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It was 10th anniversary of the most awaited event of the year i.e. Jaipur Literature Festival 2017. This was my 5th year at JLF & I was very much excited, I was literally preparing for it for a week to be precise. The Lit fest plays a silent role in staging street fashion of people from around the globe & a great platform to exchange ideas with people from all walks of life. This year as I was shooting photo stories for various publications, that allowed me to meet like minded folks & to know a bit about them.

So here are my top 10 picks of best of street style at Zee Jlf. Please comment below & let me know your thoughts about this photo story.

Photographs by Abhimanyu Singh Rathore.


Ghazelle, dancer.


Ariel Dandelion, Artist from New Delhi.


Gita Vishwanath, Writer.


Suman Bajaj, Fashion designer at Suman Bajaj. This is a beautiful print melange of polka dots & alphabets, now you are ready to rock in a sari.


Anushka Seth. Who said black & tan can’t go together?


Inna Modja, Malian-French singer, find more about the singer here. The singer was seen rocking a red jumpsuit paired up with kitschy Jaipuri bag.


Nimisha Verma, founder of Home for Artists. From hair color to fringes to gypsy jewels, this jogan was talk of the town.


Pallavi Chaturvedi. Fashion Blogger at That Desi Girl


Priyasha Khandelwal, Style Blogger at Pout Out Proud. Well, I can’t stop clicking this beauty, completely picture perfect beautiful.


Protima Tiwary, Food & Fitness blogger at Dumbbells & Drama

Check out other work of Abhimanyu Singh Rathore on his blog ISHTAILISTA

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“Hands that weave magic – Errol Pires Nelson”

“Only legends leave a legacy behind that guides others to follow the path.”

Not everybody in this world has such magical hands that can create artistic masterpieces that are exquisite and simply breathtaking. Belongs to the ancient modernopolis of Ahmedabad, India, Errol Pires Nelson is a man with towering guru-like presence, godly white ponytails, and two extraordinarily long thumbnails (his weapon for some enthralling art).

Erroll Pires

Erroll Pires has devoted his whole life for a unique art of “Ply-split braiding”, a traditional technique utilized to make camel belts, containers of joy, belts and soft boards. He has refined, transformed, and reinvented its usage for over 30 years in what some would call an obsessive dedication, purposefully refusing the boundary between art and object. Erroll has redefined the form of art which will challenge the human minds and can resurrect the problems that one might be facing to join the centres of art and knowledge.

He joined the National Institute of Design (NID) as a student in 1970. The resource centre provided him his first introduction to the work of Fibre Artists from other countries. Erroll worked for nine years in the textiles and leather industry returning to NID in 1984 as a faculty member. His research into the techniques of ‘Ply-Split Braiding’ started around 1985, awoke a creative spirit of experimentation using this technique and has resulted in “some” pieces that might qualify as Art textiles.


Errol1The Guru himself is at Pearl Academy and will visit all the campuses from 31st August to 26th September. At Pearl Delhi, he displayed some of his artwork and interacted with the students about his life’s journey which is full of experiences and hard work on this uncommon topic. His hands, especially his thumbnails are the metaphors for creating such unique masterpieces which are acknowledged worldwide. Being a teacher for most of his life, Mr. Pires comes as an honest, humble and patient tutor who answers numerous queries of his disciples who are keen to learn this art.



Vandana, a student of PGFD (Level 1) said “Mr. Errol Pires is a true legend in this art and his work is a proof that there is no one in this world who can emulate him or his precision.”
Completely awestruck with Mr. Pires presence, she further added that “The technique is so addictive that once you start working on it, it is nearly impossible that you’ll leave the product till it is not completely finished.”
During the workshop, Errol also talked about various other aspects of Ply-Split braiding and how it is going to evolve as a technique in the years to come. He also discussed different kinds of weaving, braiding, and use of steel wire for the same technique.

According to Mr. Pires, it took almost 8 hours to make a complete container. While making a camel belt would take almost a year with 8 hours of work regularly on the product. His first experience with the famous camel belt marked a moment of epiphany for Mr. Pires. The belt is made of using sheep and goat hairs.


