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An evening to remember with ‘Jean Claude Biguine’

Written by Srishti Kar, a student of Pearl Mumbai.



**Laughter**!! **Clink of glasses!!**

**”Did you see who is here today?”**Whispers..!!**

**”OMG!! I love her shoes”**

“Guys meet Samir!! He is the CEO of Jean Claude Biguine, India…Samir!! Meet my students from Pearl Academy Mumbai!!”

In the winding lanes of Bandra, amongst the charming little boutiques and decadent patisseries, lay the new salon of JEAN CLAUDE BIGUINE PARIS, hosting the launch of the brand and the Autumn-Winter colour palette. But to us, it was our first step into the world which we have set out to conquer, rule and make our own.

‘The Art of Colour’, a stunning Fall collection of the hottest haircolors and trends, was launched as a joint collaboration by Wella professionals and Jean Claude Biguine Paris. The evening saw an inspired guest list, a mix of industry professionals, TV personalities, socialites, bloggers and distinguished members of the brand, who came all the way from France. Several famed personalities also made an appearance, including Kushal Punjabi and Suchitra Pillai. It was certainly a night to be remembered.

Rosé glinted and sparkled over the clink of Chandon glasses as delectable eats made their way through the people. The ambience was a beautiful harmony of vintage Parisian decor and mesmerising starry disco lights. The crowd mingled, laughed and swayed as we soaked it all in. The main event was the fashion show exhibiting the absolute best in colour, cuts and style. Jean Claude Biguine, after having ventured into makeup and nails previously, now displayed their expertise in the arena of hairstyles. And coming together with Wella, their showcase displayed the best of both worlds. While Wella is identified more with classic styles, Jean Claude has a more vibrant aura, and the two identities combined in a fantastic amalgamation. The show was kick-started with a welcome note by the fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger Stephanie Timmins from Feisty Fox. The models swirled around the guests in ethereal gowns, in classic black and white colours, which set a perfect contrast to the eclectic rock chic hairstyles they sported. The balance of the bold couture hairstyles with the classic beauty of black and white, as surreal lights bathed us all in hues of pink and purple, seemed almost poetic as it sang true to the theme of the night, The Art of Colour.

The conclusion of the show gave way to the continuing merriment of the evening, as people swayed to music, ate, drank and clinked their glasses. To our joy, we even got acknowledged in the conclusive thank you speech, which was just the cherry on top, and the perfect end to a perfect evening. As we walked out with our gifts bags, away from the lights and music, we knew, this was just the start.

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Don’t let your Diwali Home Decorations cost a bomb

Don’t let your Diwali Home Decorations cost a bomb

You know Diwali is just around the corner, when the entire city is lit up. Colourful lanterns shining bright outside every door, those pretty twinkling lights hung in different patterns on windows. Bustling streets, beautifully decorated houses and endless celebrations also inspire us to get ready for the biggest festival of India.

But, Diwali decorations can be a tough task. To get everything right, from the shape and number of Diyas to the Rangoli and the colour of lights. With budget overflowing and expenses at peak, you need to pick what’s best yet pocket-friendly to transform your house into a stunner.

Think you can achieve that? Yes, No or Maybe? Then read on to know how you can do just that.

DIY Lanterns

You don’t need a creative streak in you to make some stunning Diwali lanterns on your own. Pick some colourful papers, paper cups, embellishments and strings to experiment with different styles and patterns. For ideas, you can simply search on the internet for articles, blogs and videos. Make many tiny ones or a pretty big lantern to brighten up your doorway this Diwali. It won’t cost you much and you can always take pride in creating something so colourful on your own.

Simple yet beautiful Diyas

We all love to light up as many diyas as possible in our house during Diwali. Every year, we buy diyas that come in various new designs and patterns. Some have sparkle on them and some have intricate stone work. No matter how pretty they are, they get worn out in a couple of days. This time around, go for simple brown ones. Not only do they add an earthy look to your decorations but can also be decorated in your own way. Sprinkle some sparkles over them or paint them with the brightest of colours. Decorate your house by lining up these diyas on your window sill or around your rangoli.

