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Young India reflects, state of freedom in India after almost 7 decades

“At the stroke of today’s midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom”
– Jawahar Lal Nehru (15th August 1947)

“Freedom”, what does Freedom actually mean?
As we are nearing our 69th yearly celebration of Indian independence, the School of Creative Business at Pearl Academy took the opportunity to paint the picture of freedom of today’s India, through creative installations. Before I proceed to dig deeper into some of these installations, I can safely highlight the fact that these installations are made by young India. The part of India that is shaping itself in today’s global scenario.

Even after almost seven decades of the so-called independence, is the country still truly free? Is the country still free of social stigmas and taboos? Freedom is when no one is victimized. Everyone is free to nurture opinions and thoughts. Freedom is when societal frame is free from coercion of religion, caste, gender or economic background, and most importantly freedom of speech and expression.

Freedom is a state of mind

Journey of women from being in a cage to true liberation.

Women are the derivation of any society. They are the nurturing source of our great nation at the base level but are they safe and liberated? Youth of this nation senses the demeaned condition of our country’s women. Our sorrows of Nirbhaya chapter in the capital city of this nation have barely lessened. The nation lost a daughter and its pride. A victimized woman has to go through levels of torture in order to get justice. Our independent India has its women tied in shackles of desolation and menace.

Surely our women are fighting for their liberation and brave men have joined this cause. Self-governing nation of India needs to be prompt towards elevating its code of law that can grant swift and adequate justice.

society freedom

Caste based riots and social stigmas are restricting our free nation.

Students also created installations depicting social stigma of honor killings that bounds the youth of this nation. Caste based divide that prevails in India, has recently jolted our society and the youth of this country after Rohit Vermula (a Dalit student of Hyderbad University) committed suicide because of the obstacles he was going through in caste-ridden India. Our country is known for unity in diversity and yet we find growls of caste and fresh wrecks of religious outfits distressing the very fabric of our heritage. People are ready to slay each other on basis of their religion and I am not referring to Jalliawala Bagh massacre when Britishers annihilated us in enslaved India but in today’s free India when we witness Mandal Commission, Delhi, Gujarat, Muzzafarnagar Riots. Our unity in diversity is at doubt and so is our sovereignty.

Freedom of love

Love is beyond the boundaries of gender and caste.

Our youth’s horizon of love has also expanded and they want liberation from the captivity of law in matters of love. Love is a freedom of expression and is an emotion that can only be felt. Love doesn’t have any room for classifications and ‘dos & donts’ on the basis of caste or gender. Love doesn’t know taboo and taboo can’t sustain love. Why is India so afraid of homosexuality, why are same gender marriages unacceptable? Whereas world in the west have progressed to it. Ancient India knew no such boundaries in love or intimacy. Our society’s hypocrisy regarding trans-genders in India is rather an accepted problem. We have a word for transwomen (male to female), and they have an eternal commission of blessing us in exchange of money. They are treated as less than second-class citizens.

In one such installation, students of Pearl Academy expressed intensely the state of freedom of LGBT community in India.

Pearl Academy is known for its revolutionary thinking and radical outlook. Students are taught to speak their minds and follow their instincts. School of Creative Business at Pearl Academy grooms its business students for the challenges of tomorrow. Students are sensitized towards trends of the business world like Sustainability and Impact Entrepreneurship. Nurturing Youth is the core philosophy at Pearl Academy. The youth of our nation today is sensitive towards environmental issues, societal waves, children welfare, and women empowerment. If young India wants to expand its wings then the boundaries of suppression will fade, cages of traditions would break, and the shackles of narrow thinking would break open. India is not only a nation but an idea, a philosophy, a lifestyle and so it can’t have boundaries. It’s bound to be free. Jai Hind.