His repertoire extends from traditional camel belts to avant-garde three-dimensional objects and seamless dresses. You would be amazed to know that his secret weapon for this brilliant art work is actually not a secret – it’s his hands. His body of work is an amazing amalgamation of magnificent explosion of braided colors.

His vision, art, dedication towards this art is truly remarkable and enlightens our minds to think beyond the conventional forms of designing. It won’t be wrong to say that we are and will be in debt of this living legend for conserving the dying art of ‘Ply-split braiding’ and inspiring many others to carry on this legacy.

Students work on display during the workshop:

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Unlearn, Unravel, Unwind and Understand with Pow Wow Ping’15

Wow, what a Success!

pow wow

Living up to its expectations, the unstoppable bandwagon of Pow Wow created the buzz, the liveliness, the energy, the vibe which set the tone for all the new Pearlites before stepping into the world full of creativity and innovation. All the young entrants of the Academy participated in the event with full zeal and enthusiasm. Happy faces, cheerful moods, hi-fives, chirpy groups were making the inaugural event an affair to remember for the years to come.


The purpose of PowWow’2015 is to help new Pearlites unlearn, undo, unveil and unravel all the hidden mysteries which have occupied their minds during their schooling phase. Pow Wow is a series of super crazy workshops which introduces the fresh incoming students to a plethora of multi- disciplinary, energetic and multi- sensory activities- through active involvement – that is, through first-hand, investigative experiences, both hands-on and minds-on in nature. The young minds would be engaged both physically and mentally in investigating and manipulating elements in the surrounding environment.

IMG_7563Take for instance; a workshop on ‘Bamboo’ by Suresh Kumar helped students exploring the possibility of the material being a beacon, material of the next century. The workshop aimed at making the students develop not only art but also products which have a good aesthetic value. Students are making different objects and products with Bamboo. Two Bamboo experts have come in from Mehrauli and own a shop in Rajiv Chawk. A total of 30 students enrolled for the workshop. According to the mentor, Bamboo is a substitute for steel and plastic. Even houses in Uttarakhand are being rebuilt from the material due to its sturdy nature.


‘Sixth Sense’ is considered to be an ability of an individual to perceive the subtle-dimension or the unseen world of angels, demons, heaven or hell, etc. or to connect with it. An interesting workshop – ‘The Creative Connexxion’ by Renuka Taneja is inspired from this untapped dimension. Aimed at developing the senses of the young shining minds and enhance their intuition or sixth sense, this workshop will help students to design or create a better world in the future, she said. The touching motive of this workshop is to instil the feeling of gratitude, kindness, honesty and thankfulness among students towards each and everything present around them in this whole universe. We must say that is a beautiful initiative in the right direction to nurture the young minds!

Drama, acting, imitating, show business, et al have always caught our fancy since the childhood stage. At some point in our lives, we all have wanted to become a Hero or an actor who performs for the large crowd and entertain them with his style and moves. ‘Action Express’, a theatre workshop by Himanshu Mehta (Actor & Director) helped students in exploring themselves and shedding their hidden inhibitions through a series of games, activities and various exercises. Interesting storylines, funny concepts, spontaneous actions, cheerful participants have certainly enlightened up the whole workshop. The level of energy and enthusiasm shown by the freshers were commendable.



Everybody loves to Dance; this is one such word which gets our feet tapping, moving and grooving. A unique workshop ‘Dancing Bodies- Shifting Spaces’ by Aastha Gandhi focusses on movement generation through elements like geometry and images. During the workshop, the students were taught how costumes affect the movement of the body. The central line of the body is around which the body forms different shapes in various dance forms. Geometries of the bodies are formed around the central line of body. Changing dimensions of space is what this workshop aimed at teaching. It emphasized on opening the creative buds, so that the students see design, shapes, spaces and patterns and think with a design perspective. IMG_7601
Students thoroughly enjoyed the experience of this workshop as they showcased some of their favourite moves on interesting Bollywood numbers.

A popular saying goes as “Almost everyone with a camera on their Smartphone is a photographer.” Then there’s the other one that goes like “Anyone with a DSLR in his hand considers himself as a photographer.” Photography is an art which needs to be preserved for the well-being of our society. ‘Exploring beyond the Image’, a photography workshop by the well-known photographer Sandeep Biswas proved out to be a huge hit among the new entrants of the academy. He not only discussed the history of photography but also shared his wealth of experience with the participants about the contemporary advancements in this field.

