some students explored the idea of combining crayons and markers. Once they had their self-created tools to draw and paint, they were all given the same image to draw. So they all created the same image but each one of them was unique.

Bringing Home the Bacon was a workshop on how does one observe and draw. Shanker Chandra, workshop facilitator aims at sensitizing the students to their inherent sense of aesthetics. The facilitator made them students circulate their sketch books several times while they were drawing so that they get exposed to new lines and strokes and blend their own into it. The students understood that how to observe objects in relation to the background and they were having a good time drawing.

At Bamboo Installations workshop, students gave their best in expressing freedom through their work. The workshop took a high ride and moved with a direction. Workshop facilitator Pankaj Narain tried to open up students mind to another level of exploration. Students came up with innovative ideas. They were explained about different types of Bamboo’s, ways of cutting it and how to tie them with ropes. They were told to make 3D structures of Bamboo’s. Many Interior Architect Designer students showed up their interest in material exploration. They had put their hard work and efforts to come up with interesting 3D forms. The Professor quoted, “I want them to understand Space and I have given them freedom to explore themselves as it is the main motive of these workshops.

Campus also experienced something out of the box. Bake for freedom workshop was something unexpected from a design college. The facilitator Caelisa Appleton minutely explained every detail of Baking to students.  He said, “Baking is half Science and half Art”, and explained very patiently about the key points of Baking. Caelisa also shared her experiences and gave recipe for baking cookies.

It was a buzzing day where students had a lot of questions in their minds before they plunged into this myriad of craziness. We hope to see the buzz back in campus tomorrow. Until then…have a great day!! Keeping expressing!!

Check out the glimpses of Day 1 here: Photographs

(* Student contributors – Geetanshi Arora, Shivani Gupta, Sanya Gulati, Amalu R Nair, Aailya and Drishti Vij)

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Pow Wow For Freedom, 2014

These 60 super crazy workshops, covering 60 topics, in just 4 days across Delhi, Noida, Jaipur and Mumbai are specially designed for students to responds to the idea of freedom in its own unique way.

POW WOW is made up of unforeseen, heterogeneous, energetic and curious multi-disciplinary encounters. Its participants plan, act, reflect, make, break, fail, fall, float, in all possible ways in the workshops’ dynamic collaborative space. Within all the diverse workshops there is one shared element. Every workshop in its own unique fashion responds to a common question – ‘What is freedom?’

For more information on PowWow, visit:

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