By E Kukreja, Student of Professional Diploma in PR & Events

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Top recruiters from Retail and Creative Industries visit Pearl Academy

“It’s difficult to change if you are not aware”

We are Eminent Paneliststalking about the change that industry is experiencing; change that the candidates need to bring in their portfolios to score better placements; change that these ‘managers of tomorrow’ want to bring in the industry.  Besides this, industry trends, placement hurdles, peer pressures are some of the concerns that bother final year students who are looking for their first major breakthrough in the industry after completing their studies.

To answer all such queries of Pearl graduates who are on the verge of stepping into a new world full of possibilities – HR Summit is the initiative for them. Hosted by Pearl Academy, India’s leading design institute, this summit was an interactive platform for the final year students of Academy’s ‘School of Creative Business’. During the ‘HR Summit’, students got a chance to interact with the industry experts and have an understanding of the industry expectations as well.

The panel consisted of eminent HR and industry experts from leading brands like Infinite Luxury, Limeroad, Triburg, Ikon Retail, and Design Worldwide. Panelists talked about two key issues – What to expect during ‘First 90 days in a company’ and ‘Shaping Managers of Tomorrow – Industry expectations and Best Practices to Increase Students’ Credibility’. They also discussed the latest recruitment trends, expectation of employers (hard skills vs soft skills), and what students can do to leave a strong impact in the first 90 days of their joining.

Megha Singhal - Designer & Product Developer, TriburgThe event started with the opening speech of Megha Singhal, an alumna of Pearl Academy, who is a Fashion Designer at Triburg. “It was my huge appetite for constant learning and the attitude to add value to the company through my work that made me climb higher on the ladder.” said Megha who will be launching her own apparels venture shortly.

Sanjay Sarma - CEO, Design WorldWideThe second speaker at the summit was Sanjay Sarma, CEO, Design WorldWide. He shared 15 Mantras of success with the students to become a smart industry professional. He touched upon topics such as importance of unlearning, following your passion, curiosity, right attitude should be supported by right aptitude, balance between work and life, planning, learning from collective experience, etc. among others. “Attitude is good and each one of you should have it provided you have the aptitude to match it. Think like the Navy and act like the pirates”, said Sanjay to the students. “The coming age will be of entrepreneurs who will change the entire way our industry works.” he added further.

Indrajit Sen, HR Consultant and Corporate TrainerAdding to the ongoing insightful discussion, Indrajit Sen, HR Consultant and Corporate Trainer, gave three rules of learning – Enjoy being uncomfortable, Empty your Cups, and The More you give, The More you get. Indrajit also said that the industry is looking for solution providers and adaptable individuals. “Mentoring is a very important part of the entire recruitment process. One should always seek for information from all corners of life and try to gain experience” said Inderjit.

_MG_2479Priya Mary Mathew, Head-School of Creative Business, Pearl Academy, thanked the panelists for their views and valuable time. She quoted “The real struggle starts after the college where each one of you will fight your own battles. It will not be a bed of roses; thorns will outnumber roses most of the times. But as your teachers, we have equipped you with knowledge, skills and wisdom to march ahead and reach your destination.” said Priya to the future managers of creative industries.

The HR Summit was a hit in terms of student participation and involvement. The Pearlites learnt about the next steps to achieve an accomplishing career.



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To the new place, new friends, new beginnings!



This is ‘The day’! This day is very special because your heart palpitates at the mere thought of it; because you want to know what’s awaiting you; because this day will never come back! A very warm and a big welcome to all the new Pearlites!!

While it was your very own famous alumnus Nikhil Mehra to welcome you in Jaipur campus, Ravi Sharma inspired so many of you to bring out your best at Talkatora Stadium in Delhi. In Mumbai, Arnab Chaudhari and Arfi Lamba struck your creative cords. What a beginning for you all during the Orientation at Pearl!

Just like you all, Nikhil is a true Pearlite. “I am a proud Pearl Alumni and I thank my teachers at Pearl for nurturing me during my academic years. They helped me and they will help you also to focus on your goals. In my opinion, the smartest people in the industry come from Pearl Academy.” said the nostalgic maestro of couture from Pearl.

