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Manish Malhotra and Sussanne Khan to choose India’s 10 most creative minds with Pearl Academy’s Who’s next…

Win Scholarship and an all-expense paid trip to USA

Pearl Academy is set to find India’s 10 most creative minds in its ‘Who’s Next’ scholarship program, which is live and on till May 15. Among the esteemed set of judges we have Manish Malhotra, the famous fashion designer and Sussanne Khan, Interior designer and entrepreneur choosing the top 10. The chosen candidates will win scholarship and an all-expenses paid trip to the US.

Who’s Next is open to anyone who has appeared for Class 12 exam and is looking to study at Pearl Academy. The application process is simple and quick. Visit the Who’s Next website and log in with your Facebook ID. Tell us your big idea on the theme – The world is your playground, its objective and why we should choose you. The opportunity of a lifetime awaits you.

The competition is a great platform for dynamic minds to access the best opportunities. The best minds in history have attempted to solve such problems by fusing imagination with creativity, and Pearl Academy believes in that approach.

A creative mind looks at a problem more comprehensively, embracing the unknown and the uncomfortable. According to a study, some of the characteristics of a creative mind are flexibility, originality, curiosity and risk-affinity.

By linking creativity to problem-solving, you make better use of your knowledge and skills. So, if you believe that you have it in you to be the next big thing, Who’s Next is perfect for you.


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SCMF engages with Future Communication Designers at Comic Con in Bangalore

IMG_7369They have fascinated each one of us; we all have aspired to become one of those; we have believed in them and made them an integral part of our childhood – The indestructible and incredible Superheroes!

And if you are still a comic-geek and want to relive your childhood, ‘Comic Con’ is all what you need to quench your thirst for the dose on superheroes and the new comic books from all over the world. Recently, the Bangalore edition of Comic Con was organized and guess what! Pearl was present there!!

School of Communication, Media & Film (SCMF) from Pearl Academy hosted a series of interesting and fun-filled activities at Comic Con to engage students in a rather informative way. This particular School from Pearl has been adding value to the rapidly expanding spectrum of Communication Design and comics being one of them. Producing skilled professionals armed with intellectual & conceptual thinking and innovative visualization for the new age professions, the CMF School has become a cradle to the future designers.

IMG_7098Coming back to the activities by Pearl at Comic Con, nearly 1500 students and visitors participated in this making our efforts worthwhile. The enthusiastic and young audience participated in activities such as Beat Boxing, Street Dance, Free style dance, Fast and furious competition, Interview of all comic Stars, Act or Dialogue by the Comic Star, Selfie Counter, Arm Wrestling, etc.

Experts from Pearl also apprised the visitors on the increasing education and employment possibilities in this domain. And interestingly, we received an overwhelming response from them to join the league of designers in the arena of Communication Design. Now that’s a good news!

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The STEP UP Journey of Ashish Dhaka


Recently one of our faculty members from New Delhi campus, Ashish Dhaka was selected in the top 3 finalists for The STEP UP. A unique mentorship program in the fields of food, fashion and music, The STEP UP gave a chance to Ashish to prove his mettle in front of the avant-garde designer Nikhil Thampi. During the entire churning process, Ashish showcased his brilliance in the one of its kind India’s first digital mentorship platform where designers from different parts of the country were participating too.

Ashish went to Mumbai for the audition round after getting shortlisted for the show. Talking about the audition round, Mr. Dhaka said “We were given the task to design a red carpet look using black and white accents of red.”
He further added “For the task I took inspiration from Moulin rouge and translated into an evening gown that had layering and an off-centric colour blocking. I became part of the top three and the platform gave me opportunity to showcase my work.”

“The second task was about creating Avant-garde from material provided to us in a gunny bag, so I chose to work on the idea of zero wastage and talking about sustainability which has to become the future of fashion. I made a jacket from jute which was lined with bubble wrap, it was two rectangular pieces. The trouser for the outfit was also made out of a square. I won this task and was given a crest for it.

The third task was a pretty interesting one, as we had to take inspiration from Nikhil Thampi’s collection and use the same material to create something unique. I created a sultry 90’s Bollywood blouse and a jumpsuit saree.
Our fourth task was to make an evening wear for the Bollywood diva, Soha Ali Khan. A lot depends on this task as everybody wants to give their best shot in it. So after understanding her style and body shape, I concluded to work on slender V-neck gown. It had an asymmetrical molten gold style line which was achieved thorough distressed foil printing.

