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Event management as a career choice



It’s 8 a.m. on a perfect Saturday. You’re all geared up and ready to drive to your favourite music festival. It’s a moment you’ve been waiting for and have planned everything in advance. All your friends, favourite bands and Brands will be there waiting to ensure you have a truly happy weekend. By sharing pictures and videos on social networking sites, you’ll let the world know about your exciting experience during the event. But, when it’s all over you’ll wonder how it all came together. How did someone manage to put so much of fun into one place? One event? One weekend?

Well that someone you call is an Event Manager, who toiled for weeks in advance running from pillar to post, so that you could have an experience of a lifetime. A cool job isn’t it? Easy? Sometimes, it can be but it’s a job which also involves a lot of logistical planning and if your basics are not in place then it can be a logistical nightmare for the person managing the event and the individual experiencing it.

Imagine reaching a venue only to find out the event has been called off. Imagine buying tickets online only to find out that the tickets went to someone else next door. Or, what if you totally landed up at an event that you weren’t supposed to be at in the first place?

There’s only one person at fault here. Not you of course! Good event managers put in a lot of hard work before the event actually takes off and here’s a little about that and more.

The Research

What is the brand all about? Who will speak at the event? What’s the best location? Who are the attendees? How do we reach them? What creature comforts do they need on the day of the event? Who will cover the event? Who are the other kind of people who can attend? This is just some of the stuff, which a good event manager needs to ponder about.

The Technology

Technology plays a vital role in the life of any event. Right from registrations across media to QR Codes on Posters and RFID Tags that tell you how many people entered to where the entire event is being broadcasted and by which means. A great event manager leverages it all to ensure the event is a great success.

The Context

What’s in the air as far as the country is concerned? What’s that one topic people are crazy about these days? What’s trending on social media? How does it all connect the dots and touch your event? The best Event manager is on top of it all.

The Location, Neighbourhood & the Environment

It’s simple really. An Event manager with the right amount of planning will always clean up after the party is over.

The Right Schooling

And finally, the right education always helps a good event manager to learn all that’s required to be a class apart. From planning to management, sustainability, logistics, catering, hospitality, communication, registration, pricing, budgeting, relationship management and transportation, there’s a lot that goes into a successfully managed event and at a good school you can grasp all the finer details of being an Event Manager to look out for!

If, you have more questions about event management or any of our programs then simply call 1800 103 3005 or email us at for a visit to a Pearl Academy campus close to you.

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5 Make-up trends you need to follow now!



It’s not just your wardrobe that you need to update every season. Here are some make-up trends that you must follow to stay stylish and look your fashionable best.

The New Smoky -Eyes

We all love the smoky eye make- up.  They add the right amount of drama and elegance to up your fashion quotient for the next evening soiree. But this time, we urge you to try a newer take. Ditch that black and grey pallet and opt for browns and bronze instead. Brown perfectly complements the Indian eyes and gives them the right amount of depth. So, next time you step out, let your eyes do all the talking.

The 90’s Lips

From ripe berry to plum black to oxblood red, this season is all about the sea of lip color that even Marilyn Monroe will approve too. Red is bold, outgoing and at the same time, sexy. Hence, a perfect red according to your skin type is a must this season. Trust us, you will never feel let down.

Bronze Shadow

If last season was all about matt, this season the trend is doing a black flip. We’ve seen metallic eyeshadow before, but this season it’s about bronze rather than the classic gold or silver. The colour really warms up the face and works equally well with the classic red lips or the natural nudes.

Flushed Cheeks

Flushed cheeks from the winter cold is what a lot of make-up artist are trying this year. The “just stepped out on a cold windy day” look is more natural and probably doesn’t even require to be created in the Delhi winters.

Graphic Liner

Put those winged eyes on hold and go for a straight and bold swipe this year. Double lines and half outer bold lines are just few examples which you can try.  Graphic liner makes your eyes elongated and adds intrigue to your face. The amount of experiment you can do with this trend makes it our favourite.

Try it out and look in vogue with the latest make-up trends. Don’t forget to put on the right amount of attitude, because that is a must!

