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“I am here to learn” says Rahul Mishra at the Master Class

“I am here to learn” says Rahul Mishra at the Master Class

The extremely talented yet humble designer Rahul Mishra visited Pearl Academy, Delhi campus on 22nd June to initiate the series of talks between designers and Pearl Academy’s faculty in the Master Class. The session was attended by faculties across campuses through video conference wherein he initiated the talk by confessing that his visits to various Academic Institutes have helped him to learn and grow. He owes a lot of his learning to the conversations he had with the students, listening to their raw ideas and of course from the teachers, thus stressing on the need to grasp knowledge and continue the process of evolving the self through unceasing learning.

Rahul Mishra question the academicians if the current teaching system nurturing creativity in students and helping them build authentic thought process or is it pushing them to become mere participants in the rat race chasing the grades? Having raised the questioned, the internationally acclaimed designer opened the floor for the diverse audience to share their thoughts and drew attention to the lack of individuality in Indian designers today. While the Indian Designers are making a lot of money and winning even more laurels they ever did before, there is a lack of authentic thinking patterns. The students in India are just working in a mechanical manner with no scope of thinking outside the box.

Rahul also shared his insights gained by working in the Industry for years and asked the faculty to motivate the students by setting right examples for them, which are not limited to the field of design but could be from any discipline. Rahul used an anecdote to connect with the audience as he talked about how he drew inspiration from the “superhuman” Ernest Haeckel, who is not a designer but a biologist, naturalist, philosopher, physician, professor, and much more, and his expertise over so many subjects is what motivated Rahul to expand his horizon and see himself as a biologist, wherein he is imbibing Haeckel’s learning in his designs by trying to find order and beauty in chaotic spaces.
The session was conceived as a platform wherein the Masters in the Academy don the role of the disciple and gain from the enriching experience of the Master Designer and facilitate a dialogue. Rahul shared few exercises with the faculty that would help them in revitalising the creative juices in the students and urge them to develop their emotional faculties, as the artist needs to be in tune with his/her emotional side to grasp the sensitivity and inspiration that the environment around us has to offer.

Rahul winded up the session by stressing on the importance of design in today’s times as he calls the designers ‘magicians’, because the designer has the capability to do strangest of the things as well as change the world through design.

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Alternative to MBA: Course with a Great Future

Alternative to MBA: Course with a Great Future

2 year – Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Business (Marketing and Merchandising) offered by Pearl Academy is providing a great alternative to the talented youths by nurturing creative ideas into constructive new-age career paths.

The course is an amalgamation of various subjects like Economics, Advance Research, Analytics, Business Intelligence, Merchandising, Sourcing, Retail Management, Visual Merchandising, Organizational Behaviour, Consumer Behaviour, International Marketing, E-commerce, Integrated Marketing Communication, Digital Marketing, Internship, Overseas Exchange, Design Thinking and classes are conducted through face to face in classroom, online classes , industry visits and market/product surveys

This course makes a practical, experience-based approach in imparting skills and techniques in Post Graduate students coming from diverse backgrounds and makes them aware and aligns Creative Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation.

Here are some highlights of PG Fashion Business (Marketing and Merchandising) course:

1.Expert Faculties: Well-known faculties form the core part of the course team combining both Academics and Industry.

2.Industry Applied Curriculum: Course is designed and delivered based on the feedbacks from External Examiners and Industry Experts.

3.Master Class: Students get a chance to listen & interact with the Industry Movers.

4.Industry Visits: Practical aspect to the classroom learning.

5.Internationality: Overseas Exchange ensures Global exposure to the students

6.Global Competitions: Students get a chance to participate in Global competitions including James McGuire, ‘Here For Good’, WOBI (World Of Business Ideas), World Business Forum and others.

These initiatives ensure highly motivated and dedicated professionals ready to be part of the Industry.
Graduating students of this year have taken up jobs with Industry leaders including Bestseller, H&M, Shahi Exports,Li & Fung, Levi’s, FabIndia, Shopclues among others.In one of its first Ishaan Singhal and Sonakshi Bhasin went to London for training while interning with H&M in their 4th Semester Industry Project. Industry judged and voted for Manu Thomas for the ‘Best Overall Project’.

