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When a picture won him a thousand words

When a picture won him a thousand words

While the whole lot of our generation is obsessed with traveling and travel photography, there are very few who can inspire many with their stories and experiences. Shekhar Rawat, a freelance photographer from Delhi, recently shared his adventures with the world through photographs that captured the nuances of his experience as well demonstrated the mastery of his skill.

Shekhar with his team climbed up the Gaumukh, the snout of the Gangotri Glacier, one of the most challenging climbing routes across the world. The trek wasn’t only literally challenging but also denoted the challenges and trials faced by Shekhar in his career. But the climb up at the top also became one of the top defining moments in Shekhar’s life. His enthusiasm for the story and pictures he made while on the trek soon transformed into the feeling of elation and achievement as the story found its place in the National Geographic Magazine. The story named as ‘Fleeting Beauty’ featured in the 50th-anniversary edition of National Geographic Travel India Magazine which came out in August and has already reached a wide audience.





Ecstatic at the turn of the events, Shekhar said, “The Best Way to predict the future is to create it”. Reminiscing on his journey, Shekhar talks about his Professional Photography Diploma from Pearl Academy. He acknowledges the guidance of his teachers with a special mention of Rohit Dhingra who helped him in learning the precision and vision required by photographers.

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It’s raining Accolades for Gaurav Mandal

It’s raining Accolades for Gaurav Mandal

Gaurav Mandal, Faculty – Delhi NCR (East) Centre, has made us proud by winning 2 national awards from Indian Handloom Brand Contest by Ministry of Textiles Government of India. He bagged the first prize in Indian Men’s wear and Indo western women wear. Gaurav emerged winner amongst some serious competition, 1500 Designers who participated in 1st round out of which 450 were selected for 2nd round. Gaurav Mandal won ‘Best Design’ in both the categories.

Commenting on this achievement, Gaurav said “This is a tribute to our national treasure- handloom. The holistic look, including accessories have been rendered with handloom fabrics sourced from different states of India. With a titillate color palate of Black red and white, the look was created by combination of modern silhouettes with Indian classical drapes.
The journey of making this collection had been very enriching. Sourcing, travelling and connecting with artisans to infuse the core of this Indian handloom in myself. From beautiful weaver cluster of Mahesh wari, Madhya Pradesh to the very artistic tailor community in Pili hit district, Uttar Pradesh.”

page 5 8 men coordinate copy

page 6 7 centre spead copy

page 6 7 centre spead part2 copy

page 6 7 centre spead part3 copy

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Rohan Chhabra is ‘Here For Good’ with Project ‘Endangered’

Rohan-Chhabra-Blog-260x300Rohan Chhabra is redefining the connections among fashion, art and advocacy. He has quickly become a widely celebrated and respected designer and producer of clothing that challenges our expectations, our sense of personal responsibility, and the connection we feel to the world around us.

“The rate at which animals are becoming extinct is now 1,000 times faster than at any other point in history. This is due to human activity, hunting, and severe exploitation of the physical environment,” said Rohan. This striking realization inspired Rohan to use his work in fashion and product design as a platform for action.

Meeting Cora Goettmann, head of design at Pearl Academy, was a turning point for Rohan. With a long-held interest in product design and development, Rohan was initially unsure how he would approach his study in the world of fashion. Cora, however, challenged his thinking and opened up a world of possibilities that have set Rohan on a path he had
never imagined.

“Cora understood and supported me like no one else could. After four years with Pearl Academy, I was more confident, outspoken, ambitious, and had defined and developed my own aesthetic and methodology,”
Rohan said.

“Cora gave me the freedom to see and explore fashion not just as a particular style, but as products and as a platform. This helped me understand fashion was less about designing a look, and could in fact be about significant emotional and ethical connections. This really allowed me to start developing a new narrative for my work and for my future.”

Rohan describes his collections as “design for debate.” For example, as part of his Project Endangered line, Rohan has designed leather pants that transform into a cow, and hunting jackets that show the story of the hunter becoming the hunted.

Project Endangered aims to explore the issue of extinction of endangered species like the elephant, the mountain gorilla, the tiger and the rhino. By designing a series of hunting outfits that turn into representations of the animal under threat, Rohan reminds us of our complicity in the problem. The aim is to create a somewhat disturbing experience that moves from aesthetics to moral reflection.

