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“Leadership is not wielding authority – its empowering people.”

‘OFFLINE’ is a unique initiative by the Research and Curation team of the School of Design at Pearl Academy. It is meant to be an informal and collegial yet a robust and rigorous forum for faculty to present previous, current, or future research projects and ideas. Here, the faculty propose discussion around professional projects that provoke or are able to lead to a research investigation.

Such intellectual and thought provoking initiatives are laying a strong foundation in the field of Design and expand the array of opportunities to play with. The title suggests the valuable intellectual ‘labour’ our academicians engage in when they are not ‘online,’ that is after fulfilling their teaching and administrative duties.

Let’s briefly walk through the topics covered in this super exciting series called ‘OFFLINE’.

• ‘Textile Tectonic’ by Dr. Anuradha Chatterjee (School of Design) – The inaugural seminar exposed the textile and sartorial foundations of architecture through the writings of John Ruskin. Dr. Chatterjee’s made a presentation on the Transformations/ Text / Tectonic/ Textile which depicted John Ruskin’s architectural historiography as ‘creative’.

• ‘Design and Fashion: Method and Madness’ by Dr. S. Badrinarayan (School of Design) – Dr. Badrinarayan’s talk considered the role of method and madness (where madness is interpreted as arbitrariness, a chance eruption into the calm waters of the method) in the parallel disciplines of architecture and fashion.

• ‘Green Energy Retrofit’ by Manisha G Das (School of Design) – In the third instalment of the series, Ms. Das discussed the findings from the study that was initiated at SUM@ark during the presentation. It is part of a series, which constitutes the research identifying parameters that may catalyse Green retrofits within residential built stocks in urban precincts.

• ‘Portents and Prospects of Corporate Social Responsibility in India’ by Dr. Poonam Kumar (School of Creative Business) – The primary aim of the research is to understand the development of CSR policy in India over the past few years. The paper she presented also examines an in-depth analysis of current DPE (Department of Public Enterprises) guidelines, GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) reporting and its implementation in few companies in India.

• ‘MILLENNAGOGY’ (Teaching Design in the Digital Age) by Nidhip Mehta (Head, School of Design) – Digitalism is the new technological heroism. This research emphasized the fact that history doesn’t exactly repeat itself, but it echoes itself. In the past, design pedagogy tended to be ahead of the technological curve, but now the design academia is now facing a crisis that hasn’t been seen in 150 years. In this presentation, Nidhip aptly explains how we got here, what it means for the current student generation, and what to expect in the future.

• ‘Wearable Structures’ by Rashmi Malik (School of Design) – An interesting study carried out by Ms. Malik aims to break the monotony of the traditional jewellery and encourage the use wearable structures. In her presentation, Ms. Rashmi discussed the benefits of Computer-aided 3D jewellery modelling, which is an excellent tool to supplement the conventional approach of representation (freehand technical drawing) and the traditional jewellery techniques, in order to be able to develop projects from the design phase through the development stage and up to actual production. Her ongoing research focuses on parametrically designed jewellery via computational tools and hybrid explorations among the several design disciplines.

OFFLINE occurs fortnightly on a Friday late afternoon, a great way to celebrate the end of the week. With its increasing popularity, ‘OFFLINE’ is seen as not just a gathering but a culture – “a culture of reflecting thoughts, sharing ideologies, investigating issues, and synergizing the creative intellect at and beyond Pearl!”

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Explosive Fashion by Darshan Chandekar

Many don’t but some do know the need and greed of explosive fashion which happens in both minimalist and maximalist contexts where the body can be seen heavily clad to minimum materials to create an expression of theme designer projects to promote.

It is hard to determine exactly when designers started creating Avant Garde Fashion. The art, itself started around the early 1900’s, but there is some indication that the art and some fashion pieces, like wedding gowns were created in the late 1800’s. Avant Garde art and fashion was a controversial subject through the 1960’s. As with any trend, fashions seem to disappear or slow down, but Avant Garde has been present in one form or another since its beginning.

The more bizarre, colorful or large they are, the better the fashion is considered. Striking, bizarre, bold, loud and mysterious are some of the words that have been used to describe explosive fashion.





Early reactions to this kind of art and fashion, by the mainstream public, included accusations of cult association. Some people thought the fashion were brazen and obscene, but as more designers started creating, it became accepted as the trend of the day.

With couture week, fashion week, city-specific fashion weeks and fashion tours embracing the fashion landscape… everyone has a different perception of this phenomenon. Everyone has a vision of the direction they want to see their label grow. Some designers cater to the niche market, some to the domestic market and some want to expand worldwide. Designers know where their market is or whether such expressions could be useful to target clientele. Having said that, designers who are building their brand image should be more cautious of its impression on the buyers they cater to.
While talking about the minimal side of explosive fashion along with avant-garde experimental contraptions and garments skin show is also coming up as a major aspect and is mistaken for glamor.










According to one of the established designers- Fashion is a “creative business” and you cannot be too arty and expect sales. You need to apply your creativity to design well-made products and should know the right channels to show them to the world.


