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Look, who dropped by to quiz us?

Rajdeep Sardesai has been a popular face of English news journalism in India and has been known for his gladiatorial style interviews with the most seasoned politicians of India! But in his new avatar, he is busy quizzing students across India in his new show – NewsWhiz!

Apart from quizzing Pearlites at the Delhi West campus, he motivated the students to work harder to do justice to all the privileges that they are getting as a “lucky generation” spoilt for choices!
Watch full interview below:

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“Creativity should be wearable” – Pankaj & Nidhi

“Creativity should be wearable” – Pankaj & Nidhi

As a part of its tie up with FDCI, Pearl Academy hosted its first Masterclass, with the husband wife designer duo – Pankaj & Nidhi. We had a little tete-a-tete with them, where they took us through their journey, reminiscing about their early days struggle. The duo also conducted an interactive activity with the students to test their creativity. The bunch of students were handed with mystery box with embellishments. The students were supposed to use these embellishments and white T-shirts to create their own design and style. The day was filled with sky-rocketing energies, splendid creativity and interaction that inspired many young and aspiring designers.

On asking about their journey and about Pearl Academy, this is what they had to say –

Watch out as we progress with this alliance and interact with other celebrated designers like Rina Singh Eka, Amit Aggarwal, Nida Mahmood Nida Mahmood and Anju Modi Clothing in coming months.

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Pearl Academy’s wave of Creative Careers reaches Delhi University

Hansraj College witnessed a compelling, informative and eye-opening round of the Creative Career Conclave, an initiative by Pearl Academy.

CCC_CCC_Banner 1050x350

The big auditorium was aptly filled by the large gathering of more than 250 enthusiastic students. The creatively charged audience at the conclave was enthralled by the rich information and knowledge that the esteemed panellists shared with them on several creative careers. Students wanted to know more about ‘Careers of Tomorrow’ and with Pearl Academy introducing courses in niche segments such as Sports Business, Fashion  & Lifestyle eCommerce and Journalism & Mass communication, the conclave became all the more relevant.

Ms. Jyotsana Raghunathan, Associate Professor, Pearl Academy donned the anchor’s hat to initiate the event. The experts present during the conclave featured names like well-known fashion designer Rina Dhaka,         Principal Architect Manish Gulati (MOFA), ace photographer Rohit Dhingra and Dr. Bhavna Chaddha- Head Corporate Relations, Pearl Academy.

Rina Dhaka started the session with emphasis on various aspects of fashion designing and discussed hardships associated with the glamorous world of fashion. To a query on the scope of Fashion marketing in India, Rina said, ‘Marketing is a wonderful medium to communicate your thoughts among the masses if you have good communication skills you can become a good seller. Every Fashion designer or a Fashion house requires good marketing professionals to promote or sell their brand in the market.’

The second speaker Manish Gulati – Principle Architect, MOFA carried forward the discussion further and gave important insights into the world of architecture. “Architecture as a field leaves you free; it opens up a lot of dimensions to play with.” He talked about his journey which started from Retail, Exhibition and Events and finally finding his passion in architectural and interior design practice.

Talking about  his inspirations, Manish said, “When you observe the world around you; its hues, textures, psyches, people, diversity, landscape, all become a part of a collective consciousness.”

In his impressive portfolio, Manish has designed the launch of Virgin Atlantic in India, 25years of India Today, Delhi Daredevils (Delhi) office and various big profile government infrastructures. He ended by saying “Design and architecture go hand-in-hand and requires an innate passion for it to make a career out of them.”

Dr. Bhavna Chaddha, AVP Corporate Relations, Pearl Academy, threw some light on the recent news about Startup India that was launched last weekend. She talked about the Action Plan which includes some amazing incentives for startup entrepreneurs such as a massive Rs 10,000 crore fund. The government has also proposed to create a new category of business (“Innovative Startups”) with  guidelines that will make it  easier to start these businesses. Further, she added that Pearl Academy will soon launch its own incubation centres across all its campuses to promote the budding ideas in the innovation space.