He taught the students the art of reading an image; understand every single detail of image, perspective of photographer while clicking the image, the thought process while choosing the subject. Our budding photographers and young photography enthusiasts looked super happy after learning the new tricks from the master himself.

IMG_7553A super interesting material/craft workshop on ‘Rejuvenating Beads’ by Afsana Chaudhary explored the possibilities of creating products and a range of accessories to familiarize the students with the work culture of the artisans.
The workshop has been aided by Aghaz Group: a group started by 60 women who are skilled in the trade. Four artisans of the group, including the group leader and her daughter have come to teach the students the art. The experts are from Hapur, a village in UP. A group of 30 students attended the workshop and tested their skills with proper guidance from the experts.

This year Pow Wow worked around the theme ‘Ping’ which tends to generates response. Ping is considered as an online expression and is a measure of the latency we feel in everything we do, whether it’s clicking a link, posting a status update, sending a message, playing a game, uploading a file, streaming an online video, or anything else.
A gentle poke on the social media helps draw attention. When you poke your friend, you get poked back. Then you poke again, and get poked back again, and so on, called Ping-Pong poking. Response to stimuli- it encourages curiosity, awareness and tolerance towards new experiences.

Similarly, the sole idea behind POW WOW PING is to generate response or gather feedback from the participants by involving them through an array of activities and exercises. More than 1200 participants from four different cities made this fun-filled event a huge success and helped all the new entrants of the Academy to write a new beginning for the most the important chapter of their life, The College Life!

Check out all the excitement on our FaceBook

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To the new place, new friends, new beginnings!



This is ‘The day’! This day is very special because your heart palpitates at the mere thought of it; because you want to know what’s awaiting you; because this day will never come back! A very warm and a big welcome to all the new Pearlites!!

While it was your very own famous alumnus Nikhil Mehra to welcome you in Jaipur campus, Ravi Sharma inspired so many of you to bring out your best at Talkatora Stadium in Delhi. In Mumbai, Arnab Chaudhari and Arfi Lamba struck your creative cords. What a beginning for you all during the Orientation at Pearl!

Just like you all, Nikhil is a true Pearlite. “I am a proud Pearl Alumni and I thank my teachers at Pearl for nurturing me during my academic years. They helped me and they will help you also to focus on your goals. In my opinion, the smartest people in the industry come from Pearl Academy.” said the nostalgic maestro of couture from Pearl.

But he had more to share with you because you are in the same league – the league of best designers from Pearl Academy. Nikhil said, “Studying at Pearl is a brilliant opportunity for you. When I come back here after 4 years, I want to be proud of what you all have done during these academic years. Do something meaningful, work hard, have clarity in thoughts, be consistent, learn like you know nothing, see within what you like, achieve something un-achievable and become a good and honest designer. Focus on your goals for the next 4 years; focus on what you are good at. If you are ever unsure of something, always go back to your roots and you will find the answers. Very important – shed your ego but do believe in something and believe in that very strongly as it will define you as an individual.

Well! The fantastic day of orientation did end but it ended on an even better note. Because from tomorrow, you are required to ‘Ping’ to ‘POW WOW’!

Just like its name, POW WOW PING is an electrifying initiative by Pearl Academy that offers numerous workshops for you . A series of super crazy workshops from 28th July to 31st July, 2015 will welcome the fresher’s with several multi-sensory activities, energetic and multidisciplinary workshops designed and conceptualized by the School of Foundation. Mentors from different fields of society, culture and specializations, which are not academic led, will help in creating a more nurturing and learning environment.

Hey wait! Workshops start from tomorrow. So relax for a while and savour the best of the moments captured during Orientation across campuses in Delhi, Noida, Jaipur and Mumbai…








Parents and students interaction

Parents and students interaction

Full house at Talkatora, Delhi

Full house at Talkatora, Delhi

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Pearlites making Headlines in National Newspapers

Since its inception, Pearl Academy has been a nourishing cradle to creativity, design and innovation. The shinning Pearlites from this Academy have been making big in the creative industries. Proving their worth in the rapidly changing world, our students are recognised for their hard work, success and out-of-the box thinking.