Rohan’s work has received many international awards, including Best Design Project featured in Vogue Italy, the Grand Prix at the Asia Awards, Best Young Creator at Tokyo Designers Week, and the Wildlife Artist of the Year
(Endangered Wildlife Category) organized by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation in London.

“I’ve taken my own path and have dedicated myself to something I really believe in.” In the future, Rohan plans to continue to promote his latest collection online, develop a relationship with an international wildlife protection foundation, and inspire a reduction in the unnecessary killing of animals.

His project aims to explore the serious issue of extinction of endangered species like Elephant, mountain gorilla, tiger, rhino, etc. Several hunting activities and severe exploitation of physical environment is the main reason behind this.Rohan's work***Content courtesy – Laureate Global Impact Report 2015 – Here For Good

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Meet the “Next” Generation of designers, the winners of ‘Who’s Next’ Scholarship!

Our quest to find India’s 10 most creative minds through ‘Who’s Next’ scholarship program has come to an end. More than 1700 entries from all over the country were submitted in to win the prestigious scholarship. Adjudged by the ‘Who’s Next’ jury including renowned names from the creative industries – Manish Malhotra, Sussanne Khan, Rahul Mishra, Prof. Vikas Satwalekar, Mohan Neelkantan, Dr. Sanyogeitaa Chaddha and Dr. Priya Mary Mathew, the contestants were marked on various skill sets including their level of creativity, innovation, originality and ability to tackle complex problems. The competition proved to be a great platform for young & dynamic minds who wish to make it big at the top level while studying at Pearl Academy.

Want to know who made it to the top 10 and why! Here is a dope on the innovative ideas submitted by India’s most creative minds:



Sakeena Tayebji’s ‘Khana Do’ initiative was conceptualized keeping in mind only one goal – How could we think out of the box to solve one of the perennial problems – hunger, plaguing the mankind. She makes an attempt which couples human values such as philanthropy, love and caring with cutting edge technology such as smartphones, the internet and social networking.




Md. Umar from Tonk, Rajasthan, presented the idea of making fashionable yet affordable clothing for the ‘mango people’. His dream is to design clothes for people from all walks of life, so that no one has to bend their desires to live the life of their dreams.



Another innovative idea of an Eco-Friendly washroom was presented by Divyansha Rawat who impressed everybody with her unique concept. Her aim through her project is to eradicate the problem of wastage of water by recycling it for using it again. 



Ambika-blogAmbika Ajmani from Bhopal touched sensitive issues like gender equality and openness, female foeticide and abuse, illiteracy, women empowerment, youth depression, and eradication of poverty. Her vision is to bring a change in the society through collaborated efforts by reaching out to the people who are working on such causes to build a better nation.




Chinar Sharma from Dehradun has taken a beautiful initiative to help the cancer affected patients by designing fashionable clothes for them, which will break the monotony and will provide them a trendy look. Her main aim is to make the patients feel empowered and confident among themselves when they look into the mirror.




Nishtha-blogNishtha Singh simply floored the judges with her beautiful creations which she made using the paint brush and colours to the maximum effect. Her artwork is mostly inspired by mythology, mystical and magical things depicting the beauty of nature, flora and animals, especially horses.





Sukriti Garg’s projection of a ‘Chair’ is used in her representation to portray a theme that if a person has just the right knowledge, then for him/her the world is a playground (as it is a chair and a book shelf too). Knowledge will get him the opportunity to showcase his talent to the world.




 Shashank Shekher Singh discussed the serious issue of child marriage in his project; with this artwork his aim is to eliminate this evil practice completely from our society. He wants to convey this message that marrying at such an adolescent age can completely spoil the innocence, youth and dreams of a girl child.





India is a big country and is densely populated. The issue of ‘Overpopulation’ has been plaguing our country from a very long time. Garima Singhal made her project on this topic by using lamp as a metaphor to perfectly depict this ever-growing problem. Her aim is to create awareness among the masses related on this complex problem.