On the intellectual side, explosive fashion has adorned the name of ‘Wearable Art’. In the art, which would apply to the Fashion Industry, it has been described as being innovative or inventive. It has also been labeled in some cases as Vintage, unconventional and innovative fashion.
One of the famous Indian designer who is seen as explosive in his ideas says:
FilepMotwary: What is fashion intellectualism for you?
Manish Arora: Every designer has a thought process behind their collection if one wants to call it intellectualism they can.
FilepMotwary: Is there a message you would like to give?
Manish Arora: Take fashion less seriously, enjoy it and play with it.

FilepMotwary: Can Fashion be a protest?

Manish Arora: Yes fashion can be a protest because people have always used the clothes they wear as a way to stand for something whether it is a teenage rebellion or freedom fighters.
The markets world across are now understanding the concept of explosive fashion or ramp worthy collection which is mainly showcased to attract the buyers and the media. At the same time, these collections are mostly in sync with the look (aesthetic appeal), style, material, color etc. which helps the buyers to visualize the prêt collection.
‘ART’ is an integral part of any creative field and can be used in numerous ways and contexts which can change with space and time.

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Five Creative Careers that pay well

Looking for a job that’s creatively and financially satisfying can be a tough job at times but once you have established yourself in your career there will be nothing stopping you from making a decent amount of money while doing the things you love and are truly passionate about. And if, you are great at what you do then the sky’s the limit when it comes to the sound of ‘ka-ching’ in your bank.

Here are five creative careers that pay you well and if you happen to be in one of them, chances are you will earn well with time.

Fashion Photography

As a fashion photographer you will meet and greet the biggest brands, creative directors and supermodels in the fashion world. Your body of work will grow with time and so will your name in the industry. People will stop asking you for an introduction and will begin introducing you instead. That’s when you’ll know you’ve arrived and you can command a price for the work that you do.

Film Direction

Film Direction is by no means an easy task and takes years of hard work, working as an assistant and by the time you’ve honed your skills you will have worked as an editor, photographer, set designer, writer, cinematographer, scriptwriter, screenplay writer, theatre producer and more. With a few good films on your showreel that people love you’ll be well on your way to making enough money to sustain box office failures or become an overnight success.

Fashion Design

Clothes. Fabric. Machines. Artisans. Handmade products. Assembly lines. Sewing kits. Embroidery material. Runways. Mannequins. Supermodels. Stories. Stories. If you live and breathe in this world then you are on the journey to becoming a well-to-do fashion designer.


Everyone has ideas but no one knows how to put them down on paper. People know what they want to say but stumble when it has to be finally communicated. If words are your weapons of mass creation and you can deconstruct the most complex of theories into simple, conversational messages then being a writer is what you should do. It is believed that the IQ of writers, rocket scientists and painters are all high and they share the same style of thinking. Love to write? You will make a lot of money. Don’t wait for ten years to pass by. Start writing now. Get a blog and take some pictures. Write a poem. Keep a journal. Write anything your heart desires.

Graphic Design for Print, Mobile and the Web.

If you are a user experience or user interface designer, you also need to up your graphic design skills. Simply because you need to have a visual aesthetic and real graphic designers are high in demand and short in supply today. Graphic Designers occupy high paying jobs in e-commerce companies, merchandiser teams and many big brands. If you can give a face to something, anything, anywhere then you can be a graphic designer and the world will be waiting to award and reward you.

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How to make the most of your college life

College is a great time in your life where your number one priority is your education and going to class but whether you live on the campus or your own home this can be the time of your life or you could just go to class and watch your world go by. The choices you make here will define or redefine the rest of your life. So whatever you do, make the most of this precious time.

Go to Class

Because, this is precisely why you are here. Ensure you’re attending all your classes and stay on top of everything that’s going on with your subject, teachers and specializations.

Take a leap of faith

Take calculated risks. Not risks with your eyes closed. This is the only way to make new friends, learn something new or discover a whole new career or subject that you truly love.

Sit for classes you haven’t signed up for

There’s no other way to find out if you’re loving the subjects you’ve taken or you long to learn something else.

Make friends with the librarian

You may have an iPad, a kindle or a personal library of e-books but if you don’t go to a real library, you’ll be missing out on real knowledge. Surround yourself with books on the things you love and make use of the library services for which you’ve already paid for.

Your college. Your lab

Your college is your playground for social experiments, ideas, journals, associations, sporting events and to break new ground. Have an idea for an app? Want to inculcate some healthy habits on campus? Looking for people to test a new campaign or product? Or do you just want people to give you feedback on your paintings. This your family of friends for now. And this is the place.

Take part in competitions, challenges and awards

This is the perfect time to flaunt your skills and talents. Whether you love design, photography, movies, making apps or drawing new-age concepts, there’s always a competition to take part in and make your college proud.

Finally, question everything.

Ask big questions and you’ll find answers to some of work and life’s toughest questions in college. And, you’ll have some questions left unanswered too. Find answers to them. Find all kinds of answers and there won’t be any questions left to answer.

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