Presenting here four such Pearls – Drishti Vij, Suveshi Jain, Avisha Chaudhary, and Sukanya Deepak who have made headlines in the national newspapers recently. One thing that these bright and upbeat minds have in common is ‘uniqueness’ that is making the heads turn and look at the marvelous achievements of our students.

Drishti‘Big Girl in a Thin World’ by Drishti Vij in L’Officiel magazine is a hard hitting and an interactive article where she perfectly describes the mind-set of our society and the complexities related to the debate of skinny versus ‘big’ girls. Drishti says, this debate has gained extra mileage because of the stereotypical display of women in cinema and on the ramp shows which side-lines the ‘over size’ from the skinny n toned ones.

Sharing her insights on this sensitive issue, Drishti emphasizes on the fact that these unkind insecurities impact an individual’s mind, body and soul greatly. She strongly believes that fashion doesn’t have to be serious all the time; being you and having fun is the key, regardless of the size. The norms of the beauty are constantly evolving and with the advent of social media, lot of stylists and fashion bloggers are decipherinSuveshig the appropriate taste for bigger sizes.

Another student Suveshi Jain from our Jaipur campus has made headlines with her work on the theme ‘Save Nature’. For her garments collection – ‘Dying Butterfly’, Suveshi’s effort to raise awareness to save the endangered species of butterflies or mini creatures through her creation has widely been applauded as well as covered by Dainik Bhaskar, a national daily.

10502575_1697297550498595_111685091_nAvisha Chaudhary, student of BA (Hons) in Fashion Media Communication from Pearl Academy invented an App called ‘The Gentlemen’s Club’; the exclusive app that encourages men to shop according to their body-type and personalities. To change the general opinion that men do not wish to indulge too much in shopping, Chaudhary focuses on changing this age old perception and wants more engagement of the male users in this application.

In her endeavour to cater the fashion needs of men, she has created a platform “where men are not just more aware about the latest fashion trends but also know their bodies and personalities better.” Her work has featured in Deccan Herald and also won the award for Most Professional Project during ‘Portfolio’15’.

Sukanya Deepak, student of School of Communication, Media & Film at Pearl, penned down the bittersweet Sukanyamemories of India-Pakistan partition in her book ‘Memoirs of 1947’. Before documenting everything in the book, Sukanya did a lot of research on this sensitive topic which included reading books on partition, watching films on partition and finding people whom she could talk to.

She chose to keep the book interactive by using lot of photographs and also her graphic designing skills to make it look like a long letter that opens and folds like the musical instrument – accordion. The images of withering leaves on each page, printed in sepia tone, add an element of continuity to the documentation that she has done. Deccan Herald made her project as part of its memories by featuring an exclusive article on Sukanya.

Engrossing ideas, touching issues, resourceful thoughts are some of the traits that have been perfectly showcased by our talented Pearlites in their work. Indeed, they never fail to impress with their inventive and innovative thinking.

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Nandan’s signature Art Work making a buzz internationally

Nandan GhiyaTo every artist, his each art piece is special but he makes his identity in the world with his greatest masterpieces that challenge the power of imagination of the audience. One such emerging Indian artist is Nandan Ghiya, faculty at Pearl Academy Jaipur, who believes that any arrangement of form and space defines individual, cultural, geographic or economic identities.

Through his artworks under his signature ‘deFacebook Project’, Nandan has gone on to develop his unique point of view on contemporary societies and human relationships thereby making his work an interesting interface between the past and the present where faces, genres and pixels mix and match in a series of vintage print collages.

Recently, Nandan’s work was published in ‘Photography and Inherited History of India‘, a book by San Jose Museum of Art in Association with University of California Press. This book accompanies the exhibition of the same name organized collaboratively by San Jose Museum of Art California and Ulrich Museum of Art, Wichita State University, Kansas on the view in San Jose from February 5 through August 2, 2015 and in Wichita from September 12 through December 12, 2015.