Monica-blogThis ‘Mumbai ki Chori’ a.k.a Monica A. Vanniyar surely won the hearts of judges. She worked on the given theme – ‘World is my Playground’ in a unique manner. According to Monica, her creativity is the mirror image of herself and she also feels that entertainment is one of the best ways to express your feelings. Beauty of Nature, innocence of happiness, heights of achievements, kingdom of creativity, wisdom of entertainment, colors of emotions, simplicity of hard work are few pointers which were discussed in her presentation.


The projects who won this prestigious scholarship program were unique in concept and also have a mass appeal targeting the larger group of audience. The chosen candidates have won scholarship waiving off the whole tuition fee and an all-expense paid study trip to the USA offered by Pearl Academy.

Heartiest Congratulations to all the winners on making it big with Pearl!

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Nandan’s signature Art Work making a buzz internationally

Nandan GhiyaTo every artist, his each art piece is special but he makes his identity in the world with his greatest masterpieces that challenge the power of imagination of the audience. One such emerging Indian artist is Nandan Ghiya, faculty at Pearl Academy Jaipur, who believes that any arrangement of form and space defines individual, cultural, geographic or economic identities.

Through his artworks under his signature ‘deFacebook Project’, Nandan has gone on to develop his unique point of view on contemporary societies and human relationships thereby making his work an interesting interface between the past and the present where faces, genres and pixels mix and match in a series of vintage print collages.

Recently, Nandan’s work was published in ‘Photography and Inherited History of India‘, a book by San Jose Museum of Art in Association with University of California Press. This book accompanies the exhibition of the same name organized collaboratively by San Jose Museum of Art California and Ulrich Museum of Art, Wichita State University, Kansas on the view in San Jose from February 5 through August 2, 2015 and in Wichita from September 12 through December 12, 2015.

Nandan Ghiya Interview

For his project, Nandan took inspiration from the nearly bygone tradition of studio photography, he invited participants to pose against a constructed space which was created using pixelated vinyl-print cut-outs of photography studio objects like a chair, a flower bouquet on a stool, a backdrop or a carpet. Photo documentation is taken, then manipulated on a computer and printed with an instant photo-printer.

Nandan’s tryst with the art is not new. Apart from being born and brought up in Jaipur, he comes from a family of art dealers and his earliest memories of growing up was surrounded by pictures of ancestors, gurus, and political heroes hanging on the walls of his ancestral home. His experimental art practice challenges our perception of the status-quo and thus presents a new perspective of the young generation from a country with long-standing histories and cultures within a fast globalizing world.

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Pearl Academy, Noida students win laurels at international ‘Laureate Impulse Photo Contest’

Pearl Academy, Noida students win laurels at international ‘Laureate Impulse Photo Contest’

Three students from the School of Communication Media and Film at Pearl Academy Noida have made the academy proud by winning this year’s international Laureate Impulse Photo Contest. The impressive works by Vijaya Sondhi, Akansha Malhotra and Arohi Jain were adjudged best by the selection panel at Laureate.

The Laureate Impulse Photo contest was open to students across the world. The participating students had to write an inspiring phrase, using one of the impulse words; creativity, clarity, courage or comparison and upload the photograph and the phrase on the Impulse Facebook page. The winners were decided on the basis of total number of likes that they received from all over the world.

Congratulating the winners, Ms. Nien Siao, Director, Pearl Academy-Noida campus, said, “I’m very proud of our students who have stepped up to the challenges of presenting their creative works at international platforms. It is exciting to know that our students are so finely tuned into the digital environment on a global scale. We commend the students’ drive to reach international benchmarks and the confidence to share their visual expressions on an international scale; it speaks volume of what they have learnt in their nourishing academic environment. I am more proud of their attempt and effort to be contemporary, to be progressive creators and to contribute to making the world a richer place with diverse views, while winning the contest is an added bonus.”

 Pearl Academy is a member of the Laureate International Universities (LIU) Network, which has a presence in 29 countries serving more than 950,000 students globally.

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Pearlite from Noida campus to attend Paris Fashion Week

The young and dynamic first year student of Post-Graduate Fashion Design course at Pearl Academy, Noida campus, Sana Sapra wins the fourth edition of online Facebook competition ‘The Air France Manish Arora Contest’. Sana’s entry received maximum likes – 350 likes on her final entry that earned her fully paid trip to Paris Fashion Week A/W ’16, and a pass to watch Manish Arora’s show in the fashion week.