Quotes from Graduating Students:


‘Pearl gave us exposure in the field of merchandising and retailing. Now we can relate the theoretical knowledge into practical experience’ wrote Raveena Mutreja, Asst. Category Account Manager


‘PEARL – I won’t call it a college, I shall choose to call it an experience!
From being unsure as of why I chose the course, to standing where I am right now, the college and the course have made me mature, given me career to work on, to be proud of!’ wrote Srishti Gupta, Management Trainee, H & M

Ishaan‘This course is a perfect balance of content and exposure as we were literally given industry experience which made us realize our potentials in areas which were unknown’ , wrote Ishaan Singhal, Management Trainee, H & M

Current students feel that the course is molding them a new direction towards new age-career with more clarity and correct competencies.

Quotes from Present Students:

‘My journey at the Institute is nothing less than a Roller Coaster Ride. With the pressure and anxiety building up during submissions and excitement rising on to another level with events like Portfolio and Pearl Utsav, the Institute has provided me a memorable learning experience. Not only has there been value addition in terms of academics, I’ve also gained in terms of Personality development, Communication skills, and Leadership Quality. I’ve met some really nice people including faculty members and my fellow-mates.’ Wrote Gaurika Bubber, student 2nd Year PGFB-MM

Know more about the Course HERE

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5 Top Product Designers across the globe

5 Top Product Designers across the globe

There are two kinds of people on this planet- one who use Apple Products, others who do not. But what these two groups have in common is the appreciation for the beauty and designing of Apple Products- the MacBooks , iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch and iOS. The celebrated man behind these pieces of beauty is Sir Jonathan Ive, the Chief Design Officer (CDO) of Apple Inc. All the glory that Apple enjoys today has a lot to do with the persistent endeavours and creativity of this man.

With the multitude of never-existed-before career choices available today for the youth, Product Design is one of the most interesting, challenging and well-paid profession. Traditionally understood as a mere art of creating beautiful artefacts, Product Design has grown into a strategic, specialised and systematic conception and development of the ideas that beautifully resolve the user’s need, the client’s brief by way of either improving existing products for the better or innovating and building new products.

Below are some of the most popular Product Designers from across the globe, creating a mark in the designing world, transforming not just how we see the products but gifting us and many more generations to come with some revolutionary products.

Blogs 2-01

Blogs 2-05

Blogs 2-04

Blogs 2-03

Blogs 2-02

With the ever evolving market and consumer demands, product and technology innovation is the need of the hour. So, if you’re planning to consider Product Design as a career option then Pearl Academy offers four-year UG pathway in Product & Lifestyle Design, spread across four semester and one year of Foundation. The principal aim of this program in Product Design is to produce competent, creative and ethical product designers/entrepreneurs who are intellectually mature, ecologically sensitive and socially responsible.

The faculty at Pearl Academy is credited for matching steps with the Global standards. The Product Design faculty is multi-faceted and passionate professionals. Heading the course are- Ms. Srishti Bajaj and Mr. Hardik Gandhi. Ms. Bajaj with her M.A. in Product Design from Royal College of Art, London has been hailed as one of “The top 20 creative entrepreneur in India” by IIM and the British council. Mr. Gandhi, a post-graduate from NID (Ahmedabad) comes with an experience of over 10 years and has been recognised by the prestigious ELLE DECOR‘s Young Talent of the Year 2012-13, one of the many awards and honours he has won.

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Works of wonder by graduating students

We as humans are opinionated and we like to categorize and are guilty of stereotyping. When it comes to Fashion & Design colleges we think all they can do is to only teach their apprentices just about designing and weaving “fashionable” clothes? You couldn’t be more wrong! Breaking these stereotypes over and over again is Pearl Academy. One of the best Fashion & Design institutes in India, Pearl Academy offers multi-disciplinary courses in the field of Design, Fashion, and Business, preparing thousands of students in these fields to optimally utilize their creative geniuses and contribute towards making society a better place.

Only recently, Pearl Academy held its annual graduation event ‘Portfolio’16’ that showcases the final projects of the students that are reaped after many years of toil and dedication. The event also offers Industry exposure to the students who are on the verge of entering the Real World. This year we saw many groundbreaking ideas executed impeccably, reiterating the fact that Pearlites are industry ready professionals, who are ready to take over the fast evolving world of Fashion and Business. We bring to you a fresh perspective on these students who are responsible citizens in the making with quirky and unique ideas to shape the future. Here are five of the most innovative and interesting projects displayed at the Portfolio’16.

Thinking of Lingerie the Indian way
Best Projects

An amusement park with a twist

Muting the Noise


Fiddling on the Roof

Art as Therapy

There are more ideas waiting to surprise you. Check them out Here.

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