Go sober with lights

Diwali is all about lights but this time make it more about the diyas than electric lamps or lights. Pick one or two colourful electric lights and make patterns with it on your window or simply stick it along the frame of your door. You can always compliment these lights with little candle lamps and even DIY lanterns.

 What’s a Diwali without Rangoli?

Diwali decorations without a beautiful Rangoli are incomplete. Skip those expensive flowers and readymade Rangolis that dig a hole in your wallet. Get yourself bright Rangoli powders from the market and make a simple yet elegant design near your doorstep. You don’t need to be an expert, you can use various plastic stencils available in market to make your task easier. For more inspiration, you can explore online on Youtube and in many other blogs.


Add more light

Along with Diyas, you can even light candles to add extra warmth and vivacity to your Diwali celebrations. Instead of fancy or expensive candles, you can try simple multi-coloured ones which are enough to make an impression. You can also jazz up the plain candles with little sparkle and unused embellishments of your own. Make your centre table look attractive by choosing the floating candles that you can put in a bowl of water with some flower petals. Candle lanterns are also a good choice to add an attractive appeal to your house.

With these many ideas on your plate, you sure are going to find some extra happiness in your wallet that you can spend on gifts, clothes and shopping.

Have a happy and safe Diwali!

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Things designers say all the time

If there’s a designer around you then chances are you’ve always heard them say something fun yet super intelligent and calculative. Designers get so engrossed in their creative world that sometimes they take words, terms or phrases from their lives and bring them into yours.

We all have those ‘different’ designer buddies who parade themselves into any situation and express themselves in a mysterious and quirky way that only designers can.

We made a fun list of some of them, feel free to add your own in the comments section below.


What’s the brief?

You’ve told your best friend that you’re going out shopping for your birthday and you expected him to say something fun. Just when you hit the highway, your friend says “What’s the brief?”


What’s the layout going to be like?

You’re buying new photo frames for your room and you tell your designer buddy to suggest some photographs or frame sizes. The next thing he will do is come up with every Graphic designer’s favorite one-liner- what’s the layout going to be like? Questions like how big is your wall and what’s the size of your room will also soon follow. Just give him all the information he needs.


Is it RGB or CMYK? JPEG or PNG?

You took a picture of new curtains and Whatsapped it to your interactive designer friend. Instead of commenting on your furnishing choices, he’s gone berserk about the technical details of the picture. He’s going to also ask you about the file format of the picture, its colour composition and other technical details.


Can you crop it please?                                

You asked your designer friend to help set the table for breakfast. The table cloth isn’t the way he imagined it to be. Now he’s helping you set it up again, rearranging things aesthetically like a TV show host and show you how it’s done like a boss while disclosing other terms every now and then.


Too much Airbrush

You’re off to the party and instead of complimenting you on how awesome your make up is looking, your designer friend just said the most whacked out thing ever because he’s always in his Photoshop world. He or she is actually talking about make up but in the tone of a Photoshop Pro.


Can you justify this please?

You shared the first manuscript of your new book with your designer friend and ‘justify it’ is what he said. For a second, you thought that he was talking about the entire endeavor, but then he tells you that he was just talking about formatting the text on the cover.


That’s it. Just put it between the negative spaces.

It’s your friend’s birthday and you bought her a painting. She asked you to just keep it in the negative space. Wondering what that is? She is referring to keep it in the free space between any two objects. In this case, it’s the gap between her favorite books on the wall rack.


Don’t be a template.

You have to make certain important life decisions, when you ask your friend for advice and just like a quintessential designer he tells you to do the things you love, walk a different path and be yourself. Essentially, go down unchartered territory and create a trail instead of following someone else’s path. Cool, eh?

Can you think of any other fun stuff that your designer friends say? Tell us!






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Global Days of Service (Delhi): Workshop for Acid Attack Victims

Global Days of Service began as an initiative at Walden University in 2006 and has since grown to include the entire Laureate International Universities network. Local institutions have found many ways to participate in this initiative, hosting community events, serving those in need and partnering with other organizations already doing great work. The 2015 Laureate Global Days of Service were scheduled for 12th to 18th October, 2015.