Nandan Ghiya Interview

For his project, Nandan took inspiration from the nearly bygone tradition of studio photography, he invited participants to pose against a constructed space which was created using pixelated vinyl-print cut-outs of photography studio objects like a chair, a flower bouquet on a stool, a backdrop or a carpet. Photo documentation is taken, then manipulated on a computer and printed with an instant photo-printer.

Nandan’s tryst with the art is not new. Apart from being born and brought up in Jaipur, he comes from a family of art dealers and his earliest memories of growing up was surrounded by pictures of ancestors, gurus, and political heroes hanging on the walls of his ancestral home. His experimental art practice challenges our perception of the status-quo and thus presents a new perspective of the young generation from a country with long-standing histories and cultures within a fast globalizing world.

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Design, Creativity and Brilliance at Portfolio’15, Jaipur

Pooja Verma's 'The Post Apocalyptic Bride' collection at PORTFOLIO'14 by Pearl Academy Jaipur

Portfolio’15 was all about vision, creativity, innovation and ideas by the students of Pearl Academy that possess a great potential to change the landscape of creative industries. It is a celebration of the several years of hard work of Pearlites. Portfolio’15 presented more than 100 brilliant and innovative designs by its graduating students at Hotel Clarks Amer in the esteemed presence of Manish Malhotra as ‘Guest of Honour’. Manish Malhotra has also associated with the Academy as ‘Mentor’ for the School of Fashion, Styling and Textiles.

Pearlites were at the zenith of their enthusiasm as they were super excited about their final year projects which were put on display during the event. Innovation appeared to be the theme of the event which was perfectly supported by the fabulous installations, projects, presentations, explorations, ensemble, et al by the graduating students from Fashion Design, Textile Design and Jewellery Design courses. EnthraDr. Veena Dutta, Director, Pearl Academy-Jaipur, Manish Malhotra and Sharad Mehra, CEO-Pearl Academy at PORTFOLIO'15 by Pearl Academy Jaipurlling ramps shows presented by Pearlites were attended by the industry leaders, aspiring designers, students and their parents.

Manish Malhotra was impressed by the ground-breaking creativity of many student projects and said, “The capabilities & artistic calibre of these young students have truly impressed me today. Pearl Academy has done a commendable job in mentoring these kids. Industry demands a constant struggle and it could be safely said that these students have that hunger in them to fight their way forward.”

Dr. Veena Dutta, Director, Pearl Academy-Jaipur, said, “Portfolio’15 is the reflection of all the values that Pearl Academy stands for. It showcases the emerging talent of the graduating batch from Textile Deign, Fashion Design and Jewelry Design. It is with great sense of pride and satisfaction that we are sending out our treasured pearls in the profession world! I congratulate the passing cohorts and the entire Pearl family for achieving another year of success. I wish all graduates a very successful and promising future ahead in whatever they peruse.”

The event waswinners- Jaipur attended by the who’s who of the city including Paritosh Mehta, Founder-Trunks Company; Sunita Shekhawat, Jewellery Designer; Jaykirti Baria, Founder – Jaykirti Textiles; Ayush Kasliwal, and Jane Himmat Singh among many others.

After the towering success of Portfolio’15 in Delhi, Jaipur Portfolio was also a success and garnered admiration from all the corners of industry. Portfolio’15 ended on a high note with awards distribution ceremony for the outstanding work presented by Pearlites.



List of WINNERS from Portfolio’15, Jaipur

Undergraduate Course in Jewellery Design

# Innovative Collection
Neha Singhal for ‘Not Being to Being’
Shriya Aggarwal for ‘Seasons in the Sun’

# Best Commercially Viable Design Collection
Divya Thukral for ‘Hanami (Joy of Cherry Blossom)’

Undergraduate Course in Textile Design

# Most Innovative Collection
Anujyot Jain for ‘Metamorphosis’

# Best Design Collection
Aarushi Arora for ‘Pure’

Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Design

# Best Design Collection
Nikita Jangir for ‘Wayang Kulit’

Undergraduate Course in Fashion Design

# Most Practical Collection
Aaransha Gupta for ‘Saral’

# Most Innovative Collection
Aashita Jain for ‘Contemporary Armour’
Pooja Vijay Verma for ‘The Post-Apocalyptic Bride’

# Best Design Collection
Shaivya Gupta for ‘La Femme Enfant’

For more glimpses, click here: PORTFOLIO’15 Jaipur

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“If you can dream it, you can achieve it”, says Laila Tyabji to Pearlites at Jaipur campus

