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Unlearn, Unravel, Unwind and Understand with Pow Wow Ping’15

Wow, what a Success!

pow wow

Living up to its expectations, the unstoppable bandwagon of Pow Wow created the buzz, the liveliness, the energy, the vibe which set the tone for all the new Pearlites before stepping into the world full of creativity and innovation. All the young entrants of the Academy participated in the event with full zeal and enthusiasm. Happy faces, cheerful moods, hi-fives, chirpy groups were making the inaugural event an affair to remember for the years to come.


The purpose of PowWow’2015 is to help new Pearlites unlearn, undo, unveil and unravel all the hidden mysteries which have occupied their minds during their schooling phase. Pow Wow is a series of super crazy workshops which introduces the fresh incoming students to a plethora of multi- disciplinary, energetic and multi- sensory activities- through active involvement – that is, through first-hand, investigative experiences, both hands-on and minds-on in nature. The young minds would be engaged both physically and mentally in investigating and manipulating elements in the surrounding environment.

IMG_7563Take for instance; a workshop on ‘Bamboo’ by Suresh Kumar helped students exploring the possibility of the material being a beacon, material of the next century. The workshop aimed at making the students develop not only art but also products which have a good aesthetic value. Students are making different objects and products with Bamboo. Two Bamboo experts have come in from Mehrauli and own a shop in Rajiv Chawk. A total of 30 students enrolled for the workshop. According to the mentor, Bamboo is a substitute for steel and plastic. Even houses in Uttarakhand are being rebuilt from the material due to its sturdy nature.


‘Sixth Sense’ is considered to be an ability of an individual to perceive the subtle-dimension or the unseen world of angels, demons, heaven or hell, etc. or to connect with it. An interesting workshop – ‘The Creative Connexxion’ by Renuka Taneja is inspired from this untapped dimension. Aimed at developing the senses of the young shining minds and enhance their intuition or sixth sense, this workshop will help students to design or create a better world in the future, she said. The touching motive of this workshop is to instil the feeling of gratitude, kindness, honesty and thankfulness among students towards each and everything present around them in this whole universe. We must say that is a beautiful initiative in the right direction to nurture the young minds!

Drama, acting, imitating, show business, et al have always caught our fancy since the childhood stage. At some point in our lives, we all have wanted to become a Hero or an actor who performs for the large crowd and entertain them with his style and moves. ‘Action Express’, a theatre workshop by Himanshu Mehta (Actor & Director) helped students in exploring themselves and shedding their hidden inhibitions through a series of games, activities and various exercises. Interesting storylines, funny concepts, spontaneous actions, cheerful participants have certainly enlightened up the whole workshop. The level of energy and enthusiasm shown by the freshers were commendable.



Everybody loves to Dance; this is one such word which gets our feet tapping, moving and grooving. A unique workshop ‘Dancing Bodies- Shifting Spaces’ by Aastha Gandhi focusses on movement generation through elements like geometry and images. During the workshop, the students were taught how costumes affect the movement of the body. The central line of the body is around which the body forms different shapes in various dance forms. Geometries of the bodies are formed around the central line of body. Changing dimensions of space is what this workshop aimed at teaching. It emphasized on opening the creative buds, so that the students see design, shapes, spaces and patterns and think with a design perspective. IMG_7601
Students thoroughly enjoyed the experience of this workshop as they showcased some of their favourite moves on interesting Bollywood numbers.

A popular saying goes as “Almost everyone with a camera on their Smartphone is a photographer.” Then there’s the other one that goes like “Anyone with a DSLR in his hand considers himself as a photographer.” Photography is an art which needs to be preserved for the well-being of our society. ‘Exploring beyond the Image’, a photography workshop by the well-known photographer Sandeep Biswas proved out to be a huge hit among the new entrants of the academy. He not only discussed the history of photography but also shared his wealth of experience with the participants about the contemporary advancements in this field.

He taught the students the art of reading an image; understand every single detail of image, perspective of photographer while clicking the image, the thought process while choosing the subject. Our budding photographers and young photography enthusiasts looked super happy after learning the new tricks from the master himself.

IMG_7553A super interesting material/craft workshop on ‘Rejuvenating Beads’ by Afsana Chaudhary explored the possibilities of creating products and a range of accessories to familiarize the students with the work culture of the artisans.
The workshop has been aided by Aghaz Group: a group started by 60 women who are skilled in the trade. Four artisans of the group, including the group leader and her daughter have come to teach the students the art. The experts are from Hapur, a village in UP. A group of 30 students attended the workshop and tested their skills with proper guidance from the experts.