At Pearl Academy, celebrated these days across four campuses through multiple community service projects. Our students and staff to participated actively and contribute towards the betterment of society.


In the Naraina Campus at Delhi, a special workshops was organized by Pearl Academy for the acid attack victims. The workshop was centered around ‘making it easier to live with the scars’, an initiative under community service in Laureate Global Days of Service, 2015.GLOBAL2 The workshops aimed at creating awareness amongst the victims of the acid attacks towards the non-surgical ways with which they can camouflage their scars.
The initiative was spear headed by AVP-SDS Reena Mehra. Pearl Academy had tied up with “Atijeevan”, a charitable organization started by our Alumni Pragya Singh, who is a survivor of an attack herself.  The workshop was conducted in three parts- Dermatology, Make-up and Styling demonstrations. Our educators for the workshops were- Dr. Anuj Pall, Dr. Shalini Pall, Ms. Anu Kaushik, Liz and Pragya.

Dr. Anuj Pall and Shalini Pall run a NGO named ‘Mehaan’ which works for disaster management, education and women empowerment. The doctors educated the victims about the treatment available for the various kind of burns sustained. Dr. Shalini Pall gave a graphic description as well as explained to the minutest detail about the treatments of burns and the equipment used to treat the same. Dr. Anuj Pall explained the cost effectiveness and the ease of the treatment. Dr. Anuj runs a clinic called “La Skinnovita” and has promised free treatment to all the attendees of the workshop. Pragya further added that the cost of the equipment would be borne by the “Atijeevan” foundation. The second part of the workshop involved make-up and styling tips for the victims which help them conceal the scars and feel beautiful. The make-up workshop was conducted by Ms. Anu Malik and Liz, renowned make-up artists in the industry who now run the MAMA Academy in Janakpura. Ms. Anu Kaushik has recently concluded a photo shoot for Vogue with acid attack victims. She demonstrated ways in which one could revamp their scars and merge them with their skin color. Ms. Anu and Liz gave make-up kits to the victims and also offered free learning of the make-up techniques.


The last segment of the workshop involved styling where the students and faculty of FSID taught the survivors about the various body types and the colors and attire well suited for their body types. They even demonstrated how to style themselves with scarfs. The workshops concluded with a vote of thanks by Pragya and Reena Mehra.

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The Glitz, The Glamour, The Panache at Amazon India Fashion Week Spring-Summer ’16

Amazon week1As the winter winds gently whisper in your ears, you can feel the Delhi fashion circuit heating up. FDCI’s AMAZON INDIA FASHION WEEK in its 26th edition, promised a riveting ride . The Amazon India Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2016 was held at the NSIC Grounds, from Oct 7-11, 2015. Being Asia’s largest fashion and trade platform, the event offered thought-provoking ideas through conversational pieces of fashion in an attempt to handcraft it for a global audience by creating timeless portraits.

The buzz around `Made in India’ campaign labeled a visual documentation of what lies at the core of our aesthetics. This season’s edition featured an impressive list of 115 established style gurus as well as novices, from all across the country. The fashion week showcased works of some of the most well-known & ace designers like Rohit Bal, Rahul Khanna, Rohit Gandhi, Gauri & Nainika, JJ Valaya, Malini Ramani, Manish Arora, Namrata Joshipura, Rajesh Pratap Singh, Â Sabyasachi, and Tarun Tahiliani.

Rohit Bal1

With 30 runway shows that engineered a unique language, dripping with indigenous crafts, modern luxury and counter-cultural influences. Mirroring what young India aspires for, as the new ‘cool’ meets engaging authenticity, this edition had over 100 designer stalls at the exhibit area.

The Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) is known for its precision in scouring untapped potential and for giving new-found creative geniuses a lucrative opportunity, catapulting them to fame. The new set of designers challenged the status quo of the industry and the energy at the event was palpable. The talented bunch of Pearlites also made their presence felt at the premier event and set the stage on fire with their amazing collections, cool quotient, and stylish dresses.