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Last Week at a Glance

“Work hard in silence, Let success be your noise”

How badly you want something, dictates how hard you work at it. There is nothing that gives us more joy than our students earning success for all their hard work and efforts. The dignity and esteem that is bestowed upon Pearl Academy is accredited to its students in its entire totality.
The Gems of Pearl have done us proud yet again and we are honoured to share their stories –

Headlines @ Pearl

1.Pearl Academy ranked #2 among top fashion colleges in India

Pearl Academy’s Delhi campus was ranked #2 among top fashion colleges in India by the India Today AC Nielsen Survey 2015. Shining brilliantly, the Jaipur campus climbed up to the 7th spot from being #10 last year.
Thanks to all its talented Pearlites, Pearl Academy is clearly a favourite amongst the creative community.
Click here to congratulate fellow Pearlites >

25-6 morning (re worked) copy

2.Meet the Top 10 brightest minds of India

The much awaited results of the Who’s Next Scholarship were announced this week. The 10 winners were chosen from a total of 1700 entries. The winners impressed Manish Malhotra, Suzanne Khan and other distinguished jury members with their innovative projects.

Click here to congratulate the young and bright minds >


Entrepreneurs @ Pearl

1. Pearl Academy graduate Sunaina Harjai’s brainchild “Hats Off Accessories” is creating buzz in the fashion world. Sunaina started her own label of handcrafted leather bags, shoes and hats with her brother, Siddharth Harjai. Sunaina and Siddharth belong to a family with 40 years of shoe making history and have their roots in
high quality craftsmanship and classy British aesthetics.


Image source:

2.Avisha Chaudhary’s App – The Gentlemen’s Club, which help men shop better, received high acclaim and also got published in Deccan Herald. Avisha Chaudhary, a student of BA (Hons) Fashion Media Communication in School of Fashion, Styling and Textiles (Naraina) decided to help the male community make better shopping decisions. Her innovative project has caught the eye of many.


Image source: Avisha’s Instagram Account

Acclaimed Faculty

Kalpana Subramanian, Associate Professor at the School of Communication, Media and Film has been invited to be a Nomination Juror for the 8th Competitive CMS Vatavaran International Environment and Wildlife Film Festival. CMS VATAVARAN is one of the most prestigious film festivals across the globe and has successfully positioned India as a vibrant destination for environment and wildlife filmmaking. The theme for the festival for 2015 is ‘Water for Life’ with a special focus on ‘Conserving our water bodies’. Kalpana Subramanian has been an artist in residence at Stadtmuehle Willisau (Switzerland) and Artestudio Ginestrelle (Italy). This year she was awarded a Fulbright Nehru Academic and Professional Excellence Fellowship. She has been teaching in the communication design course since 2006 and has served as acting Course Leader in 2012 and 2013.


Pearlites in News

1.Pearl alumni, Rohan Chhabra got featured in Here For Good ’15, a Global Impact Report by Laureate International Universities. The Report features Rohan’s project, ‘Project Endangered’ showcasing a series of hunting outfits that turn into representations of the animal under threat. Rohan’s idea creates room for discussion on the extinction of endangered animal species like the elephant, mountain gorilla, tigerand rhino among others. Read the report here >


Image source: Here For Good’15

2.An article by Drishti Vij, student of BA (Hons) Fashion Media Communication, Level 2 in School of Fashion, Styling and Textiles (Naraina) got featured in L’Officiel magazine. Drishti’s article, ‘Big Girl in a Thin World’ talks about imperfect sizes in a world full of so called ‘Crafted’ and ‘Perfect’ bodies. Read Drishti’s article here >

Follow Drishti on twitter >


Image Source: Drishti’s twitter account

3. Sukanya Deepak from the School of Communication, Media and Film got featured in India’s leading publication, Deccan Herald. Sukanya’s final year project, ‘Memoirs of 1947’ is a thoroughly researched piece of work which impressed a journalist and he decided to write about it in the newspaper. Click here to read the full article. >


Image source:

4.Alumna Suveshi Jain made us proud by being published in the Jaipur edition of Dainik Bhaskar. Suveshi’s final year project, The Dying butterfly, talks about Butterflies and how they are being pushed towards extinction.