But he had more to share with you because you are in the same league – the league of best designers from Pearl Academy. Nikhil said, “Studying at Pearl is a brilliant opportunity for you. When I come back here after 4 years, I want to be proud of what you all have done during these academic years. Do something meaningful, work hard, have clarity in thoughts, be consistent, learn like you know nothing, see within what you like, achieve something un-achievable and become a good and honest designer. Focus on your goals for the next 4 years; focus on what you are good at. If you are ever unsure of something, always go back to your roots and you will find the answers. Very important – shed your ego but do believe in something and believe in that very strongly as it will define you as an individual.

Well! The fantastic day of orientation did end but it ended on an even better note. Because from tomorrow, you are required to ‘Ping’ to ‘POW WOW’!

Just like its name, POW WOW PING is an electrifying initiative by Pearl Academy that offers numerous workshops for you . A series of super crazy workshops from 28th July to 31st July, 2015 will welcome the fresher’s with several multi-sensory activities, energetic and multidisciplinary workshops designed and conceptualized by the School of Foundation. Mentors from different fields of society, culture and specializations, which are not academic led, will help in creating a more nurturing and learning environment.

Hey wait! Workshops start from tomorrow. So relax for a while and savour the best of the moments captured during Orientation across campuses in Delhi, Noida, Jaipur and Mumbai…








Parents and students interaction

Parents and students interaction

Full house at Talkatora, Delhi

Full house at Talkatora, Delhi

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Industry integrated Courses to Reinforce Luxury & E-Commerce Growth in India

Industry integrated Courses to Reinforce Luxury & E-Commerce Growth in India

«Pearl Academy launches UG and PG courses in Luxury Brand Management and Fashion & Lifestyle E-Commerce to feed the growing appetite of Indian market with competent global professionals»

India is one of the fastest growing luxury markets and is set to touch $14 billion by 2016 as per a recent KPMG Assocham study. Surpassing this is the Fashion and Lifestyle E-Commerce as E-tailing is expected to grow to $32 billion by 2020 according to Technopak. These two domains have already started showing plenty of appetite for the skilled professionals and it will only increase in the coming future. In sync with the evolving Indian market and its requirements, Pearl Academy launches UG and PG courses in Luxury Brand Management and Fashion & Lifestyle E-Commerce. The courses were launched at ‘What’s Next – Winning Ideas in Creative Business’ organized by the School of Creative Business of the Academy on March 12, 2015 at Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai.

The international industry integrated 3 year BA Honours Courses and the 2 year PG Diplomas have been devised to churn out highly competent and global professionals who have great scope in ­marketing & communications, merchandising & buying, brand management, consultancy, distribution planning and other related areas in the luxury and e-commerce industries. The B.A. Hons. Courses are delivered in conjunction with Nottingham Trent University (NTU), UK and the PG Diploma courses are validated by Domus Academy, Milan (Italy).

Mr. Sharad Mehra, CEO, Pearl Academy, said, “We are extremely excited as we launch these two courses along with the industry. We are looking forward to being able to train talent that will add and grow the e-commerce and luxury dynamics of the Indian landscape”.

The Luxury Brand courses were launched by Tikka Shatrujit Singh, Advisor – Louis Vuitton I Fendi I Berluti, who was also the Guest of Honour at the event. “ We are excited about introducing more talent to the world of luxury. The industry is extremely dynamic and is always on the lookout for new-age talent to add to its think set.”

Biren Vaidya, Managing Director, The Rose Group said, “Luxury is an exciting industry; you are on the treadmill and you have to keep running harder and harder to create that little bit of edge for your customer. The customer wants more; the lifestyle shift that India is witnessing at this moment is what luxury is all about. For the students today all that I want them to know is that no matter what you study, you get trained to sell luxury by teaching yourself to love it and live it, and only then will you be able to sell it to the customer.