This year Pow Wow worked around the theme ‘Ping’ which tends to generates response. Ping is considered as an online expression and is a measure of the latency we feel in everything we do, whether it’s clicking a link, posting a status update, sending a message, playing a game, uploading a file, streaming an online video, or anything else.
A gentle poke on the social media helps draw attention. When you poke your friend, you get poked back. Then you poke again, and get poked back again, and so on, called Ping-Pong poking. Response to stimuli- it encourages curiosity, awareness and tolerance towards new experiences.

Similarly, the sole idea behind POW WOW PING is to generate response or gather feedback from the participants by involving them through an array of activities and exercises. More than 1200 participants from four different cities made this fun-filled event a huge success and helped all the new entrants of the Academy to write a new beginning for the most the important chapter of their life, The College Life!

Check out all the excitement on our FaceBook

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Dr. Kalam – The greatest teacher of all time

Blog Banner Dr Kalam-01

The late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam was an inspiration to mankind and the People’s President. An epitome of kindness, his demise has left a deep void in our nation. He will be remembered for generations to come as India’s most cherished Rocket Scientist, Statesman, Scholar and Author. But, there’s one role that Dr. Kalam is synonymous with and that is the role of an Educationist.

To a country of one billion plus hearts he was a beacon of light on the horizon. Just what a perfect teacher should be. The more powerful he became, the simpler he grew. At the heart of his way of doing things, was an unparalleled work ethic and creative education. Even though he is no longer with us, the idea of Dr. Kalam will continue to burn bright in our hearts and minds. Today, we want to revisit India’s greatest teacher and a few of the many lessons he taught us.

Your background doesn’t matter. Just reach for the stars.

You can be anybody you want to be if your heart is in the right place and if your intentions are true. Dr. Kalam was a simple man’s hardworking son but that didn’t stop him from doing what he loved. He taught us that no matter who you are, where you come from and what happens along the way, if your focus is right your ideas can soar.

Creative education is the only way to propel yourself towards greatness.

Education was very important to the late President. But, not just any education. A learning experience that combined theory, practical application, imagination and creativity. Creative education he believed is the singular path to the progress of a nation.

Protect your dreams and convert your thoughts into reality.

Our dreams often contain fragments from things that we truly care about. Kalam Sir truly believed that all the thoughts that form our dreams actually become a reality when we work hard with a clear focus.

The youth are our real firepower.

Dr. Kalam knew that we are one of the youngest nations in the world. He knew that every country wanted young talent from India and always looked for ways to retain our true wealth. He believed that only the youth of India could bring about a real change in the nation.

We need good teachers and a robust education system.

Without our teachers we will never be able to boast of a good growth trajectory as a country. He went to great lengths to further the cause of education in India and if we are here today, we owe to him for allowing diverse educational institutions to flourish.

Be kind to everyone.

Empathy was central in Dr. Kalam’s work and life. This is something that he tried to instill in everyone he met along the way. Greatness stems from kindness and this is something he always tried to share in his motivational talks and stories.

We will always look up to Dr. Kalam when we are stuck somewhere building something, following a dream or working on a life project.  At Pearl Academy, we would all like to stand up and give one final salute to the greatest teacher India ever had.


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To the new place, new friends, new beginnings!



This is ‘The day’! This day is very special because your heart palpitates at the mere thought of it; because you want to know what’s awaiting you; because this day will never come back! A very warm and a big welcome to all the new Pearlites!!

While it was your very own famous alumnus Nikhil Mehra to welcome you in Jaipur campus, Ravi Sharma inspired so many of you to bring out your best at Talkatora Stadium in Delhi. In Mumbai, Arnab Chaudhari and Arfi Lamba struck your creative cords. What a beginning for you all during the Orientation at Pearl!

Just like you all, Nikhil is a true Pearlite. “I am a proud Pearl Alumni and I thank my teachers at Pearl for nurturing me during my academic years. They helped me and they will help you also to focus on your goals. In my opinion, the smartest people in the industry come from Pearl Academy.” said the nostalgic maestro of couture from Pearl.