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Rohan Chhabra is ‘Here For Good’ with Project ‘Endangered’

Rohan-Chhabra-Blog-260x300Rohan Chhabra is redefining the connections among fashion, art and advocacy. He has quickly become a widely celebrated and respected designer and producer of clothing that challenges our expectations, our sense of personal responsibility, and the connection we feel to the world around us.

“The rate at which animals are becoming extinct is now 1,000 times faster than at any other point in history. This is due to human activity, hunting, and severe exploitation of the physical environment,” said Rohan. This striking realization inspired Rohan to use his work in fashion and product design as a platform for action.

Meeting Cora Goettmann, head of design at Pearl Academy, was a turning point for Rohan. With a long-held interest in product design and development, Rohan was initially unsure how he would approach his study in the world of fashion. Cora, however, challenged his thinking and opened up a world of possibilities that have set Rohan on a path he had
never imagined.

“Cora understood and supported me like no one else could. After four years with Pearl Academy, I was more confident, outspoken, ambitious, and had defined and developed my own aesthetic and methodology,”
Rohan said.

“Cora gave me the freedom to see and explore fashion not just as a particular style, but as products and as a platform. This helped me understand fashion was less about designing a look, and could in fact be about significant emotional and ethical connections. This really allowed me to start developing a new narrative for my work and for my future.”

Rohan describes his collections as “design for debate.” For example, as part of his Project Endangered line, Rohan has designed leather pants that transform into a cow, and hunting jackets that show the story of the hunter becoming the hunted.

Project Endangered aims to explore the issue of extinction of endangered species like the elephant, the mountain gorilla, the tiger and the rhino. By designing a series of hunting outfits that turn into representations of the animal under threat, Rohan reminds us of our complicity in the problem. The aim is to create a somewhat disturbing experience that moves from aesthetics to moral reflection.

Rohan’s work has received many international awards, including Best Design Project featured in Vogue Italy, the Grand Prix at the Asia Awards, Best Young Creator at Tokyo Designers Week, and the Wildlife Artist of the Year
(Endangered Wildlife Category) organized by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation in London.

“I’ve taken my own path and have dedicated myself to something I really believe in.” In the future, Rohan plans to continue to promote his latest collection online, develop a relationship with an international wildlife protection foundation, and inspire a reduction in the unnecessary killing of animals.

His project aims to explore the serious issue of extinction of endangered species like Elephant, mountain gorilla, tiger, rhino, etc. Several hunting activities and severe exploitation of physical environment is the main reason behind this.Rohan's work***Content courtesy – Laureate Global Impact Report 2015 – Here For Good

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Meet the “Next” Generation of designers, the winners of ‘Who’s Next’ Scholarship!

Our quest to find India’s 10 most creative minds through ‘Who’s Next’ scholarship program has come to an end. More than 1700 entries from all over the country were submitted in to win the prestigious scholarship. Adjudged by the ‘Who’s Next’ jury including renowned names from the creative industries – Manish Malhotra, Sussanne Khan, Rahul Mishra, Prof. Vikas Satwalekar, Mohan Neelkantan, Dr. Sanyogeitaa Chaddha and Dr. Priya Mary Mathew, the contestants were marked on various skill sets including their level of creativity, innovation, originality and ability to tackle complex problems. The competition proved to be a great platform for young & dynamic minds who wish to make it big at the top level while studying at Pearl Academy.

Want to know who made it to the top 10 and why! Here is a dope on the innovative ideas submitted by India’s most creative minds:



Sakeena Tayebji’s ‘Khana Do’ initiative was conceptualized keeping in mind only one goal – How could we think out of the box to solve one of the perennial problems – hunger, plaguing the mankind. She makes an attempt which couples human values such as philanthropy, love and caring with cutting edge technology such as smartphones, the internet and social networking.




Md. Umar from Tonk, Rajasthan, presented the idea of making fashionable yet affordable clothing for the ‘mango people’. His dream is to design clothes for people from all walks of life, so that no one has to bend their desires to live the life of their dreams.



Another innovative idea of an Eco-Friendly washroom was presented by Divyansha Rawat who impressed everybody with her unique concept. Her aim through her project is to eradicate the problem of wastage of water by recycling it for using it again. 