The finale task was the toughest and the most challenging one in the show. For this task, my job is to get inspired from the colour red and develop a capsule collection to be showcased on the runway.

i dont know rgb (1)

My take on the colour Red perfectly defined with this concept note:
The Tilak, the Roli, in her Sindoor , & in the colors of Holi, in the bindi & thechilli, and in the spirit of you and me, in passion & in power, resides the electricity that runs through my veins, the color that ignites my soul, the color that binds I to the we, the society and me. It is MY red, it is The red that belongs to us and to me. Decades of chronicles and hierarchy have given me identity; have given my RED a story, a story I am ready to narrate, narrate to those who desire knowledge of the magic of passion, and an essence of the lived past, a mass of ideas that have prevailed through the years into our existence, our present. A unification of these is an eye into the multiplicities of my culture. The today, that is personified by the spontaneous and the free spirited, those that roam (saadhus) with or without purpose, only identified with their potential, a strength that can never be capped. The organicity of the forms crafted by dripping ink, knows no boundaries hence, delivering the required tinge of an unshackled being. The collection imbibes contemporary pattern making and cutting techniques piled with the draping styles of dhotis and sarees . It’s my color… your color.. it’s our color…

“The colour that defines so much in our rich culture and tradition …”


Talking about his whole journey Mr. Dhaka said “The finale show earned me lot of contacts from some known people in the industry and I was also appreciated for my work. I have got offers to showcase my collection at Lakme fashion week and sell my clothing line on Pernia’s Pop up store.

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Pearlites spreading the essence of Punjab at Mela Phulkari

Mela PhulkariWear your heart on your sleeve just like a true Punjabi and enjoy the rich colours, art & craft and design flavours of the liveliest state of India, Punjab at ‘Mela Phulkari’ in the capital of India – Delhi!

Mela Phulkari is an annual affair organised by Punjabi brand 1469workshop to celebrate the Punjabi crafts and traditions. Recently, the School of Creative Business and Foundation Design at Pearl teamed up to collaborate with the brand to put together an installation at Mela Phulkari’s this year edition in Delhi at India Habitat Centre. With a team of 20 students under the creative guidance of faculty members Khushbu Dublish and Shovin Bhattacharjee, an installation ‘Life of Punjab’ was created with the support of Sanya Shankar and Vivek Karmokar.

Mela Phulkari1‘Life of Punjab’ is a boat that symbolically represents culmination of the five rivers of the original Punjab region. The five rivers of culture, namely Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Sutlej and Beas are shown to depict the rich heritage of Punjab with respect to beautiful textiles of Phulkari and Bagh, mesmerizing Gurmukhi calligraphy, popular verses, spiritual songs, vibrant fertile landscapes, rhythmic dances and impressionable brave icons. The installation speaks of the elements that inculcate the feelings of pride and sovereignty in the culture and talks of the remarkable people who have contributed in making Punjab a synonym of Life itself.

Unity as a metaphor is used to perfectly showcase the physical aspect and Diversity is used to represent the visual aspect of the Phulkari festival. The complete installation speaks of the elements that inculcate the feelings of pride and sovereignty in the culture and talks of the remarkable people and crafts that have contributed in making Punjab a synonym of Life itself, the Paragon of Punjab.

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Pearl Academy, Noida students win laurels at international ‘Laureate Impulse Photo Contest’

Pearl Academy, Noida students win laurels at international ‘Laureate Impulse Photo Contest’

Three students from the School of Communication Media and Film at Pearl Academy Noida have made the academy proud by winning this year’s international Laureate Impulse Photo Contest. The impressive works by Vijaya Sondhi, Akansha Malhotra and Arohi Jain were adjudged best by the selection panel at Laureate.

The Laureate Impulse Photo contest was open to students across the world. The participating students had to write an inspiring phrase, using one of the impulse words; creativity, clarity, courage or comparison and upload the photograph and the phrase on the Impulse Facebook page. The winners were decided on the basis of total number of likes that they received from all over the world.

Congratulating the winners, Ms. Nien Siao, Director, Pearl Academy-Noida campus, said, “I’m very proud of our students who have stepped up to the challenges of presenting their creative works at international platforms. It is exciting to know that our students are so finely tuned into the digital environment on a global scale. We commend the students’ drive to reach international benchmarks and the confidence to share their visual expressions on an international scale; it speaks volume of what they have learnt in their nourishing academic environment. I am more proud of their attempt and effort to be contemporary, to be progressive creators and to contribute to making the world a richer place with diverse views, while winning the contest is an added bonus.”

 Pearl Academy is a member of the Laureate International Universities (LIU) Network, which has a presence in 29 countries serving more than 950,000 students globally.

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Pearlite Hiya Madhu on her experience at WOBI, Mexico

Pearlite Hiya Madhu on her experience at WOBI, Mexico

«Submitted by Hiya K. Madhu, student at Pearl Academy – Delhi»

If I had just one word to explain the entire experience of World Of Business Ideas (WOBI) on Leadership – 2015, there is just one word that comes to my mind – Overwhelming. The event offered me lessons not just on a professional level but also on a very personal and emotional level. On one hand there were eminent speakers from all over the world talking about such diverse topics but all converged to one single theme – how to become a better leader. Elements like – psychology, happiness, decision-making, power of mind, neuroscience, consciousness and self-awareness were all strewn together to explain what differentiates an average person from a leader. And I can confidently speak on behalf of all the student representatives from all across the Laureate network, that the event left us inspired and motivated to bring about a change in us and in the lives of those around us.