S, Nagesh, Non-executive Vice-Chairman, Shoppers Stop, launched the courses in Fashion & Lifestyle E-Commerce. “It is imperative for a company to channel their resources in a manner that you actually listen to the customer, be a part of their lifestyle, build their aspirations and actually walk that journey with them. It is great that courses like these are getting introduced to actually hone our talent towards that direction.” said B. S. Nagesh.

Mahesh Murthy, Managing Partner, Seedfund, had this to say “In the old world, competition was rising; in the new world, dominance and monopoly is rising. That is why it is very important that you focus on creating a unique and excellent product to fulfill an unfulfilled need and focus on ensuring that that product masters in design. It is important that you create a product that will have the ‘WOW’ factor.”

The eminent speakers included some of the most celebrated names of the industry including Biren Vaidya, MD & Creative Soul, The Rose Group; Mukesh Gajra, CEO,; Neeraj Nagpal, VP-Buying & Merchandising and Sourcing & Supply Chain, Pantaloons Fashion & Retail Ltd. (Aditya Birla Group); Parveen Shaikh, Entrepreneur-Luxury I Youth I Education (Ex-LVMH); and Satish Gokhale, Director, Industrial Design, Design Directions Pvt. Ltd.

What’s Next, an initiative of Pearl Academy, is a series of Intellectual workshops and confluences, ‘What’s Next’ stands as a beacon of revolution in the design space bringing together prominent global thought leaders to deliberate on key issues and ideas towards tomorrow in Design and Design Education.

For more information on our new courses, visit:
Luxury Brand Management
Fashion Lifestyle E-Commerce

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Are we ready for the real world?

Are we ready for the real world?

– Submitted by Smitha Bang , Shreya Seerehalli and Rossa Pulimoottil, School of Creative Business, Pearl Academy Mumbai – 


On 10th February, 2015 we, students of Pearl Academy planned a factory visit to Midas Touch Exports based in Navi Mumbai.  Midas Touch Exports was established in the year 1973 with a vast manufacturing unit which allows them to be one of the very well -known export houses in Mumbai.  Mr. Rajani manages the challenges that each day brings with it.

Ms. Shobha and Ms. Amrita showed us around the factory in two groups. First we saw the sampling department, where we saw different types of printing methods which they sourced from different suppliers and tech packs were generally given by their buyers. There was an array of different machinery for the various types of stitching. The prototype of garments were also shown to us and explained in detail. We were informed that their international buyers were from Spain, Portugal and Turkey and Indian buyers were Pantaloons, Big Bazaar, Reliance, and Globus.  Adjacent to the sampling unit was the trim store where all the necessary trims were stored, including threads, shade cards, tags, buttons, laces, poly bags, zippers etc. The labelling tags were sourced out and attached later on in the process.

We received a detailed insight into the pattern making process which included an opportunity to observecb the pattern master at work and a look into the CAD room where the technician proceeded with making the marker on the Gerber machine and taking out the consumption as well. Processes like cutting, sewing, finishing, quality check were seen in between.

According to staff, they produce approximately 1 lakh pieces monthly; they handle almost 200 styles at once. Midas Touch requires minimum of 60 days for garment production. The cost of the garment was seen to be almost 4 times lesser than the MRP.

The laborers were multi skilled and could rotate their jobs in case of absenteeism or any other requirement. There were around 300 laborers working on 5 different styles and different colors. They worked from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm on weekdays.

We learnt a lot as students of merchandising and marketing as it was our first practical exposure in understanding the mass production.

cb3This was definitely very different from what we learnt on pen and paper. We were able to correlate to the visit as we have learnt everything in class and were able to gain a realistic view regarding the functioning of a production house. The significance of time and action plan and importance of every stage was clearly perceived through this exercise. We are indeed very grateful to the management team of Midas Touch for their hospitality and welcoming approach.


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Industry expert Syed Sameer talks about “Cost Effective Sales Strategies ” at our Delhi campus

With an extensive experience of about 2 decades in operations ( sales , marketing & distribution  ) in Consumer goods & services( FMCG , Pharmaceuticals , OTC , Banking & Telecom  sectors ), Syed Sameer is a self-motivated and dynamic individual. He recently visited the Delhi campus to conduct an interactive session with our students from School of Creative Business.