Ambika-blogAmbika Ajmani from Bhopal touched sensitive issues like gender equality and openness, female foeticide and abuse, illiteracy, women empowerment, youth depression, and eradication of poverty. Her vision is to bring a change in the society through collaborated efforts by reaching out to the people who are working on such causes to build a better nation.




Chinar Sharma from Dehradun has taken a beautiful initiative to help the cancer affected patients by designing fashionable clothes for them, which will break the monotony and will provide them a trendy look. Her main aim is to make the patients feel empowered and confident among themselves when they look into the mirror.




Nishtha-blogNishtha Singh simply floored the judges with her beautiful creations which she made using the paint brush and colours to the maximum effect. Her artwork is mostly inspired by mythology, mystical and magical things depicting the beauty of nature, flora and animals, especially horses.





Sukriti Garg’s projection of a ‘Chair’ is used in her representation to portray a theme that if a person has just the right knowledge, then for him/her the world is a playground (as it is a chair and a book shelf too). Knowledge will get him the opportunity to showcase his talent to the world.




 Shashank Shekher Singh discussed the serious issue of child marriage in his project; with this artwork his aim is to eliminate this evil practice completely from our society. He wants to convey this message that marrying at such an adolescent age can completely spoil the innocence, youth and dreams of a girl child.





India is a big country and is densely populated. The issue of ‘Overpopulation’ has been plaguing our country from a very long time. Garima Singhal made her project on this topic by using lamp as a metaphor to perfectly depict this ever-growing problem. Her aim is to create awareness among the masses related on this complex problem.



Monica-blogThis ‘Mumbai ki Chori’ a.k.a Monica A. Vanniyar surely won the hearts of judges. She worked on the given theme – ‘World is my Playground’ in a unique manner. According to Monica, her creativity is the mirror image of herself and she also feels that entertainment is one of the best ways to express your feelings. Beauty of Nature, innocence of happiness, heights of achievements, kingdom of creativity, wisdom of entertainment, colors of emotions, simplicity of hard work are few pointers which were discussed in her presentation.


The projects who won this prestigious scholarship program were unique in concept and also have a mass appeal targeting the larger group of audience. The chosen candidates have won scholarship waiving off the whole tuition fee and an all-expense paid study trip to the USA offered by Pearl Academy.

Heartiest Congratulations to all the winners on making it big with Pearl!

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Stylise your Next Yoga Session

‘Yoga’– the very word radiates peace and tranquility. In simple terms, the ultimate goal of Yoga is to control an individual’s mind and the soul.


The word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’, which essentially means to join or unite. Now, there is a long list of western spiritual gurus spreading the word too. Around the world, there is a visible increase in the growing meditation movement happening including your town or city. Hip-hop moguls are writing books about it, movie stars blogging about it, the yoga centres are packed with stretched bodies and quiet minds. In short, Yoga focusses on calmness, control and flexibility, so clothing should not interfere while achieving these goals.

This newly cropped up craze is getting a lot of attention from the fashion fraternity too. And, the internet is buzzing with their views on the simple and comfy but stylish yoga wear. Here is a guide on how you can practice a healthy yoga in a stylish avatar this season:

The Right Top: Keeping our prime focus on the comfort factor, one should select a top which is fashionable and exudes your confidence level. Especially, for the contemporary women, there is a wide range of tops designed for yoga such as tanks, T-shirts and long-sleeved shirts. Yoga-specific attire should be stretchy, soft and moisture wicking, and many yoga companies use organic or biodegradable fibres. Cotton and linen would work perfectly for a hot and intense yoga session.

The Perfect Bottom: Unrestricted or free movement is the most important factor while selecting bottoms, so make sure the material is comfortable and fitted and does not require adjustments while holding postures. Any type of athletic clothing will serve this purpose if yoga-specific clothing is not attainable.
A pair of Tights or Leggings: If you are a bit hesitant about trying something new or extravagant during your first yoga session, a pair of leggings will save your day with ease. A perfectly tailored pair of leggings will allow you to get into flexible poses without any discomfort.

Layering: Many brands around the world produce layering pieces such as long-sleeved thermal hoodies and lightweight zippers. These are perfect to wear during cooler weather when traveling to a yoga class or to wear in a room that may be cold. Layers can also aid in raising core temperature and loosening muscles during the warm up and prevent chills during final relaxation when the body is not producing as much heat.