Vaishali S, Vineet Bahl, Shweta Jain, Aditya Dugar are among the few lucky ones who presented their masterpieces on the ramp in front of industry big shots. Their scintillating collections were widely appreciated by the fashion conscious crowd. The fashion week was all about how to be minimalistic, stylish, and glamorous at the same time. The designers focused mostly on subtle colours, compact designs, earthen and peaceful colours and lots of hi-fashion appetite.

Vineet3Vineet Bahl, the talented young designer and ex-Pearlite worked on the theme ‘Through the Looking Glass’ that consisted of bright summer appropriate tunics layered with basic whites and dressed with oriental inspired motifs. He focuses on the concept of fluidity and believes his collections needs to be fluid enough, so that it could be worn by anyone and everyone. At AIWSS’16, he presented some jaw-dropping fluid, androgynous and yet feminine collections. He chose minimal floral patterns which denoted femininity and oversized tops which denoted gender fluidity.

Vineet Final


Vaishali S, another gifted designer rocked the ramp with her spell-binding yet subtle collections based on the conceptVaishali1 of ‘Yajna’, the transformation of one form of energy into another. Vaishali is popular for merging Western attire with Indian intricate designs. Her admirable skills at merging the two sides of the world; Indian and Western, is remarkable. She has also clothed famous fashion divas like Sonam Kapoor, Vidya Balan and Tanisha Mukherjee. She has delicately put together simplicity and finesse in her work. For Vaishali S, SS16 minimalism didn’t mean minimal options. It is remarkable how Vaishali captured the modernity, the airiness and the immediateness of the creations with a traditional fabric like hand-woven khadi. The effect was quietly impressive and this talented lady is sure to find buyers queuing up to place orders! So let’s take a look at Vaishali’s collection for Amazon India Fashion Week Summer/Spring 2016 –

Vaishali final


This ensemble could be great for those who like to keep their style simple and yet stylish.

Aditya Dugar, ex-alumna of Pearl Academy presented his collection on the 3rd day of the Amazon India Fashion Week which began with the much-awaited Hi-5 show, featuring young talent of the fashion world. Mr. Dugar showcased his first women’s wear line having clean silhouettes and intricate details for Spring-Summer ’16. This young talented lad stunned the audience with his mind-blowing creations and made dhoti pants make a comeback in versatile silhouettes.

Aditya final



Other alumni of Pearl Academy Divyam Mehta, Manish Gupta, Rimzim Dadu, Shipra Jain, Ruchika Sachdeva, and Priyanka Modi had also set up different stalls at the Amazon India Fashion Week. The creativity quotient was certainly a few notches higher during the event which was full of style and glamour.

The grand finale of the Amazon India Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2016 (AIFW) was held on Sunday night, with “Born in Banaras” as the theme. There were 16 designers who showcased their interpretations of Banaras on the final day. The first half was all about western silhouettes, with the likes of Namrata Joshipura presenting a black-and-golden brocade trench coat, a jumpsuit and a long dress with a slit. Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna stuck to their signature silhouettes. Banaras is a chaotic, colourful, thrilling city, a dichotomy of sorts between what was and what is. The AIFW finale couldn’t have asked for more, as the event ended on a high with ample brouhaha from the tipsy audience!

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A Day in the Life of Pearl Academy

A Day in the Life of Pearl Academy

Whichever Pearl Academy location you plan on visiting, one thing is constant – you’ll always find something going on at our campuses. After all, we’re a design school brimming with creative people and ideas. Designers, faculty and students are always running here, there, everywhere to make things happen, to submit projects and to meet deadlines.

Recently someone asked us what it must be like to live and work on a Pearl Academy Campus so we thought we’d put out a small blog. So, here it goes:

People first.

There’s loads of freedom here to do what you love and we put our faculty and our students at the top of our list of priorities.

A melting pot.

There are students who study at Pearl from all over India. Professionals from every corner, many cultures on one campus and that’s what makes each day here brighter and happier.

Towards the new, every day.