But he had more to share with you because you are in the same league – the league of best designers from Pearl Academy. Nikhil said, “Studying at Pearl is a brilliant opportunity for you. When I come back here after 4 years, I want to be proud of what you all have done during these academic years. Do something meaningful, work hard, have clarity in thoughts, be consistent, learn like you know nothing, see within what you like, achieve something un-achievable and become a good and honest designer. Focus on your goals for the next 4 years; focus on what you are good at. If you are ever unsure of something, always go back to your roots and you will find the answers. Very important – shed your ego but do believe in something and believe in that very strongly as it will define you as an individual.

Well! The fantastic day of orientation did end but it ended on an even better note. Because from tomorrow, you are required to ‘Ping’ to ‘POW WOW’!

Just like its name, POW WOW PING is an electrifying initiative by Pearl Academy that offers numerous workshops for you . A series of super crazy workshops from 28th July to 31st July, 2015 will welcome the fresher’s with several multi-sensory activities, energetic and multidisciplinary workshops designed and conceptualized by the School of Foundation. Mentors from different fields of society, culture and specializations, which are not academic led, will help in creating a more nurturing and learning environment.

Hey wait! Workshops start from tomorrow. So relax for a while and savour the best of the moments captured during Orientation across campuses in Delhi, Noida, Jaipur and Mumbai…








Parents and students interaction

Parents and students interaction

Full house at Talkatora, Delhi

Full house at Talkatora, Delhi

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5 Fall 2015 fashion trends we absolutely love


Image source:

Once again, it’s time to dislocate the best styles from the runway to real life. In a few months, the temperature will start to drop and while we clothe ourselves to take refuge from the chills, the Autumn/Winter 2015-16 will help us do this by conforming to fashion.

We make note of the fall 2015 trends that caught our attention, and will definitely grip yours too. Here’s why:
Bling returns

After monochrome and minimalistic jewellery gorging the limelight last season, bling has made its way back to the runways. But this time, it’s returned in its true avatar – through accessories rather than clothes. Hair pins, hair ties, brooches, earrings, rings, shades — take a pick, ladies. And while you splurge on some bling, avoid going overboard with it. Select one or two blingy accessories at a time to add that extra oomph to your outfit.

 Completely Waisted

Well, this season tuck everything low-waist away in your cupboard, and bring out those high waisted skirts, jeggings and jeans. High waisted bottoms are easy to carry and will keep you comfortable throughout the day.  The belly button climb means tall and lean legs and a super petite mid-section. Also they keep those bulges in control. Do we need any other reason to wear them?


Let’s welcome some electric shades too. While this trend was an outrage during the 80’s, it’s now making a comeback in a much sophisticated way. Pair your neon piece with something more neutral. Shades of grey, camel or even navy blue are what we’re talking about.

 Tartan & Plaid

Plaid prints are here this season to do what they do best – highlight bright and colourful patterns ranging from classic to the 90’s grunge. Bring out those Falalen checks and pair them with a distressed jeans to add some rugged texture, and of course, a dash of colour to the romantic winters.

Colour me Grey

Our focus is absolutely not on  50 Shades of Grey. We are here talking about the official colour of the season i.e. ‘Grey’, followed by some shades of black. The colour Grey in all  its shades will be a huge rage this season. Fashionistas will swear by monochromatic suits in Grey because of the colour’s chic and classy definition.

Redefine elegance this season by following these latest trends that will certainly rate you high on the fashion meter.

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Samvaad 2015

Samvaad-1Samvaad – the annual dialogue witnessed leaders from creative industries along with faculty and management officials from all campuses.

Samvaad brings together Academic and Leadership team, Functional and Area Heads under one roof to have a dialogue on opportunities, industry trends, challenges, path-breaking ideas, recognizing the champions from Pearl and oodles of fun. This year, it was held on 9th – 11th July at Vivanta by Taj at Dwarka, New Delhi, under ‘Think Big, think Beyond’ theme.

In the opening speech, CEO Sharad Mehra shared his vision for Pearl along with some interesting goals in the coming future. Day one experienced plenty of stimulating exercises including walking on broken glass, experience sharing by a senior mountaineer – Satya who narrated his success story motivating everybody in the hall. The evening was concluded with mesmerizing session of live music, some really fun awards and dance on the floor.

Day two and three were loaded with intellectual discussions, industry speakers and panel discussions. Issues such as Key trends in the world of design – designer of tomorrow, Employable skills required for jobs of tomorrow, Building brand in an intellectual space, Transforming design education-trends-pedagogy, Teaching and learning strategies of future and Learner of future were discussed.