Add some Spunk to your overall outfit: Jewellery and accessories are a big NO while attending a yoga session. To add some bling to your plain look you can try funky headbands or hair tie, stylish gloves or wristbands that will come also come handy while performing high intensity yoga sessions. It will certainly rev up your glam quotient to the next level.

A Yoga Bag: A bag will become your perfect partner to keep all your essentials in place without any hassles. Most of the yoga classes can get awfully sweaty and you might get tired at the end of the session. Carrying a clean towel and a sipper in your bag would save your day in this hot n humid summer.

The Yoga mat: It’s always a nice idea to have your own personalized yoga mat. A nice cushioned thick mat will allow you super comfort while trying innovative and complex yoga postures. Your yoga mat will become your perfect buddy the next time you step out.

Personal Tip – Light colours and earthy tones harmonize well with yoga’s Zen effect. For fashion divas, yoga clothing can be found with design details like rhinestones, prints and embroidery.

Regardless of gender, the best clothing to wear for yoga is anything that you’re comfortable to move in. Dress in clothing that allows the skin to breathe and your body to move in any direction without getting stuck or caught on anything. The less bulky or fussy, the better it will be.
The world is investing in this beautiful soulful practice of Yoga, are you?

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Last Week at a Glance

At Pearl Academy we aspire to empower the creative minds by fostering the development of students through personal and shared experiences. Nothing gives us more pleasure than seeing our students and pupils harness this emotion and create something not just for personal gain but for the benefit of the society at large. It’s an honour and delight to nurture the talent of these fore runners of the community and with great pride we share their stories –

News @ Pearl


1. Pearl Academy has achieved the feat of ranking 4th in the ‘THE WEEK – Hansa Research Best Courses & Colleges Survey 2015’ under the category of ‘Fashion Technology Colleges’. The Hansa research survey was recently conducted across India. The purpose of the survey was to come up with a list of top colleges in India based on the perceptual index. Several thousand in-depth student and expert interviews were carried out and Pearl academy has climbed the ladder and stood 4th, an improvement from being ranked 5th in 2014.
2. Kartik Verma, whose brain child ‘Assuage Mom’ won the Global James McGuire 2015, USA has received a low-interest loan of $50,000 USD for the company proposed in his business plan. Kartik Verma a student of Fashion Business Management (FBM) at Naraina campus of Pearl Academy conceptualised his ambitious project when he decided to help his sister and many more like her to comfortably feed their babies on an outing during the nursing phase. The Global James McGuire Business Plan Competition promotes the entrepreneurial spirit among undergraduates and young working adults.

Projects @ Pearl

blog-post (00000002)

1. Arya Vijayan’s tap ‘Tappy’ to spread smile! – Pearl Academy’s Arya Vijayan came up with an idea to make an app for social good and named it ‘Tappy’. The purpose of this app is to build awareness in the users and also inspire them to do something good for the society. The app engages the user in various interesting ways and it aims at reducing stress in our lives as well as to raise funds for Operation Smile (India), an NGO which provides free surgery to children who are born with cleft deformity.
2. Ishita Chawla’s Let’s Fight Fear with Freddy! – ‘Let’s Fight Fear with Freddy’ a brain child of Ishita Chawla from the School of Communication, Media & Film at Pearl Academy is a beautifully illustrated book explaining in a very simple yet interactive way that how a child between the age of 4-6 years can overcome his fears and grow stronger. Ishita’s creative approach has a potential to change children’s approach towards fear and bring a positive change in their life.
3. Manik Madan’s Caspur – An app that helps you overcome procrastination – Faced with challenge of procrastination and delaying imperative tasks among his peers and young professionals Manik Madan from the School of Communication, Media & Film at Pearl Academy came up with a brilliant concept. A mobile application that deals with the problem of procrastination and helps overcome it by planning/organising your tasks and motivates you to finish your task which results in rewards in the form of vouchers.
4. Niyati Jain’s Small Spider Symphony – With an aim to foster creativity and encourage imagination in the budding minds of young kids, Niyati Jain a student of Communication Design, Pearl Academy produced her final project as an animated book on spiders which showed the exciting and the charming side of this rare species. In the book, she made a story based on real facts about spiders which not many people are aware of and then extended animations and popups to her self-sketched and painted characters.

