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Pearlites Skoring against the Taboo of Condoms via ‘Skore Fashionista’

Group1“Shhh….!!! We don’t talk about it!”

This is a very common expression by most of the Indians when it comes to talk about condoms which are a taboo subject in India. The topic of sex or precautionary measures such as condoms is generally avoided in public places or otherwise.

But, the well-known youth condom brand SKORE condoms which has also done a lot of innovative campaigns to promote condoms’ awareness in the masses, conducted India’s first design contest and fashion show ‘SKORE Fashionista’ in Mumbai to break the barriers of taboo towards condoms recently. And, 7 teams of Pearlites participated in the fashion show supporting the cause.  

In total, 21 students with 3 in each team from the Post-Graduate Fashion Design course at Pearl Academy’s Mumbai based campus participated in the event. Pearlites submitted 1 designer costume per team making it a submission of total 7 garments in which 70% of the garment was created with the help of non-lubricated condoms and wrappers.

GroupStudents created different textures and showed an excellent design execution and team effort. It was a great learning experience for them not only in terms of exploring an idea, a material but also helped in what the show set out to achieve ‘Normalising’ the use of the term ‘Condoms’.

In the fashion show, 36 teams with 78 students participated who were from many prestigious design and fashion institutes such as INIFD, WLCI, et al along with Pearl Academy. The show-stopper was the gorgeous Mugdha Godse who wore a scintillating outfit designed by one of the participants at SKORE Fashionista.

Check out what the teams from Pearl Academy Mumbai created and showcased at the fashion show:


Team 1


Team 1- Rinkle Cheda, Nilima Bohra, Karishma Kachela

The team intended to spread awareness about unsafe sex and prevent aids so that all the colors of the life are nurtured. The team tried to use a band showing the sign of HIV-AIDS represented by halter neck and the skirt consists of different textures made by the wrappers of condoms.


Team 2


Team 2 – Sakshi Jhunjhunwala, Vaishali Kedia, Divya Jain


Theme – Be A Hero For A Better World

CONDOM! CONDOM! CONDOM! Say it loud. Don’t be ashamed. Don’t throw away your second chance, be smart and use a condom. This piece of plastic, considered to be a thing of shame is nothing but a life jacket, your SAVIOUR or HERO in disguise.



Team 3


Team 3 – Sargam Mehra, Arwa Arif, Darshana Goenka

The team’s concept is about parents, especially the mothers educating their children about consciously practicing safe sex and making them aware of the repercussions including STD’S like HIV/AIDS if they are not careful.


Team 4




Team 4 – Akansha Agarwal, Saloni Bafna, Archie Sinhal

Theme – Kamar Kasso – Take Charge


There is a special place for women in Indian mythology such as goddess Durga has the capability to suppress and destroy evil and injustice or Maa Kali who killed the demon Mahishasur. The concept portrayed in the garment depicts the fearless and bold attitude of a woman who does not inhibit herself to buy a protection and taking charge.



Team 5

Team – 5 Aashi, Riya Garodiya, Dimple


Theme – Seductive Bollywood


Bollywood acts as a seductress for young and old alike. The temptation of fame, money, sex lures even the best of men in the dusky world of cinema. But, none remember to aid themselves from a variety of problems that this world might provide. Team’s creation is a saree that represents both the seductive Bollywood and the protection one needs to use with her. After All You Have To Be Dumb, To Not Use A Condom!




Team 6





The concept is to create a garment which is made out of condom but it won’t look as if it is of condom. The team made a fit pencil skirt and a loosetop to show the narrow and wide mentality of society. Students also used light and dull shades in their garment to show the same.



Team 7


Team 7 – Rutuja Kumbhar, Aadya Vats


Theme – Condom Queen


The team created a circular skirt with red panels and a sweetheart neck top. For decorative look, students used pearls and made condoms look like flowers.

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SIDE is back with ‘Performance as a Specific Kind of Awareness’

SIDE is back with ‘Performance as a Specific Kind of Awareness’

One of the recent initiatives by Pearl Academy, SIDE is an organic community space for students, educators and practitioners from all disciplines to explore, self-learn and bring about new possibilities by collective experiments. Under this second season of SIDE, renowned artist, occasional teacher and curator Prayas Abhinav is conducting a 4 day workshop on ‘Performance as a Specific Kind of Awareness’ at Academy’s Kukas based campus.


Throwing light on the workshop, Prayas said, “Performance is traditionally understood to be a kind of transmission. An experience is produced and then how this experience is received is not thought about so much. In these four days we will not just talk and listen but try out modes of performance which are thought of as heightened states of awareness towards our surroundings. People, things, architecture, music – each can be listened to. Humanity is to be realized in each transactional exchange of listening and speaking and the balance therein and therefore this workshop will look at forms of communication actualized only through listening.