Presence of eminent personalities including Navroz Godrej, Nikhil Mehra, M P Ranjan, Madhav Raman, Rajiv Mehta, Sartaj Mehta, Lashvinder Kaur, Abhijeet Basu, Vikas Satvalekar, Satish Gokhale, S Balram, and Narendra Nag among many others raised the bar of Samvaad 2015 further.

Annual Awards night – Pearl Oscars was the most awaited one and it surely did take away all the limelight on Day two. With Red & Black as evening dress code, every pearl member was looking as a star. The evening acknowledged and awarded the best of all categories – Leadership, faculty, staff, teams, schools, Spirit of Pearl and debut. Here are the names of award winners:

  • Best Leadership award: Sunil Gideon, Reena Mehra and Veena Dutta
  • Best School: School of Fashion Styling & Textiles
  • Best Team: Marketing
  • Award for Operational excellence: Saurav De, Kanika Seth, Pallavi P Singh, Sonal Arora, Anita Koshy, Radha Krishnan, Megha Saluja
  • Award for Academic Excellence: Aamir Nayyar, Suhasini Taneja, Shazia Amanat, Sandhya Srinivasan, Bela Gupta, Ramneek Majithia, Vikram Mathur, Taruna Vasu
  • Best Debut Award (Academic): Monika Bijlani
  • Best Debut Award (Non Academic): Varsha Ahir
  • Spirit of Pearl: Chennai campus

The memorable evening was concluded with Drinks and DJ followed by dinner.

Samvaad celebrates the core of Pearl framework – its faculty, by making the event an intellectually stimulating to foster deep thinking, understanding the bigger and wider perspective of design and lastly, how to evolve and become better and better with each passing day.

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Last Week at a Glance

Pearlites never fail to impress! The ingenious and savvy scholars of Pearl Academy are the real authors of its stellar credentials. Having done us proud yet again with their creativity and out of the box thinking, we are delighted to present to you their stories –

  • Rasna Bhasin featured in ‘The Juice’ Magazinerasna bhasin’s fashion and lifestyle magazine ‘The Juice’ did a feature story on Pearl alumna Rasna Bhasin, a fashion blogger who has countless triumphs under her belt at only 22 years of age. What started as a social media and fashion enthusiasm for Rasna turned into a full-fledged social media profession of tweeting, posting, blogging about everything fashion, art and lifestyle related. With 6000+ followers on Instagram, 3000+ followers on Twitter and a website of her own there is no doubt about the influence she has in the industry. The journey started with Twitter opening the doors, giving her access to important people whom she would identify and follow and occasionally get followed back. Soon enough interactions on social media began spilling over into real life after which there was no looking back. Her social media skills translated into her current career in PR.
View the full magazine 

Follow Rasna on Instagram 

  • Meera Ishpunani gets talking on sports luxury apparel in Deccan Heraldmeera

Meera Ishpunani, a fashion designing student at Pearl Academy was recently featured in a story published in Deccan Herald’s lifestyle supplement – Metrolife. The article talked about sportsluxury apparel and how designer luxury is now combining with comfort and practical clothing to form the ultimate trend. Meera was quoted sharing her views on the latest interpretation of luxury sportswear. The latest trend’s comfort along with high-end fashion street style can work both on a formal or informal occasion. This athletic-outfit trend is flaunted regularly by Bollywood actresses like Alia Bhatt and Deepika Padukone.

Click here to read the full article.

The future for these gifted and radiant Pearlites is limitless to say the least. We hope to bring you more success stories week on week.

Image sources:, Meera’s facebook profile

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For You, For Me, For Earth

Future holds many challenges for the global fashion industry. Shortage of resources, climate change, demographic change, new technologies, and seismic shifts in the global economy will affect the businesses, customers and the world in ways we find hard to anticipate, let alone prepare for.



The nefarious effects of climate change can be felt everywhere; scientists and experts have taken account of all the man-made errors which are leading towards a worldwide serious issue famously called as Global Warming.
Designers and industry experts fear that the traditional seasonal collections which have formed the backbone of the business may become meaningless due to increasing unpredictability of the weather.

Lasil, student of Post Graduate Fashion Design, Pearl Academy has developed a unique collection which is intended to create awareness about man-made global warming. His collection is inspired by the story of human greed and how it has destroyed the mother earth.