Laila Tyabji addressing students at Pearl Academy JaipurPadma Shri Laila Tyabji justifies every role she’s playing in her real life – a social worker, a craft revivalist, an art designer or being the founder of ‘Dastkar’ (a Delhi-based NGO) working for the revival of traditional crafts in India. She was honoured by the Govt. of India in 2012 with the fourth–highest Indian civilian award – Padma Shri, for her immense contribution in the art and crafts industry. The credit to revolutionize the craft industry in India also goes to Tyabji as she has been helping in developing a market for Indian crafts, modernizing the artisans’ skills, and acting as the liaising link between the artisans and the buyers.

Tyabji visited Pearl Academy’s Kukas based campus to enlighten our students on the importance of India’s rich art and craft heritage along with its much needed conservation. More than 200 students from the Academy attended her session and got a chance to know the maestro closely.

Students attending session by Laila Tyabji in Auditorium of Pearl Academy JaipurTyabji said, “India has the most extraordinary crafts people. These very custodians of this rich heritage need to be reassured of a promising economic future for them as well their new generation in order to keep the culture alive. When I look in the future, I can see only one possibility to realise this – student artisans’ partnership. The best craft documentation can emerge only out of this synergy and pave path for world’s most innovative designs leading to an accomplishment mutually beneficial to the students and the artisans.” She further added, “Design students can contribute towards a better life for artisans in the society. Together, they can take crafts beyond the existing products and inspire the rest to believe in the vast potential of Indian art and craft.

Laila Tyabji at Pearl Academy JaipurTyabji also shared her views on the city’s rich cultural legacy and said, “Jaipur city, in fact the entire Rajasthan has been known for its rich art and craft which has inspired national and international designers. The world is witness to the deep influence of Rajasthani art, culture, traditions, architecture, et al in numerous designers’ creations. It is a matter of pride and glory. To keep this inspiration alive for the future generations of designers, we have to act now and conserve what we have and add more value to it to make it commercially profitable for the artisans.

Dr. Veena Dutta, Director, Pearl Academy Jaipur, said, “Tyabji is an institution in herself. We are overwhelmed with her presence today. Our students listened to her and her golden words are their take away. We hope that this session impact their conscious deeply so that it’s not just a batch of designers that enter the professional world tomorrow, but the rays of hope to brighten up the life of people wherever they go tomorrow.


More about Padma Shri Laila Tyabji

Ms. Tyabji is a textile designer and art revivalist. She did her schooling at the Welham Girls’ School in Dehradun and continued her studies in art at Vadodara. Later, she went to Japan and got trained under Toshi Yoshida, a Japanese printmaking artist to start a career as a designer.


Tyabji is also a co-founder of Dastkar with five other women in 1981. The inaugural Dastkar Nature Bazaar has since become a regular event with a permanent venue at Kisan Haat, Mehrauli and Delhi. Tyabji also cooperated with the Self-Employed Women’s Association of India (SEWA), a similar non-governmental organization.


Laila Tyabji authored Threads and Voices – Behind the Indian Textile Tradition, published in 2007, and has written several articles in many Indian journals. In 2003, Tyabji was awarded the ‘Aid to Artisans’ Preservation of Craft Award, the first Asian and the second overall recipient of the award. She is also a recipient of the NIFT Lifetime Achievement Award and the Chishti Harmony Award. The Limca Book of Records, an Indian repository of records and achievements, named Laila Tyabji as ‘Person of the Year’ in 2014.

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7 Success Mantras from World renowned Master Planner and Architect Hafeez Contractor

7 Success Mantras from World renowned Master Planner and Architect Hafeez Contractor

The awestruck audience could hardly take their attention away from the wizard of planning and architecture Hafeez Contractor who interacted with more than 200 listeners at our Jaipur campus yesterday. The world-renowned master planner and architect shared success Mantras with Pearlites, school students, parents and our faculty members. As the Academy also offers UG and PG courses in Interior Architecture and Design, and Interior Design, the session was very useful for many.

