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Pearl Noida chose the noble way to support the social cause

“Good deeds should be done with intention, not for attention.”

Being the centre of excellence for creativity and innovation from last 23 years, Pearl Academy has been helping the students to achieve their desired goals and success in their respective careers. But there’s more to Pearl as a brand than what meets the eye, the academy infuses a sense of social well being in its students so that they can also address the needs of the society and be sensitive towards the current social issues.

Islamic Centre1Recently, Pearl Academy Noida students got a chance to be a part of initiatives which were aimed at contributing something meaningful to the people in need and society at large. Pearl Academy’s PlanClan Music Society (Coordinated by SDS and PlanClan) paid a visit to the Indian Islamic Center to support an NGO ‘Touching Souls’ on 20th Sept.



The event was really inspiring and very interesting for all the members of the music society. where our Students Islamic Centre3Tushar, Shivam, Vikas, Vatsala, Suashant performed with their group.  The main objective behind the event was to help the underprivileged kids, especially the 4 year old “Pradeep” who was born without ears. The event was especially focused to raise funds to get his ears transplant.

Students also met Denero Ash , an International Musician who plays set of drums with his fingers and palm. Ash inspired all of our students and they learnt a lot from him. The event ended on a high note with a rocking jam session that featured the kids from the NGO and Denero Ash himself.

Another project ‘ATTENTION! HUNGER’, was initiated by Sarah Mirza, student of Communication Design Level 2 under the guidance of Shilpi Burman.

Hunger Project1
Hunger Project3According to the stats, 2.6 million children die of hunger every year, that is, a child every 12 seconds. This is in itself a huge concern for a big country like India. ATTENTION! HUNGER project is one such effort by the Communication Design team and PlanClan to provide meals to the under-served communities or the needy people, at least once a month. Robin hood Army, an organisation dedicated to collect excessive food and feed those who are in need helped the students to distribute food amongst the poor.


80 Lunch boxes donated by students,staff and faculty in this pilot project. The RobinhoodHunger Project4 Army collected and distributed them to the hungry underprivileged  kids. The entire team of Noida campus showed great enthusiasm and willingness to lend support for this social cause making it a huge success.



Such initiatives prove to be the guiding light for our students and faculty, as it may not get them a lot of fame but it will certainly go a long way in ensuring social well-being and make Pearlites socially responsible citizens.

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Enter Re-design Challenge and let your design thinking soar to new heights


Take a look around you. There’s design in everything you see, touch and feel. It’s in your cup of coffee, your pavement on the way to school or college, in your backpack and the way it carries your entire world and even on your table where you work for hours or have lunch for ten minutes. At some point in time, there was a designer who put pen to paper to make life easy and accessible for everyone. But, design is not a destination, it is a journey of discovery and lets the world know what your sensibilities are and how you think exactly. It’s a tool that you put to use when you want to marry great ideas with creativity and innovation.

If you are a budding designer, you’ll know almost immediately in the kind of projects you submit in school or college or how you solve problems. To unleash the closet designer in you, we’ve launched the Pearl Academy Redesign Challenge. This is a Golden opportunity for young and creative school and college students to showcase their design skills and thinking online on our specially created platform. This 4 month long eagerly awaited creative challenge was launched on 21st August and has great themes for students but the difficulty levels will vary from theme to theme.

Let’s take a look at the 4 themes now

Re-take:  Take pictures with a fresh perspective.

Have you taken a few pictures lately that you’re happy with? Can the photographer in you see what others can’t? Can you create magic with pictures with your understanding of angles, light and space? Well, this theme is just for you. So, pick up your camera and get clicking.

Re-brand: Imagine your favourite celebrity in a different avatar.

Just think if someone from your favourite pirate movie was in a tuxedo or what would a star from your favourite TV show look like if he or she were wearing sports gear. Has your imagination already started running wild? Don’t stop.

Re-play: Add a new twist to your favourite game to transform it.

Can there be more levels in your favourite sci-fi game? Could you add more difficulty levels to Jenga and other games that require your analytical skills and mind? Or do you want to recreate your favourite board game? The field is open, go ahead and create!

Re-cycle: Use old material to create something totally new and innovative.