We encourage new thoughts, ideas and sparks from anyone, anywhere in the campus to help make Pearl Academy better for the student community.

Making the most of everything.

Dealing with life, stress, time and fulfilling your heart’s desires while still pursuing an education is all about managing one’s time and adapting to change. What you do today will decide your future. Each day matters and we ask our students to make each day count and utilise it to the fullest.

We lead by example.

We don’t want to be an institute whose sole purpose is just to be a global leader. Our partners, students and faculty make us who we are and make each day happy and special.

We promote empathy.

Each day we keenly observe our campus community and we understand our user’s needs just like a designer would in the real world. This enables us to make life easier for the community. We try to make everyone work and live this way on campus.

“No. 1 Faculty in Competence.”

We were awarded the ‘No.1 Faculty in Competence’ by Hindustan Times. This could only have been possible because of the kind of people who work here. They help us in delivering quality education that’s on par with the world.

Just push play

We inspire our students to play, imagine and learn from mistakes. There’s plenty of room at Pearl to make mistakes and evolve as a design professional.

To experience a day on any Pearl Academy campus call 1800 103 3005 or email us at so that we can help organize your trip. To know more, visit our website.








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An Open Letter from Pearl Academy to the industry

An Open Letter from Pearl Academy to the industry


Everybody wants to be a designer today. But, not everybody is one. It takes years of training, nurturing and work in the field before a designer has arrived on the scene. Days and nights of work, work, work. A designer’s designs, design team and the designer itself are one big family or community. If the definition of a designer today has left the building then that’s simply because nobody from the industry is stepping up and driving the change. If this continues, then before you know it we’ll just be another industry with just another set of skill-sets and people.

Design thinking is not done on the computer. That happens in the midst of responsible and talented people. Like the ones in our industry. Designers don’t need a lab. The real world is our lab and this is where our creations go into and are no longer our own. We stop owning our designs when they are bought, sampled or used by the end user. And that’s why our role in the world is very crucial.

Design schools and the industry always work hand in hand. Not just to recruit young designers but also to collaborate, co-create and shape an entire community of people and products. As creative people, it is important that we be empathetic towards the world around us and have a direction for the industry as a whole given the unique challenges and obstacles that the community faces today.

Currently, we feel that the industry can lead us into a future that’s beautiful. Leadership has to emerge from the bottom to the top and also from the top to the bottom of the entire community. The industry needs to take firm steps to be brave, ambitious, inventive and responsible. The world is changing, on one side technology is constantly opening up new doors and on the other hand disparity, social, economic and ecological challenges are posing new threats.

Now that the industry is at the core of value production in the contemporary world, it should firmly believe in the possibility of a sustainable future and act on making it a reality. The industry should inspire our collective imagination and awaken individual creativity to design solutions to the biggest of problems around us. And, this should be done with grace, poise and ease.

At times, the outside world that our students go into is misjudged and wrongly perceived as a shrewd place with limited appetite for creativity, where only the first mover wins. It is this perception that the industry needs to change so that students are more confident of themselves when they leave the nest for good. Design students often feel pressurized by fellow designers or circumstances in the market and we must not forget that we have the power to transform things through best practices.

Design students have to face tremendous pressure and in this chaos, they sometimes forget that they have the ability to convert a figment of their imagination into reality. If they keep struggling for days on end to survive then they will never be able to see their creations come to life.

Our constant endeavor is to one day, become indistinguishable from the real world and that one day, we won’t have to ponder for hours about this subject. Whether a designer or student designs for business, sustainability or play he or she should be truly able to thrive in the industry with healthy competition and be given a real chance to shine brightly.

The industry must consider revisiting issues like access to technology, promotion, manufacture and the use of new materials and media, increase the reach of design deep into society, democratizing design and promotion of an injury-free, healthy lifestyle.

Finally, we like that the challenges of the real world are a design driver and the world without challenges or constraints would never need a design!

We hope that when our students go into the industry they are global yet local, traditional yet contemporary, love history but are future-thinking and that the industry nurtures them like friends, philosophers, and guides.

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