India is a land of dispersion , where nearly 68% population residing in rural India which is inaccessible through roads  , purchasing stocks from nearly 1.5cr retailers . In the given scenario , the selection of markets & retailers becomes of prime importance since the cost of direct distribution is pretty steep , combined with the managing motivation & ROI of the channel partner . Also , taking the indirect route of distribution is a function if brand building & margins , which again hits the bottom line .

Sales management comes handy , since keeping the attrition at low levels & devising variable salary for high performers can keep the growth engine running . Also effective utilization of the given sales force becomes paramount to drive consistency .

“We have entered in the era of predatory marketing , where retaining & upgrading the existing customers is the easiest route to profitability along with being a cost effective one . Attacking the category users is also recommended for start ups working on limited resources . CRM is not a software platform , but a conscious cost effective sales strategy” says Mr.Sameer

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Pearlite Tavleen Dhingra’s Zwina | #PearlWhatsNext

Pearlite Tavleen Dhingra’s Zwina | #PearlWhatsNext








Pearlite Tavleen Kaur Dhingra
Pearl Academy – School of Creative Business

Zwina – A wardrobe full of hopes and happiness
From a moment of truth in her childhood to a noble cause, Tavleen wishes to answer the needs of unique people with unique clothing that has all the fashion elements intact. A special store for special people is in the pipeline…

Long before she enrolled for the Fashion Business Management Program at Pearl Academy, Tavleen Kaur Dhingra’s sharp eyes sized-up a situation. Like all school girls, she kept a keen eye on her teachers’ wardrobe and noted that her English teacher had a very limited wardrobe as she was wheelchair-bound and had little choice. This left an indelible stamp on her mind, little knowing that this would turn into her profession someday. Today, she is poised to introduce a line of clothing for people who do not have full functional mobility. There are online buying facilities and much more….

During her academic years at New Delhi campus, Tavleen’s enquiring mind probed and analyzed the market and understood the needs of various segments that do not have full functional mobility. Currently, the clothing available for the differently-abled is adaptive, drawing more attention to their disability and lacks a fashion element. Also physically challenged people fall in different categories such as wheelchair-bound, dependant on crutches, having prosthetic (artificial) organs or with limited mobility.

The huge workforce of differently-abled people who are active members of the society is a growing target market. Tavleen’s research and business plan includes a store and detailed step-by-step marketing strategy. Her plan includes a special store ‘Zwina’ selling branded clothing with a tag that says ‘Unique Clothing for Unique People’. The garments will be stylish, flattering and convenient to wear. Shopping for them will be a pleasurable experience and also easy.

“Pearl Academy has been extremely supportive in every aspect of the project. From giving the right direction to the plan to teaching me the design concepts and helping in the business aspect of the idea, my teachers were always there. I think Pearl is one place where we get the right environment to channelize our thoughts, get the expert advice and make our dreams a reality.” Tavleen says with conviction.

First Asian to enter the finale of prestigious James McGuire Business Plan Competition, 2014
Mentored by Shazia Amanat and Anup Sasidharan

If you have any questions regarding courses or more, click here.

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Saurabh Chadha’s Design On Invisible Disability – Empowering Silence! | #PearlWhatsNext

Saurabh Chadha’s Design On Invisible Disability – Empowering Silence! | #PearlWhatsNext







Saurabh Chadha
School of Creative Business

Invisible Disability – Empowering Silence!
A small step towards productive avenues and economically sustainable solutions for the hearing-impaired in the apparel manufacturing industry for a better society

An alumnus of Pearl Academy and now a Senior Product Development Merchandizer, Saurabh talks about Invisible Disability, Hearing Impaired people – the least tapped yet the most efficient section in the apparel sector, through his thesis project. The project specifically targets, explains and establishes the viability of tis section as sewing operators in the Delhi & NCR’s Apparel Manufacturing Industry.