However, at the end of the four days, the 2 days conference was not the only highlight. The opportunity to participate in the live telecast of the conference across the Laureate campuses was one of the firsts for most of us. Facing the camera and going live across so many television screens was frightening but also exhilarating at the same time. The anxiety of being in front of the camera was very effectively diminished by the camera training that we had received a day earlier preparing us all for the real act well in advance. There is one thought and only one thought that comes to one’s mind when you go on screen – it is your institution that you represent, the pride of belonging to a nation so rich. There is a responsibility on your shoulders that in that few minutes you need to show to the world all that you are and all that your institution has instilled in you. And today, looking back to it, I sincerely hope I was able to meet all the expectation from me.

But for me the opportunity to meet so many people from different parts of the world was an experience which was unparalleled. Never in my life have I been in the same room as people from so many nationalities. There was so much to learn from everybody. Every single person I talked to had something new to tell me. Learning about their cultures and traditions as well as sharing the culture of my country with them filled me with a sense of pride and an unexplained bliss. There was an inexplicable bond that was shared in that moment among all us students. We made memories together which are going to stay with us for the rest of our lives. This experience just strengthened my belief in the saying – “People may forget what you said, people may forget what you did but people never forget how you made them feel”. Mexico city is a vibrant city bustling with energy and festivity. It has got a rich history and many testaments of that history for one to experience. Every corner of every city seems like it has a story to tell you. Just being in Mexico city was a dream like experience made even more beautiful with the amazing company of the Laureate team.

To sum it up I would like to quote one line that Mr Travis Bradberry, the first speaker at the event had said – “In life we always win the small battles to lose the final war”. This one line set up the tone for this entire experience for me. Every moment was a victory in its own. But at the same time every moment was a realisation that there is a bigger war to be won, there are bigger boundaries to be conquered. The war of becoming a better person, the war of bringing a change in you and the world around you, the war of emerging a leader and leading to make a mark in the society. I cannot thank Pearl Academy and Laureate connect enough for this one in a lifetime opportunity and the lessons learnt from it are going to stay with me forever.


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7 Success Mantras from World renowned Master Planner and Architect Hafeez Contractor

7 Success Mantras from World renowned Master Planner and Architect Hafeez Contractor

The awestruck audience could hardly take their attention away from the wizard of planning and architecture Hafeez Contractor who interacted with more than 200 listeners at our Jaipur campus yesterday. The world-renowned master planner and architect shared success Mantras with Pearlites, school students, parents and our faculty members. As the Academy also offers UG and PG courses in Interior Architecture and Design, and Interior Design, the session was very useful for many.

Talking about the vitality of design, Hafeez said, “Design is about functionality, form, aesthetics and solution. A successful designer is the one who balances these and provides an answer to user’s need for a comfortable space.

Nothing is impossible if you apply your mind. And, if designers apply their mind, they can overcome the functional challenges easily.” said Hafeez about designing a useful and aesthetically beautiful piece in architecture.

Hafeez also mentioned that there is a huge scope in the domain of interior designing. “The interior designers are in demand and they also earn handsome salaries. Architecture firms need interior designers who could understand the need of their customers and provide innovative solutions.” Hafeez added further.


The maestro shared 7 Mantras with the aspiring designers for a successful career:

  1. In design, everything has to have a purpose
  2. Best design is the one that is aesthetically functional
  3. Be different, think faster and act fastest
  4. Knowledge of multiple disciplines is a must for designers
  5. With Technology comes newer possibilities, so, adopt neo tech solutions
  6. Strict time management and stringent control on Cost are crucial
  7. Best quality material is indispensable in any design

Dr. Veena Dutta, Director, Pearl Academy-Jaipur campus, said, “It was a pleasure to have Hafeez at the campus today. His immense knowledge and experience in the industry was enlightening for the audiences. Such global insights are very useful for the aspiring designers to think differently about their education and future careers.”

At Pearl Academy, we have always endeavored to bring the best of industry experts and insights for our students to benefit them with global exposure and useful tips for their bright future. Eminent industry stalwarts such as Hafeez Contractor; Prof. Roberto Fraquelli, Professor of Design and Head of Three Dimensional Design, University of Plymouth, England (UK); Jean Marc – Design Director, Marketer & Luxury Expert; award-winning Photographer Udit Kulshrestha; Digital Activist and Journalist Shubhranshu Choudhary; Musician Tritha Sinha; famed fashion designers Mumtaz Khan and Pooja Arya among many other names have been invited to the Academy and their sessions have enlightened pearlites in many ways.” added Dr. Veena Dutta further.

It is thrilling to see the experienced ones share their valuable knowledge with the budding ones.


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