Talking about the vitality of design, Hafeez said, “Design is about functionality, form, aesthetics and solution. A successful designer is the one who balances these and provides an answer to user’s need for a comfortable space.

Nothing is impossible if you apply your mind. And, if designers apply their mind, they can overcome the functional challenges easily.” said Hafeez about designing a useful and aesthetically beautiful piece in architecture.

Hafeez also mentioned that there is a huge scope in the domain of interior designing. “The interior designers are in demand and they also earn handsome salaries. Architecture firms need interior designers who could understand the need of their customers and provide innovative solutions.” Hafeez added further.


The maestro shared 7 Mantras with the aspiring designers for a successful career:

  1. In design, everything has to have a purpose
  2. Best design is the one that is aesthetically functional
  3. Be different, think faster and act fastest
  4. Knowledge of multiple disciplines is a must for designers
  5. With Technology comes newer possibilities, so, adopt neo tech solutions
  6. Strict time management and stringent control on Cost are crucial
  7. Best quality material is indispensable in any design

Dr. Veena Dutta, Director, Pearl Academy-Jaipur campus, said, “It was a pleasure to have Hafeez at the campus today. His immense knowledge and experience in the industry was enlightening for the audiences. Such global insights are very useful for the aspiring designers to think differently about their education and future careers.”

At Pearl Academy, we have always endeavored to bring the best of industry experts and insights for our students to benefit them with global exposure and useful tips for their bright future. Eminent industry stalwarts such as Hafeez Contractor; Prof. Roberto Fraquelli, Professor of Design and Head of Three Dimensional Design, University of Plymouth, England (UK); Jean Marc – Design Director, Marketer & Luxury Expert; award-winning Photographer Udit Kulshrestha; Digital Activist and Journalist Shubhranshu Choudhary; Musician Tritha Sinha; famed fashion designers Mumtaz Khan and Pooja Arya among many other names have been invited to the Academy and their sessions have enlightened pearlites in many ways.” added Dr. Veena Dutta further.

It is thrilling to see the experienced ones share their valuable knowledge with the budding ones.


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Bollywood’s favourite designer Mumtaz Khan at Pearl Academy, Jaipur

Bollywood’s favourite designer Mumtaz Khan at Pearl Academy, Jaipur

Mumtaz Khan, a very well-known name in the Bollywood fraternity, was at Pearl Academy today. He shared his experiences with the aspiring designers and enlightened them on some trade tricks. More than 200 Pearlites studying Fashion Design (UG and PG courses) attended the session at Academy’s Kukas based campus.

Mumtaz laid stress on research and knowledge and suggested to the students, “Explore and research as much as possible. Feed your brain with the right kind of knowledge and exposure appertaining domestic and international markets of fashion domain. One must know the fabric as this is the base of the design that one will create. And if one aspires to become a couture designer, remember to use the weave and hand-loom which is indigenous, rich yet have a global appeal.”

The world of fashion is very competitive. Make sure you hone your communication skills well. Work out on personality for that vital first impression. Develop good relations with the industry as they will be offering business to you in the future.” guided Mumtaz to the students.

Dr. Veena Dutta, Director, Pearl Academy-Jaipur Campus, said, “At Pearl Academy, such workshops are an interesting way to break the monotony of routine classes. Also, these sessions allow students to have an industry exposure that enhances their knowledge and skills apart from refreshing their interest in the subject. We really thank Mumtaz to take out time from his busy schedule and come down to the Academy to share his experiences with the Pearlites.

Mumtaz also mentioned that he will be presenting two garments based on Ghera work of Rajasthan on the occasion of ‘Rajasthan Diwas’ to set a world record. The fabric used in these garments is more than 1000 meters.

Mumtaz has done 20 national international fashion weeks and is renowned for using tribal prints and cotton on the ramp. He has done designing for names such as Shahwar Ali, Zulfi Syed, Jessi Randhawa, Anchal Kumar, Miss Universe Poland Marcela Chmielowska, Miss India World Natasha Suri, Big Boss fame Diandra Soares and many more including numerous South Indian actors and actresses. Mumtaz also recreated lot of historical Indian characters and did extra ordinary costumes for theatre such as Merchant of Vanice, Dropdi dance drama Maya, etc.

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