Ever heard of creating treasure out of trash? Use old objects to make something totally new and appealing. This is the perfect opportunity for you to put obsolete material to good use and showcase your talent.

Winners get noticed in the fraternity and stand a chance to win one of 32 cameras

There will be 8 monthly winners who will be chosen every month – 4 school winners and 4 college winners for every theme. At the end of the contest 2 grand winners will be chosen by our jury consisting of pearl faculty

The Top Ten

Young designers have already joined the race and here’s where you can take a look, vote for their entries or view your own. Click here.

Vote for your favourites

Click here to vote for your favourite entries or to see where your entry stands in the competition.

 Our terms and conditions apply

Read up on all the rules that apply to this challenge and be in the know. Check out this section.

The Grand Prize is waiting to be yours

The grand winner will be awarded a DSLR camera and this could be you. Enter today. Don’t wait for the last round of submissions.

Know a creative friend or have someone in your family with a whole lot of love for design? Share this challenge with them and ask them to get cracking! Get started now.

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Let your body language do all the talking


Image source:

Whoever imagined that a simple thing like body language can make or break an interview? Surveys and research have suggested time and again that recruiters often look for subtle signs of your personality traits and approach to work from the way you carry yourself at an interview.

Right from the moment you enter the reception to the minute you step into the conference room, they’re measuring you up to notice how friendly you are, how confidently you carry your body of work and how you answer certain basic questions. Yes, perfect body language is a thing.

And, it’s here to stay.

Let’s take a look at a few things that you can keep in mind if you’ve decided to ace an interview.

Don’t slouch at the reception

If you’ve not rested the previous night it’s always a good idea to reschedule your interview. Just don’t use your to be employer’s lounge area as your personal couch.

Never frown

It may have been a bad day or your cab driver must’ve taken you for a long ride or perhaps somebody bumped into you and dropped your portfolio and laptop in the elevator. Now you’re fifteen minutes late into the interview. Don’t fret. Just wear a smile and shake it off.

A well-maintained portfolio is a sign of discipline

It doesn’t matter how big or small your portfolio is but a well-documented body of work is a mark of confidence and knowledge and can help you truly go the distance.

Don’t play with your hands or the coffee cup

The cup of coffee was served to you to make you feel at home and if you keep playing or fiddling with it, you are certainly going to annoy your host.

Your story. Keep it simple

You may now have a lot of time to tell your story from birth to adulthood and how every moment was pure joy. Just stick to the basics, keep it short and highlight the milestones.

Saying goodbye

When it’s time to leave don’t bid goodbye to everyone in the room. A simple nod or wave in their direction will do. But, shaking your hiring manager’s hand is a must and shows recognition.

We hope you enjoyed this bit of advice today and we’ll keep updating this space every month with more tips and information coming your way to help make every interview a stunning success.

And never forget that every person you meet is going to recommend you at some point in time so even if you don’t get the job you’ll always make a new contact to refer to somewhere in the future.



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Pearl Academy – A Powerhouse of talent

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Inspired by dreams and driven by motivation, Pearlites have made winning a habit. Shivangi Mehta, Sarah Ishtiyaque, Drishti and Sanya Gulati are the names of those shining stars that stamped their presence and impressed everyone with their creative flair and intelligence.

Nandan Inivia1

INIVIA CARD by Nandan Ghiya

The teacher is the one who gets the most out of the lessons, and the true teacher is the learner. In case of Pearl Academy, the teacher is also the one who achieves milestones and leaves behind a path for students to follow. Our faculty Nandan Ghiya is proving his mettle at various international platforms through his path-breaking artworks. Earlier this year, his work was published in “Photography and Inherited History of India”– a notable photography book by San Jose Museum of Art, and Granta – the famous British magazine.

Nandan Inivia3


Nandan Ghiya who teaches at Pearl’s Jaipur campus, is basking in the glory once again as his latest artwork has been selected as one of the cards for Inivia Creative Learning (London). These cards are used by teachers, counsellors, therapist all around the world to seek new ways to support young and vulnerable people to make sense of their lives, experience and emotions. The cards also contain work of 26 other renowned international artists. Selection for Inivia’s cards marks Nandan’s third international achievement of the year.