The session with the industry experts was in line with Pearl Academy’s objective to guide and empower students with knowledge and perspective, which would further enable them to assess their future and be somebody tomorrow.


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Explosive Fashion by Darshan Chandekar

Many don’t but some do know the need and greed of explosive fashion which happens in both minimalist and maximalist contexts where the body can be seen heavily clad to minimum materials to create an expression of theme designer projects to promote.

It is hard to determine exactly when designers started creating Avant Garde Fashion. The art, itself started around the early 1900’s, but there is some indication that the art and some fashion pieces, like wedding gowns were created in the late 1800’s. Avant Garde art and fashion was a controversial subject through the 1960’s. As with any trend, fashions seem to disappear or slow down, but Avant Garde has been present in one form or another since its beginning.

The more bizarre, colorful or large they are, the better the fashion is considered. Striking, bizarre, bold, loud and mysterious are some of the words that have been used to describe explosive fashion.





Early reactions to this kind of art and fashion, by the mainstream public, included accusations of cult association. Some people thought the fashion were brazen and obscene, but as more designers started creating, it became accepted as the trend of the day.

With couture week, fashion week, city-specific fashion weeks and fashion tours embracing the fashion landscape… everyone has a different perception of this phenomenon. Everyone has a vision of the direction they want to see their label grow. Some designers cater to the niche market, some to the domestic market and some want to expand worldwide. Designers know where their market is or whether such expressions could be useful to target clientele. Having said that, designers who are building their brand image should be more cautious of its impression on the buyers they cater to.
While talking about the minimal side of explosive fashion along with avant-garde experimental contraptions and garments skin show is also coming up as a major aspect and is mistaken for glamor.










According to one of the established designers- Fashion is a “creative business” and you cannot be too arty and expect sales. You need to apply your creativity to design well-made products and should know the right channels to show them to the world.


On the intellectual side, explosive fashion has adorned the name of ‘Wearable Art’. In the art, which would apply to the Fashion Industry, it has been described as being innovative or inventive. It has also been labeled in some cases as Vintage, unconventional and innovative fashion.
One of the famous Indian designer who is seen as explosive in his ideas says:
FilepMotwary: What is fashion intellectualism for you?
Manish Arora: Every designer has a thought process behind their collection if one wants to call it intellectualism they can.
FilepMotwary: Is there a message you would like to give?
Manish Arora: Take fashion less seriously, enjoy it and play with it.

FilepMotwary: Can Fashion be a protest?

Manish Arora: Yes fashion can be a protest because people have always used the clothes they wear as a way to stand for something whether it is a teenage rebellion or freedom fighters.
The markets world across are now understanding the concept of explosive fashion or ramp worthy collection which is mainly showcased to attract the buyers and the media. At the same time, these collections are mostly in sync with the look (aesthetic appeal), style, material, color etc. which helps the buyers to visualize the prêt collection.
‘ART’ is an integral part of any creative field and can be used in numerous ways and contexts which can change with space and time.

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Top recruiters from Retail and Creative Industries visit Pearl Academy

“It’s difficult to change if you are not aware”

We are Eminent Paneliststalking about the change that industry is experiencing; change that the candidates need to bring in their portfolios to score better placements; change that these ‘managers of tomorrow’ want to bring in the industry.  Besides this, industry trends, placement hurdles, peer pressures are some of the concerns that bother final year students who are looking for their first major breakthrough in the industry after completing their studies.

To answer all such queries of Pearl graduates who are on the verge of stepping into a new world full of possibilities – HR Summit is the initiative for them. Hosted by Pearl Academy, India’s leading design institute, this summit was an interactive platform for the final year students of Academy’s ‘School of Creative Business’. During the ‘HR Summit’, students got a chance to interact with the industry experts and have an understanding of the industry expectations as well.