In a pilot project conducted on skill requirements for entry-level jobs in Delhi NCR by Saurabh, the apparel manufacturing industry has been identified as one of the foremost in offering employment opportunities for the hearing –impaired. While the industry faces severe labour shortage, it has not taken steps to bridge the gap between the high employment demand and utilizing the ‘unemployed yet employable’ individuals, in this case the hearing impaired.

This has led to Saurabh’s next research, that of understanding existing employment in terms of employee turnover, skill requirement, productivity, efficiency with a conclusion that the majority of the bottlenecks towards their employment were psychological and not physical, generating in the mind-sets of employers, co-workers and the disabled themselves. The research also conveys the absence of correct knowledge base and suggests educating the industry and society to reduce discrimination.

Saurabh’s research also suggests that the hearing-impaired are least distracted, highly motivated and indicate capacities of high retention, making them at par or better than the hearing labour in the industry. The hearing-impaired may lack skills which can be taught and developed. But, relentless pursuit of profit and misconceptions about disability prevent their acceptance as employees. Sensitization of employers and co-workers in the apparel sector is the way out.

“The time I spent at Pearl Academy took me beyond learning basic skills; it made me think, reflect and look at prevailing conditions in a different perspective. The faculty members at Pearl ignited in me the desire to infuse change and create better working conditions for the labour employed in the apparel industry. If I have achieved in making even a small percentage of the members of this industry to consider my proposal, I will feel that I have achieved something worthwhile.” says Saurabh.

Nandita Abraham

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Pearl Academy deep dives into What’s Next for creative businesses!  – Event Recap

Pearl Academy deep dives into What’s Next for creative businesses! – Event Recap

It was a room full of creative think-tanks, fashion and design enthusiasts along with revered industry experts regarded as visionaries of creative businesses, gathered together to partake in a stimulating discussion with a power-packed panel of MP Ranjan- Design Thinker, Madhav Raman- Architect and Urbanist, Suresh Sethi- VP Design at Whirlpool and David Hayer- Country Head – GAP.

Marquee speakers also included communication designers Alex Hanna and Stephen Lee who shared their work on ‘Brand identity in the age of social media’ and the ‘Changing face of motion graphics’.

Insightful case-studies on burgeoning sectors and top consumer brands that have used design thinking to mushroom businesses across the globe and to create brand unshakeable brand equity, were presented to the audience.

In a series of discussions and insightful presentations, the panellists covered the entire paradigm of creative businesses. Thought-provoking exchanges around use of tradition in a contemporary way with brands, creating independent and symbiotic urban models, cultural connotations that inspire big business and the capability of design to bring transformational and radical changes, highlighted the true objective of ‘What’s Next’.

In an almost sacrilege manner, the visionaries urged the audience to think beyond economics and structure in order to foster a unique entrepreneurial environment. The panel was lauded for bringing myriad ideas from different creative fields.

The BIG News!

Sharad Mehra, C.E.O., Pearl Academy, announced the way-forward for the institute underlining the vision for the next few years. Pearl Academy is proliferating into four independent specialized units:
• School of Design
• School of Fashion, Styling and Textile
• School of Creative Business
• School of Communication, Media and Film

The idea is to propel trans-disciplinary knowledge and educational culture beyond the current realm of things. Our partnership with ‘Design For Change’ is aimed at benefiting more than 250 schools from Pearl Academy’s pedagogical expertise.

With great enthusiasm, the Pearl team also announced the facelift of the Jaipur campus into a purpose-built, state-of-the-art facility for the students and community. This was followed by Prof. Tarun Panwar introducing the ‘World Café’ discussion format to be adhered to from the next ‘What’s Next’ series of events.


To bring the night to a close, a few handpicked assignments were presented by top students to breeze in ingenious ideas that revolved around the future of fashion, design and creative business.

Here’s some more highlights for you –


Capture3 Capture2 Capture1 Capture


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