Shivangi'w work

Shivangi Creation

Shivangi Mehta made us proud by winning the 2015 edition of Manish Arora – Air France Competition. This is 2nd in a row that a Pearlite has won this competition as Sana Sapra from our Noida canpus won the last edition. Out of top 10 entries, 6 are from Pearl Academy speaking volumes about the level of talent at Pearl. Shivangi is a student of Level-2 of UG-Fashion Design batch in Noida campus. She has won an all-paid trip to Manish Arora Fall Collection 15 (live show) at Paris Fashion Week. Great job Shivangi!

Dinesh's work

Dinesh Kumar

One more Pearlite Dinesh Kumar, PG Fashion Design (2014-2016)  has been selected for Viewer’s Choice Award of the Manish Arora – Air France Contest 2015. Dinesh has received a goodie bag from the organizers, including a personally autographed iPad sleeve from Manish Arora. He’s currently studying in Pearl Jaipur. Kudos to Dinesh for his fantastic piece of work!

Another Pearlite Sarah Ishtiyaque, student of Fashion Media Communication, is interning with the well-known L’Officiel magazine. She proved her mettle and the editorial approved her articles to publish in the magazine which is very uncommon during internship. Her article ‘Uptown Girl’ on Priyanka Chopra published as a cover article for the month of August. She also wrote about Richard Malone, an Irish designer whose work is inspired by ordinary people and how he manages to create couture out of waste. Sarah was also awarded merit scholarship this year for academic excellence. Congratulations Sarah!

L’Officiel magazine has one more recruit from Pearl Academy named Drishti Vij. Drishti’s writing prowess has won her appreciation from all the corners of the industry. Her hard hitting and interactive articles ‘Big Girl in a Thin World’, ‘The Misfits’, ‘Ink and Inklings’, and an interview with Leena Kejriwal has been published in the magazine with due credit given to Drishti. Well researched and thought provoking in nature, Drishti’s articles has passed the litmus test with flying colors. Way to go Drishti!

The Hindu, leading English daily, has published work of another Pearlite Sanya Gulati. A student of Fashion Media Communication course, Sanya is interning with the newspaper. Her work was so impressive that in the first week itself she was recognized with 2 bylines and since then it’s been a routine affair. Well done Sanya Gulati!

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Top recruiters from Retail and Creative Industries visit Pearl Academy

“It’s difficult to change if you are not aware”

We are Eminent Paneliststalking about the change that industry is experiencing; change that the candidates need to bring in their portfolios to score better placements; change that these ‘managers of tomorrow’ want to bring in the industry.  Besides this, industry trends, placement hurdles, peer pressures are some of the concerns that bother final year students who are looking for their first major breakthrough in the industry after completing their studies.

To answer all such queries of Pearl graduates who are on the verge of stepping into a new world full of possibilities – HR Summit is the initiative for them. Hosted by Pearl Academy, India’s leading design institute, this summit was an interactive platform for the final year students of Academy’s ‘School of Creative Business’. During the ‘HR Summit’, students got a chance to interact with the industry experts and have an understanding of the industry expectations as well.

The panel consisted of eminent HR and industry experts from leading brands like Infinite Luxury, Limeroad, Triburg, Ikon Retail, and Design Worldwide. Panelists talked about two key issues – What to expect during ‘First 90 days in a company’ and ‘Shaping Managers of Tomorrow – Industry expectations and Best Practices to Increase Students’ Credibility’. They also discussed the latest recruitment trends, expectation of employers (hard skills vs soft skills), and what students can do to leave a strong impact in the first 90 days of their joining.

Megha Singhal - Designer & Product Developer, TriburgThe event started with the opening speech of Megha Singhal, an alumna of Pearl Academy, who is a Fashion Designer at Triburg. “It was my huge appetite for constant learning and the attitude to add value to the company through my work that made me climb higher on the ladder.” said Megha who will be launching her own apparels venture shortly.

Sanjay Sarma - CEO, Design WorldWideThe second speaker at the summit was Sanjay Sarma, CEO, Design WorldWide. He shared 15 Mantras of success with the students to become a smart industry professional. He touched upon topics such as importance of unlearning, following your passion, curiosity, right attitude should be supported by right aptitude, balance between work and life, planning, learning from collective experience, etc. among others. “Attitude is good and each one of you should have it provided you have the aptitude to match it. Think like the Navy and act like the pirates”, said Sanjay to the students. “The coming age will be of entrepreneurs who will change the entire way our industry works.” he added further.