Overwhelmed with the joy of winning this contest, Sana Sapra said, “I don’t know what to say. It all happened pretty quickly for me. I had to make the illustrations within a week span and had to put in all my efforts in that. I really want to thank my teachers especially Gaurav Mandal who guided me and also helped me by teaching Photoshop to make these illustration possible. Also, I am very thankful to all the family support, friends’ likes and people who believed in me. I am super excited to go to Paris and learn more from this reputed global platform.

Nien Siao, Director, Pearl Academy-Noida campus, said, “Sana is a very bright student. At Pearl, we encourage our students to participate in various competitions which boost their confidence as well as give them good exposure. We wish best for Sana and her future endeavours.

Sana spoke about her illustrations and explained about each one of them:



Illustration 1

sana illustration 1

My inspiration for this piece is my belief that our mind holds the key to limitless possibilities. Every evolution has exponential timing it’ll be half as long till the next breakthrough that blows our mind. It’s up to the people to brave on with experimentation move forth the species by unlocking our imagination.



Illustration 2

sana illustration 2

Je suis Charlie! I dedicate my design to the cause of Charlie Hebdo which is a satirical French newspaper whose offices were recently attacked for publishing cartoons that were deemed offensive by extremist groups.



Illustration 3

sana illustration 3 copyI am inspired by the beauty and the smell of the pines. Way up in the mountains on a high timberline, there’re twisted old pines. The wind there is bitter, it cuts like a knife. It keeps the pinecones holding on for dear life.

A great achievement by this young Pearlite. Way to go Sana!!!

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Pearlites Tanya Bansal and Ankur Tyagi mark their victory at DLF Emporio Design Awards 2014-15

At the recently held DLF Emporio Design Awards 2014-15 at DLF Emporio, New Delhi, Tanya Bansal from UG-FD (2011-15) course at Delhi campus bagged ‘The People’s Choice Award’ and Ankur Tyagi from UG-Jewellery Design (2011-15) course at Jaipur campus stood Runner-Up. A double treat for all of us!

Both Tanya Bansal and Ankur Tyagi have also been awarded with one year mentorship under one of the leading fashion designers of India and their creations will be on retail in a commercial space during the Mega Luxury Shopping Festival at DLF Emporio, New Delhi from April to May this year. Also, a dedicated news piece shall be published in quarterly DLF Emporio magazine.

Additionally, Pearlites Aditi Agarwal, Nikita Luthra, Mansee Gupta and Hinal Patel from the New Delhi and Jaipur campuses made it to the list of Top 26 finalists of the awards.

Tanya Bansal with her designer wear

Tanya Bansal with her designer wear

Interestingly, Shagun Mahendro from the Delhi campus of Pearl Academy was one of the top three winners in the first edition of these awards in the year 2012. And, then in 2013 Anubha Jain from the Delhi campus again was a Runner-up with her ‘Denim Saree’ collection in the second edition of the awards.

Tanya Bansal’s designer wear is inspired from Taj Mahal. The fabric used has been hand woven to reflect the intricate craftsmanship of the Mughal era and the motifs are block printed. The silhouette is inspired from Men’s Achkan from the Mughal times that is bold and a modern-day woman would treasure and pass on to next generation as an eternal symbol.

Ankur Tyagi

Ankur Tyagi

Ankur Tyagi’s ‘Cup of Love’, a wine flask with Jali, is a set of beautiful earing that has been crafted using brass and blue sapphire stones. Ankur derived his inspiration from the miniature paintings in which the Mughal royalty figures use a crafted wine flask to savour the finest of the wines. Also, it was the detailing work on domes of Mughal era buildings and the shape of domes too that caught Ankur’s eye and which he really wanted to incorporate in the jewellery piece. So the shape of wine flask and monument pattern incorporated in earing ‘Cup of Love’ is supposed to be a cup of love which spreads the love from the royalty to everybody throughout the empire.

Launched in 2012, the DLF Emporio Design Awards has been created to encourage and support young fashion designers. Each year, DLF Emporio recognizes and honor young, innovative and emerging talent in the field of fashion and design.

Check out more pics from the event here:


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