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Trends to look for this season in interior designing


A home speaks more about your personality than your clothes, then why not keep it as trendy as you are. Here are some trends that will help you make your home more you and stylish this year. This year it’s all about going bold, personal and out of the box. What better way to style your home than giving it a ‘you’ accent.

Stick to a color Palette
Going for a major wall treatment, or choosing a show stopping shade of paint. So this year, spend more time finding a small color scheme you love, and worry less about balancing a rainbow of hues. Sticking to a small color pallete will add more dimension to your room and make it more elegant and cosy.

Oversize Art

To achieve a look that’s clean and crisp on your walls, go for a single statement piece of art. This will make your room appear more spacious and lighter. Throw out the the gallery and put on the one big and bold statement art on that wall.

Personalize it

The most interesting homes by far are the ones that tell the story of the life being lived by the owners, so this year consider prioritizing personal over perfect. Add your sense of style to your home by adding your favourite photos , quotes, a quirky collection proudly put on display are just of a few of the options to add more of you to your rooms.

Window sheers

Transparent, fresh, bright, light; these are words that are on the lips this season. An easy way to create mood while not sacrificing privacy or light are window sheers. So loose those double cloth cutains and heacy aztic prints behind. And make you living room more spacious and full of light.

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Niyati Jain’s Small Spider Symphony

Did the Santa Claus actually ring the bells on Christmas and stuff our closet with loads of gifts, or is it true that the Spider-man will become our savior when we are in some trouble? These questions may seem hypothetical or trivial to us but they conquer the minds of our little sweethearts in their adolescent age.

In fact Albert Einstein quoted the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but intelligence itself. But it’s sad that we force our children and stuff them with facts without bowing to the greater good of creativity and the encouragement of imagination.


Niyati Jain, student of Communication Design, Pearl Academy decided to choose her final project on Spiders, as kids are always inquisitive about insects and many are scared of them while a few love them. She designed a book for the kids which showed the exciting and the cutest side of this rare species.

Her motto of this project is to bring smile to those innocent faces which are at a nascent stage. The majority of work in the book is hand done as she herself sketched, painted and designed all the characters with minimal use of technology. According to Niyati “My majority of the work is for kids and I love to see that innocent smile on these cute faces which are also a source of inspiration for me.”


In the book, she made a story based on real facts about spiders which not many people are aware of and then have designed the characters, a pop up and an animation around it. mirror-t-shirt


Curiosity being the most important trait in developing a human brain at any stage of life. Among all, children have the most curious minds that want to explore the world. So this book is a good initiative that will help kids to imagine and stay curious as it is a critical feature of the child’s cognitive and social development.

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Akshardham inspired Rohini Varshney to create ‘Dharohar’


Rohini Varshney

Considered among one of the oldest civilizations in the world, Indian civilization began about 4,500 years ago. Despite a series of cultural invasions, it retained its culture and heritage for the future generations of ‘Bharat’.

The rich and glorious past, architecture, culture, art & craft, etc. of India have always been a muse to many national and international designers. No surprise that our student Rohini Varshney chose one of the most recent architectural marvel and symbol of  devotion, learning and harmony – Akshardham, for her final year project.

Inspired from Akshardham, Rohini from the Pg-Fashion Design course named her garments’ collection as ‘Dharohar’ which in Hindi language means heritage or legacy.

Akshardham temple in New Delhi exemplifies 10,000 years of Indian culture in all its breath-taking grandeur, beauty, wisdom and bliss. It brilliantly showcases the essence of India’s ancient architecture, traditions and timeless spiritual messages. The Akshardham experience is an enlightening journey through India’s glorious art, values and contributions for the progress, happiness and harmony of mankind. Everything about it mesmerised Rohini and used used temple’s peculiar and aesthetic construction like, pillars, toms, carving, motifs, and most importantly framework for her creation. Rohini combined the repetitive approach of elements, like lines and monograms with Calcutta traditional fabric.

Overall, this collection is a perfect blend of contemporary thinking and our age old customs which binds us all in a single thread. After taking a look at this beautiful collection, we can surely say Job well done girl!


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