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Pearlites ready to take over the Paris Fashion Week

Pearlites ready to take over the Paris Fashion Week

Imagine the joy of a film making student if he gets an opportunity to assist a Shoojit Sircar or a Karan Johar? It will be his biggest dream come true! At Pearl Academy, four students experienced the same high when they were chosen by the ace designer Rahul Mishra to assist him at the world’s biggest fashion extravaganza – Paris Fashion Week!

The holy grail of all fashion designers, Paris Fashion Week is the mecca for fashion designers across the world. No matter how much success they enjoy at home and abroad, showcasing their collection at PFW is the zenith they aspire to reach in their careers.

“A national treasure” is how famed fashion critic Suzy Menkes has described Indian designer Rahul Mishra. A previous winner of the International Woolmark Prize, he has been showing in Paris for four seasons now – and will take to the ramp in the fashion capital again during Paris Fashion Week in October. Though Rahul Mishra has become truly international considering his label retails out of Paris’s Collette and London’s Harvey Nichols, he still takes pride in his Indian roots Rahul Mishra has been closely associated with Pearl Academy and took six students from Pearl Academy’s Fashion Design course to PFW in 2015 also.

The four students who got the chance of a lifetime to assist Rahul Mishra at PFW this year are- – Vibhuti Bhatt, Jyoti Yadav, Damanjeet Singh, and Radhika Garg all studying fashion. Jyoti Yadav, who also had the opportunity to work with Rahul Mishra, shares her views on his working style, “Rahul Mishra is an extremely humble person who takes no pride in the work he does. A true mentor who would take out time very now and then to share with us the true picture of the industry, yet motivating us to do better each day. He is the role-model we need at this juncture of our careers.”

With butterflies in their stomach and rosy dreams in their eyes, the students are all set to take a giant leap in their careers by making their Paris dreams come true! Excitement is running high and we wish that all this excitement translates into a dazzling show at Paris!

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A Day at Pearl…

A Day at Pearl…

Like the river water flows smoothly, like the tree grows unknowingly, likewise our time flowed in Pearl Academy. It felt like a gentle breeze came and flew away giving us some memorable moments.

Everything went so undisturbed and smoothly that it’s hard to comprehend. It all started on 22nd September 2016 at 9:41 am when we all were settled in the bus and after few minutes the journey to experience those “22 years of nurturing experience “at Pearl Academy began. It was 11:13 am when we reached the place, we all were looking forward to working with the faculties and students of Pearl and our hopes got high when we realized that the faculties there were very friendly and ingenious. They assisted us from the start to end. They made us realize that no matter what the circumstances are, they will help us out to accomplish our goal.

At a leisurely pace, time drifted and we were getting into it. Between all this, there was a time when one of the faculty indirectly stated, “You can dominate your goal only then when you know its weakness and power”. Those were the words which etched in my mind, maybe to all my comrades present there. As I mentioned earlier, all the moments, all the fun and everything was a gentle breeze, which came to lend us some enjoyable time but there is a balance between fun and sorrow. The same we experienced when we heard that this workshop was going to end by 4:00 pm.

And with the flow of time, it was 4:00 pm when everything came to pause and all the elevated fun crashed.
We all were regretting and were just left with the possibilities like if we had more time to work with the faculties, it would have been more fun.

But we know somethings can’t be changed.

After attending the whole event we settled in the bus by 4:23 pm and finally with a group photo made it a memorable day.

You can look out for next A Day at Pearl on Pearl’s website.

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Look, who dropped by to quiz us?

Rajdeep Sardesai has been a popular face of English news journalism in India and has been known for his gladiatorial style interviews with the most seasoned politicians of India! But in his new avatar, he is busy quizzing students across India in his new show – NewsWhiz!

Apart from quizzing Pearlites at the Delhi West campus, he motivated the students to work harder to do justice to all the privileges that they are getting as a “lucky generation” spoilt for choices!
Watch full interview below:

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Thinking of a career in Interior Decoration?

Thinking of a career in Interior Decoration?

People have always arranged the interiors of their houses, places of worship, work, learning or recreation. They have contemplated and made specific aesthetic choices in their interiors and considered the utilitarian aspect of the way they lived. This experience has been an integral part of human existence. Yet interior design is a very young discipline. It emerged as a profession in the late 19th century in England and the US and was initially referred to as interior decoration. These early decorators were women who tried to carve a professional life outside the house and who also tried to seek professional standards of interior decoration. As early pioneers of interior decoration they published books and articles on interior decoration, set up interior decoration practices and advocated women’s rights and design education. The first schools dedicated to interior decoration were set up in the first decade of the 20th century in Europe and in the US. Interior design education underwent significant changes in the 20th century and was increasingly professionalized especially from the 1970 onwards. The first undergraduate course in interior design was launched in India in the 1990s.

Interior spaces encompass a wide variety of types and categories and they virtually cover all aspects of life. They can range from private houses or flats– largely referred to as residential interiors -to different public or semipublic spaces such as railway stations, airports, trains, planes, yachts, hospitals, museums, theatres, schools, universities, shops, offices or places of worship; or they can be part of the hospitality sector – such as restaurants, cafes or hotels and much more. Interiors reflect aesthetic considerations and individual idiosyncratic tastes. They represent the taste and preferences of their owners, the skill of the craftspeople, who produced them and the various people who oversaw the work. However, underlying these seemingly individual choices in design schemes are specific cultural and socio-economic practices and values. This is why interior design needs to be concerned with the context of design and needs to go beyond purely aesthetic, technical or spatial aspects.

In the past interior design schemes or objects of utility could represent political decisions or regal power. Design schemes sought to create manifestations of the divine and earthly pleasures. They could also represent various levels of privacy as well as social hierarchies. Interiors mirrored the interests, passions, ambition, fads, latest scientific discoveries, archaeological excavations, military battles, understanding or misunderstanding of other cultures and countries. They reflected the dreams, aspirations, prejudice, gender, social class, creativity, imagination and worldviews.

To sum up: They were expressions of the identity of individuals and the Zeitgeist of an era. To this day interiors are an expression of who we are or who we want to be and interiors are influenced and shaped by the world we live in, our experience and aspirations. Professional interior design or decoration education helps us to go beyond matters of purely personal taste or dependence on consumer patterns dictated by economic considerations and marketing strategies. It constantly challenges us to go beyond the limitations of our own experience and exposure. Instead an education in interior decoration is an exciting journey of self-discovery. It is a continuous exploration as well as expansion of our experience and expertise by recognizing the hidden patterns and meaning of interior design schemes, materials and objects and the way other people live. A professional interior design and decoration education is about thorough knowledge and mastery of skills in addition to the understanding of and response to the cultural, social and psychological dimensions of the discipline. Ultimately this is one of the most rewarding professions to improve and make an impact on other people’s lives.

The one year part-time diploma offers you a glimpse of the discipline and allows you to grow professionally to tackle planning of interiors. At Pearl we encourage an open and diverse learning environment of academic excellence offering students many opportunities for personal growth and exposure to many different environments and interiors. Moreover, we hope to set design standards, encourage critical thinking and focus on the human condition to make our world a better place.

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