The fashion industry brings many benefits to everyday lives across the globe. Fashion goes beyond simple clothing to express identity, create well-being, embrace creativity and connect global communities. But, like all other industries there’s a negative side to it as well and it is characterised at its worst by factories exploiting workers, generating throwaway fashion, wasting resources and encouraging unsustainable consumption.

Lasil named his project ‘For You For Me For Earth’, The silhouettes are developed from the concept of ‘Heat generation inside a heat furnace’. The shape of industrial chimneys is manipulated in different ways to achieve this goal. The concept of pollution is also used for the same. Textures created show the after-effects of global warming and polluted air. The collection exhibits a combination of structure and fluidity. The colour palette includes black green and different shades of grey and blue.

Wool used for making the apparels is sponsored by Jaya Shree textiles-Aditya Birla Nuvo.

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So many mediums, but are you communicating effectively?


Image source:

We live in a world of information and communication overload. There are emails, text messages, messengers, Facebook notifications, Twitter notifications, Skype…. the list goes on. This can be overwhelming for many of us. But do we choose to stay off these? Is it even practical to do so?

In all this clutter, we cannot help but acknowledge how these mediums have helped people and businesses communicate better. Taking control of your communication is the key.

Here are a few ways you can effectively communicate through various mediums:

Know the medium: Most of us choose a communication platform for various reasons. But, do we really understand it? Every medium is designed for a specific audience and for specific content. Understanding the medium before communicating on it is most important.

Define your engagement rules: Engagement is the most important aspect of communication today. The world is too noisy. If you want to cut through the clutter and capture mindshare, it is important to engage. Chart out your engagement rules – who you want to engage with, how much time you want to give them, and how you manage your time while doing so. When the rules are clear, communication becomes clear too.

Step back and think: It is always good to re-evaluate and understand whether a platform makes sense. Communication should aid you in managing relationships – personal and professional. What may seem the best medium today may not be so tomorrow. Therefore, think and gauge whether communicating on it is working.

End unnecessary communication: It is always great to experiment with different channels, but sometimes you just grow out of it. There is no reason to stick to communication platforms that you have used only a couple of times. Prune your communication channels – learn to delete and unsubscribe.

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Creativity or intelligence: What predicts success better?


Image source:

What really makes one successful – an intelligent mind or a creative one?

There have been several studies on what really makes people successful. Many educational institutes and businesses value people with intelligence over creativity. The reason for this is pretty simple –intelligence is easier to quantify than creativity. It is also much easier to identify and manage intelligence. Creativity, on the other hand, is tougher to spot. It is also time consuming. History tells us how most creative people struggled in school, but then became highly successful.

So what really is the difference between creativity and intelligence? According to the dictionary, intelligence is ‘the ability to acquire and utilise knowledge’; creativity is ‘the use of imagination or original ideas to create something’. Unlike what most believe, creativity isn’t about coming up with revolutionary ideas, but about connecting existing concepts to create something new.

This demonstrates that intelligence plays an active role in being creative. Once you have a certain level of intelligence and knowledge, being creative is connecting the dots to create something new.

Here are a few reasons why being creative helps you be more successful:

  • The world is changing rapidly. So are professions. The only way to keep up is to be creative. Industry needs creative and breakthrough ideas.
  • Most people say the obvious. Generating fresh ideas isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The professional world needs people who bring incremental solutions and ideas to the table.
  • Break new ground. All professions are doing away with the monotonous and run-of-the-mill solutions. People need ideas that are creative that allow work to be exceptional.
  • Companies are becoming mortal. To be able to sustain is one of the biggest challenges before companies. This is why innovation, creativity and ingenuity are the only way they can sustain themselves.
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A Legacy of Quality Education, High Ethical Standards, Global Accolades and Brilliant Achievers

India Today-AC Nielsen Survey 2015Recently, ‘India Today-AC Nielsen Survey’15 – India’s Best Colleges’ declared Pearl Academy as No. 2 in the ‘Fashion category’ in its annual survey. India Today-AC Nielsen ranked us as the No 2 institution in India for Academic Input in 2011, 2013 and 2014. Consistently maintaining the winning streak, Pearl has proved yet another time the Academy is preferred choice of the design and fashion enthusiasts in India.