Indrajit Sen, HR Consultant and Corporate TrainerAdding to the ongoing insightful discussion, Indrajit Sen, HR Consultant and Corporate Trainer, gave three rules of learning – Enjoy being uncomfortable, Empty your Cups, and The More you give, The More you get. Indrajit also said that the industry is looking for solution providers and adaptable individuals. “Mentoring is a very important part of the entire recruitment process. One should always seek for information from all corners of life and try to gain experience” said Inderjit.

_MG_2479Priya Mary Mathew, Head-School of Creative Business, Pearl Academy, thanked the panelists for their views and valuable time. She quoted “The real struggle starts after the college where each one of you will fight your own battles. It will not be a bed of roses; thorns will outnumber roses most of the times. But as your teachers, we have equipped you with knowledge, skills and wisdom to march ahead and reach your destination.” said Priya to the future managers of creative industries.

The HR Summit was a hit in terms of student participation and involvement. The Pearlites learnt about the next steps to achieve an accomplishing career.



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“Hands that weave magic – Errol Pires Nelson”

“Only legends leave a legacy behind that guides others to follow the path.”

Not everybody in this world has such magical hands that can create artistic masterpieces that are exquisite and simply breathtaking. Belongs to the ancient modernopolis of Ahmedabad, India, Errol Pires Nelson is a man with towering guru-like presence, godly white ponytails, and two extraordinarily long thumbnails (his weapon for some enthralling art).

Erroll Pires

Erroll Pires has devoted his whole life for a unique art of “Ply-split braiding”, a traditional technique utilized to make camel belts, containers of joy, belts and soft boards. He has refined, transformed, and reinvented its usage for over 30 years in what some would call an obsessive dedication, purposefully refusing the boundary between art and object. Erroll has redefined the form of art which will challenge the human minds and can resurrect the problems that one might be facing to join the centres of art and knowledge.

He joined the National Institute of Design (NID) as a student in 1970. The resource centre provided him his first introduction to the work of Fibre Artists from other countries. Erroll worked for nine years in the textiles and leather industry returning to NID in 1984 as a faculty member. His research into the techniques of ‘Ply-Split Braiding’ started around 1985, awoke a creative spirit of experimentation using this technique and has resulted in “some” pieces that might qualify as Art textiles.


Errol1The Guru himself is at Pearl Academy and will visit all the campuses from 31st August to 26th September. At Pearl Delhi, he displayed some of his artwork and interacted with the students about his life’s journey which is full of experiences and hard work on this uncommon topic. His hands, especially his thumbnails are the metaphors for creating such unique masterpieces which are acknowledged worldwide. Being a teacher for most of his life, Mr. Pires comes as an honest, humble and patient tutor who answers numerous queries of his disciples who are keen to learn this art.



Vandana, a student of PGFD (Level 1) said “Mr. Errol Pires is a true legend in this art and his work is a proof that there is no one in this world who can emulate him or his precision.”
Completely awestruck with Mr. Pires presence, she further added that “The technique is so addictive that once you start working on it, it is nearly impossible that you’ll leave the product till it is not completely finished.”
During the workshop, Errol also talked about various other aspects of Ply-Split braiding and how it is going to evolve as a technique in the years to come. He also discussed different kinds of weaving, braiding, and use of steel wire for the same technique.

According to Mr. Pires, it took almost 8 hours to make a complete container. While making a camel belt would take almost a year with 8 hours of work regularly on the product. His first experience with the famous camel belt marked a moment of epiphany for Mr. Pires. The belt is made of using sheep and goat hairs.


His repertoire extends from traditional camel belts to avant-garde three-dimensional objects and seamless dresses. You would be amazed to know that his secret weapon for this brilliant art work is actually not a secret – it’s his hands. His body of work is an amazing amalgamation of magnificent explosion of braided colors.

His vision, art, dedication towards this art is truly remarkable and enlightens our minds to think beyond the conventional forms of designing. It won’t be wrong to say that we are and will be in debt of this living legend for conserving the dying art of ‘Ply-split braiding’ and inspiring many others to carry on this legacy.

Students work on display during the workshop:

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