The panel consisted of eminent HR and industry experts from leading brands like Infinite Luxury, Limeroad, Triburg, Ikon Retail, and Design Worldwide. Panelists talked about two key issues – What to expect during ‘First 90 days in a company’ and ‘Shaping Managers of Tomorrow – Industry expectations and Best Practices to Increase Students’ Credibility’. They also discussed the latest recruitment trends, expectation of employers (hard skills vs soft skills), and what students can do to leave a strong impact in the first 90 days of their joining.

Megha Singhal - Designer & Product Developer, TriburgThe event started with the opening speech of Megha Singhal, an alumna of Pearl Academy, who is a Fashion Designer at Triburg. “It was my huge appetite for constant learning and the attitude to add value to the company through my work that made me climb higher on the ladder.” said Megha who will be launching her own apparels venture shortly.

Sanjay Sarma - CEO, Design WorldWideThe second speaker at the summit was Sanjay Sarma, CEO, Design WorldWide. He shared 15 Mantras of success with the students to become a smart industry professional. He touched upon topics such as importance of unlearning, following your passion, curiosity, right attitude should be supported by right aptitude, balance between work and life, planning, learning from collective experience, etc. among others. “Attitude is good and each one of you should have it provided you have the aptitude to match it. Think like the Navy and act like the pirates”, said Sanjay to the students. “The coming age will be of entrepreneurs who will change the entire way our industry works.” he added further.

Indrajit Sen, HR Consultant and Corporate TrainerAdding to the ongoing insightful discussion, Indrajit Sen, HR Consultant and Corporate Trainer, gave three rules of learning – Enjoy being uncomfortable, Empty your Cups, and The More you give, The More you get. Indrajit also said that the industry is looking for solution providers and adaptable individuals. “Mentoring is a very important part of the entire recruitment process. One should always seek for information from all corners of life and try to gain experience” said Inderjit.

_MG_2479Priya Mary Mathew, Head-School of Creative Business, Pearl Academy, thanked the panelists for their views and valuable time. She quoted “The real struggle starts after the college where each one of you will fight your own battles. It will not be a bed of roses; thorns will outnumber roses most of the times. But as your teachers, we have equipped you with knowledge, skills and wisdom to march ahead and reach your destination.” said Priya to the future managers of creative industries.

The HR Summit was a hit in terms of student participation and involvement. The Pearlites learnt about the next steps to achieve an accomplishing career.



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7 Success Mantras from World renowned Master Planner and Architect Hafeez Contractor

7 Success Mantras from World renowned Master Planner and Architect Hafeez Contractor

The awestruck audience could hardly take their attention away from the wizard of planning and architecture Hafeez Contractor who interacted with more than 200 listeners at our Jaipur campus yesterday. The world-renowned master planner and architect shared success Mantras with Pearlites, school students, parents and our faculty members. As the Academy also offers UG and PG courses in Interior Architecture and Design, and Interior Design, the session was very useful for many.

Talking about the vitality of design, Hafeez said, “Design is about functionality, form, aesthetics and solution. A successful designer is the one who balances these and provides an answer to user’s need for a comfortable space.

Nothing is impossible if you apply your mind. And, if designers apply their mind, they can overcome the functional challenges easily.” said Hafeez about designing a useful and aesthetically beautiful piece in architecture.

Hafeez also mentioned that there is a huge scope in the domain of interior designing. “The interior designers are in demand and they also earn handsome salaries. Architecture firms need interior designers who could understand the need of their customers and provide innovative solutions.” Hafeez added further.


The maestro shared 7 Mantras with the aspiring designers for a successful career:

  1. In design, everything has to have a purpose
  2. Best design is the one that is aesthetically functional
  3. Be different, think faster and act fastest
  4. Knowledge of multiple disciplines is a must for designers
  5. With Technology comes newer possibilities, so, adopt neo tech solutions
  6. Strict time management and stringent control on Cost are crucial
  7. Best quality material is indispensable in any design

Dr. Veena Dutta, Director, Pearl Academy-Jaipur campus, said, “It was a pleasure to have Hafeez at the campus today. His immense knowledge and experience in the industry was enlightening for the audiences. Such global insights are very useful for the aspiring designers to think differently about their education and future careers.”