Hindustan Times - 16th June, 2010Similarly, we have been ranked high by various other surveys done by eminent publications in the past. In a survey of fashion institutes in India in 2009, Hindustan Times ranked Pearl Academy No. 1 for Faculty Competence. In 2010, we again bagged the top spot for Pedagogic Procedures and Processes and in a 2013 survey by Hindustan Times Campus, Pearl Academy was ranked No. 1 – Excellence in Education –Private Fashion Technology institutes in Delhi / NCR.

Pearl Academy, an institution with a strong track record of quality, graduate outcomes and industry collaboration; is registered under the Societies Registration Act. Since 1995, Pearl Academy has collaborated with Nottingham Trent University (NTU), which is a chartered University in Nottingham, UK. Through this partnership, we offer 15 undergraduate and master courses which are moderated and monitored by the faculty of NTU. The UK Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) has Pearl Academy as a case study – Managing Growth With Quality on its website too. We also have a validation agreement with Domus Academy, Milan, Italy – which was the first graduate design school in Italy.

The courses offered at Pearl Academy do not fall under the purview of the AICTE and as such do not require registration with the AICTE. Similarly, all formal degrees are conferred by NTU and recognized as foreign degrees and do not fall under the remit of the UGC, which monitors local universities in India.

Pearl is nurturing almost 3500 students across its campuses in Naraina, Noida, Jaipur and Mumbai. The Academy has over 4,000 alumni, many of who have continued their higher education at prestigious Indian institutions including Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Indian School of Business (ISB), SP Jain Institute of Management, National Institute of Design (NID) and National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT).

With our employability rate of 98%, Pearlites have secured jobs at leading organisations such as GUCCI, Wills Lifestyle, Reliance Brands, Lakme Diva, Amazon, Marks & Spencer, Rohit Bahl and Shantanu & Nikhil to name a few.

Our associations with several global bodies fortify our intellectual core enabling us to stay ahead of the rest in the industry. Pearl Academy is a corporate member of the Textile Institute in Manchester, UK and has partnerships with FDCI, FICCI – Higher Education Network, Indian Retail Federation and the North India Section of the Textile Institute (NISTI) in India. Internationally, Pearl Academy is linked with the Indo-German Export Promotion, International Apparel Federation, The Netherlands, IFFTI, Cumulus Association, Society of Dyers and Colorists (SDC), UK, UKIERI and Hong Kong Research Institute for Textiles & Apparel (HKRITA), Hong Kong.

Our students as well as alumni have made us proud again and again by achieving many national and international feats. To name a few, here are our shinning Pearlites who are making headlines in the global arena:

Global James McGuire Business Plan Competition, USA

  • 2015 – Kartik Verma (Winner)

Logo Design and Tagline Competition’15 by Ministry of Ayush, Govt. Of India

  • Winner – Ranu Kumar

International Awards

  • International Design Awards15, Los Angeles, USA – Pooja Verma (Winner)
  • World of Business Ideas’15, Mexico – Hiya K Madhu (India representative)
  • A Design Awards’15, Italy – Tanya Bansal (Winner)
  • World Business forum’15, New York, USA – Kanika Khanuja (India representative)

DLF Emporio Design Awards

  • 2015 – Tanya Bansal (Winner)
  • 2015 – Ankur Tyagi (Runner-up)

Wevolve’15, an initiative by World Bank against Gender Based Violence (GBV)

  • Winners – Rituparna Bhattacharjee and Rinkle Paresh Chheda

The industry knows Pearl because of our talented alumni who have created a niche for themselves. Here is a quick round-up of what they have achieved globally:

Manav Gangwani – One of the most versatile fashion designers, Manav has been credited with bringing the significant luxury brands inclusive of Roberto Cavalli, Versace, Emilio Pucci and Missoni to India through his own venture ‘Infinite Luxury’. He is a favourite among many national and international royal families who seek his services for their designer couture.

Abdul Halder – Apart from many feathers of success in his hat, this alumnus of Pearl achieved a remarkable milestone in his life – he designed for the late ‘King of Pop,’ Michael Jackson!

Sanya Dhir – The talented designer collaborated with Yash Raj Films (YRF) to create India’s first Bollywood inspired fashion label called Diva’ni – Where fashion romances Bollywood.

We have many more names including Nikhil Mehra, Priyanka Modi, Manish Gupta, Mandira Virk, Vaishali Shadangule, Divyam Mehta, and so on.

Pearl Academy is committed to continue nurturing and shaping the careers of talented young students seeking to achieve their professional and personal goals in India and globally.


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