At Pearl Academy, we have always endeavored to bring the best of industry experts and insights for our students to benefit them with global exposure and useful tips for their bright future. Eminent industry stalwarts such as Hafeez Contractor; Prof. Roberto Fraquelli, Professor of Design and Head of Three Dimensional Design, University of Plymouth, England (UK); Jean Marc – Design Director, Marketer & Luxury Expert; award-winning Photographer Udit Kulshrestha; Digital Activist and Journalist Shubhranshu Choudhary; Musician Tritha Sinha; famed fashion designers Mumtaz Khan and Pooja Arya among many other names have been invited to the Academy and their sessions have enlightened pearlites in many ways.” added Dr. Veena Dutta further.

It is thrilling to see the experienced ones share their valuable knowledge with the budding ones.


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Bollywood’s favourite designer Mumtaz Khan at Pearl Academy, Jaipur

Bollywood’s favourite designer Mumtaz Khan at Pearl Academy, Jaipur

Mumtaz Khan, a very well-known name in the Bollywood fraternity, was at Pearl Academy today. He shared his experiences with the aspiring designers and enlightened them on some trade tricks. More than 200 Pearlites studying Fashion Design (UG and PG courses) attended the session at Academy’s Kukas based campus.

Mumtaz laid stress on research and knowledge and suggested to the students, “Explore and research as much as possible. Feed your brain with the right kind of knowledge and exposure appertaining domestic and international markets of fashion domain. One must know the fabric as this is the base of the design that one will create. And if one aspires to become a couture designer, remember to use the weave and hand-loom which is indigenous, rich yet have a global appeal.”

The world of fashion is very competitive. Make sure you hone your communication skills well. Work out on personality for that vital first impression. Develop good relations with the industry as they will be offering business to you in the future.” guided Mumtaz to the students.

Dr. Veena Dutta, Director, Pearl Academy-Jaipur Campus, said, “At Pearl Academy, such workshops are an interesting way to break the monotony of routine classes. Also, these sessions allow students to have an industry exposure that enhances their knowledge and skills apart from refreshing their interest in the subject. We really thank Mumtaz to take out time from his busy schedule and come down to the Academy to share his experiences with the Pearlites.

Mumtaz also mentioned that he will be presenting two garments based on Ghera work of Rajasthan on the occasion of ‘Rajasthan Diwas’ to set a world record. The fabric used in these garments is more than 1000 meters.

Mumtaz has done 20 national international fashion weeks and is renowned for using tribal prints and cotton on the ramp. He has done designing for names such as Shahwar Ali, Zulfi Syed, Jessi Randhawa, Anchal Kumar, Miss Universe Poland Marcela Chmielowska, Miss India World Natasha Suri, Big Boss fame Diandra Soares and many more including numerous South Indian actors and actresses. Mumtaz also recreated lot of historical Indian characters and did extra ordinary costumes for theatre such as Merchant of Vanice, Dropdi dance drama Maya, etc.

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If spaces could talk, what would they say?

If spaces could talk, what would they say?

– Submitted by Surbhi Jain, School of Communication, Media & Film, Level 3, Pearl Academy-

Talking Spaces is an initiative taken by the level-3 students and faculty of Experience Design at Pearl Academy. It was an interesting and interactive morning, where we hosted our guests Mr. Iftikhar Mulk Chisti, Mr. Amardeep Behl and Ms Nidhi Kukreja, renowned people in the area of spatial design. It was indeed a morning full of inspiring and motivating talks and display of work.

Professor Chisti spoke about the ideology of design motivating us “ to look within ourselves, to introspect, and create design” which would not only help us realize our potentials but bring it to a realm of functionality. To encourage students into a problem solving and goal oriented approach he led the students through a simple rule “ learn to live and sleep with your problems and trust your dreams”.

Mr. Behl showcased some awe-inspiring work, which truly motivated us and left us quite awestruck. It was indeed very insightful and has certainly awakened a spirit of creativity within us. In his words “ volume is the soul of space and space is my palette “. His display of work in the field of museums and sets helped the students gain a more practical approach to the industry.

Ms Kukreja, our young alumni spoke about visual merchandising in the real world. It was yet another motivating talk and explained us the working of the visual merchandising industry.

The audience enjoyed these conversations, which continued well beyond the stimulated time. The students belonging to the initial levels of their graduation as well as the ones who are ready to step into the industry gained a great level of insight and knowledge from this event. We do hope we are able to engage in more such activities led by our faculty, school heads and the students.

The event was a combined effort of Ms Deepti Pant, Ms Lolita Dutta and Mr. Manas Barua and the students of level 3 experience design, Aanchal Arora and Surbhi Jain.


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She became a Fashion Designer even before she became a Teenager

«Submitted by Garima Garg, Student at Pearl Academy, Delhi»



When a 13 year old achieves astounding heights of success, it can take a toll on any average person’s self-esteem. But instead of envying her it is time for us to start getting inspired by this teenager girl from Austin, Texas.

When she was just 8 she attended a sewing camp and instantly got addicted to the world of creativity and soon her parents realized that her aspirations of getting into the fashion world could be turned into a reality and that is when Isabella Rose Taylor struck her first major deal with Nordstrom.

Nobody gets famous overnight unless you have Kardashians for parents. Isabella went through a slow process of building buzz when she started using all possible means of social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. This also shows her forward sense of marketing that helped furtherance her creativity and brand.

Her line has been described as hippie-grunge, yet feminine while Isabella herself says that the key to her success has and will always be “blood, sweat and glitter”, she describes glitter as the cause of her imagination and her creativity, and we can only agree with her and hope that she will continue to rise and turn her passionate dreams into reality.


Check out more about her brand HERE



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Once upon a time…with Walt Disney

Once upon a time…with Walt Disney

– Submitted by Srishti Sud, School of Creative Business Pearl Academy –

The words that amused and excited us as children; words that told us that there was something magical, something comical and something that was the stuff of our dreams that was about to begin; a story with some of our favorite characters.

Walt Disney pioneered the way as he created a plethora of “Once upon a times” for us with characters that are still near and dear to our hearts whether it was Mickey Mouse with his iconic ears, Minnie Mouse with her cute polka dot bow, Goofy goofing around with Pluto or the Disney Princesses dancing in their beautiful ball gowns and tiaras.

But in today’s day and age, Walt Disney does not only remain a creator of these characters that create a big part of each individual’s childhood. Today, it is one of the top animated film producing companies with Pixar, the 5th largest toy company, the biggest licensing company and most importantly the 9th largest Apparel Company in the world.

We, the class of PGFM, received a tremendous opportunity to receive a talk by Mrs. Mrunmayi Avachat, the former Creative Head of Fashion, Walt Disney. We got an insight into the concept of licensing and how product development takes place at Walt Disney for its apparel sector.

We all see Mickey Mouse t-shirts, Minnie Mouse inspired head bands, Hannah Montana pencil boxes but as students venturing into the apparel industry we might think about how the products were made or what fabric is used but none of us would have ever stopped to think about the characters that inspired these products.

Licensing is a concept where properties (characters) are licensed out to manufacturers, retailers or traders for a certain period of time to produce products with these properties such as apparel, jewellery, footwear and other accessories.

We are aware of the merchandise created for children but as we were informed Walt Disney has been trying to create merchandise for the adult market as well. Animated films have taken a turn to create an interest in the adults and are not called kids cartoon movies any more. Similarly, Walt Disney wanted to break through the mindset that Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse can only be appealing to the younger minds.

Walt Disney created a jewellery line in partnership with Popley and showcased their products at the IIJW. Their aim was not to make profits; this line was an “aspirational” attempt to showcase that these characters were more than kids’ cartoons.

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