PrayasPrayas is also the Co-Director of the ‘Museum of Vestigial Desire’ and is appreciative of SIDE. He says, “SIDE is an innovative way of motivating Learning amongst the younger generation. I am quite impressed by the idea of SIDE wherein there is no parameters for forcing learning outcomes rather it revolves around creating that environment of learning, which triggers the will to learn. It is quite a futuristic approach. Kudos to Pearl Academy!

Prayas also advised to just learn and contemplate with passion to the budding designer during one of his sessions.


Dr. Veena Dutta, Director, Pearl Academy-Jaipur campus, says, “SIDE is emerging as a very interesting and interactive platform for the students where they get encouraged to unleash their creativity and explore their intellectual capabilities. It is leading to a holistic growth of our students by involving them in various activities planned and executed by the hand-picked creative personalities for the residencies.


The workshop is running at present and is receiving tremendous response and participation from the students. The 3rd Edition of residency at SIDE is scheduled in the month of March where Jaipur shall witness some of the renowned global names in the domain of design, art and creativity.

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“Creative Industries are showing Exponential Growth and Global Career Opportunities” says Mrs. Amruta Fadnavis

Mrs. Amruta Fadnavis, AVP of Axis Bank and wife of honorable Chief Minister of Maharashtra

Mrs. Amruta Fadnavis, AVP of Axis Bank and wife of honorable Chief Minister of Maharashtra

Wife of CM of Maharashtra and AVP of Axis Bank Mrs. Fadnavis along with Nachiket Barve, Vikas Satwalekar and David James Baker addressed 300 students and parents at ‘Creative Career Conclave’ organized by Pearl Academy

Pearl Academy hosted another enlightening session of ‘Creative Career Conclave’ with a panel of well-regarded industry experts including AVP of Axis Bank and wife of honorable Chief Minister of Maharashtra Mrs. Amruta Fadnavis; renowned Fashion Designer Mr. Nachiket Barve, Ex Director of NID Ahmedabad Prof. Vikas Satwelkar and Writer – Producer & Faculty at Santa Fe University of Art & Design (US) Mr. David James Baker. The stalwarts from various career disciplines gathered to talk to over 300 students and parents about various options in the creative and design domain.

The two hour session with the industry experts was in line with Pearl Academy’s aim to guide and empower students with knowledge and perspective enabling them to assess their interests and career options. Pearl Academy has always endeavored to help students find their path in different avenues of creative industries and give the required momentum to the creative think-tanks of tomorrow. Each of the esteemed personalities addressed the students and parents attending the event.

Appreciative of this initiative by Pearl Academy, Mrs. Amruta Fadnavis, AVP-Axis Bank and wife of Chief Minister of Maharashtra said “I am glad that Pearl Academy is providing a platform such as ‘Creative Career Conclave’ which looks at addressing the queries that parents and students may have about the future they can look forward to, after pursuing a creative course. Most of the parents and students do not have complete knowledge of what the industry comprises today and what it has grown into. The changing economy in India and fattening career avenues in new age and unconventional domains such as design, advertising, fashion, creative businesses, media et al, in the years to come shall witness a great demand for skilled professionals in these areas. The only thing which is needed is passion to be able to pursue in depth whatever one is doing, which is only possible with due diligence and commitment towards your goals and ambitions. Creative industries are lucrative, growing exponentially and offering global career opportunities. The role of design institutes such as Pearl Academy in contributing to the talent pool of creative industries is appreciative.”

Mr. Sharad Mehra, CEO, Pearl Academy

Mr. Sharad Mehra, CEO, Pearl Academy

Mr. Sharad Mehra, CEO, Pearl Academy, said “Creative Career Conclave has now evolved to become one of the most intellectual platforms by Pearl Academy where the designers of tomorrow get enlightened on creative careers by the industry representatives themselves. Mumbai is a great destination for creative career options, and turnout at the event was massive. It is an incredible experience to see both students and parents show this level of interest. This reflects a growing acceptance towards creativity and we hope this continues in times to come. And, Pearl Academy has been and will always be committed to add value to the growth and sustenance of the creative industry and its torch bearers.”

Glimpses from the conclave:


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“In theory, there is no difference between practice and theory”

Says David James Baker at an Interactive Session on ‘Web Storytelling and Building Audience Engagement – Why do some stories engage and some enrage?’ by Pearl Academy

Storytelling is an art that has been there in this world since ages yet nobody knows the exact origin of it. In the forms of myths, legends, fairy tales, fables, ghost stories, adventures, etc., stories exist in all parts of the world; they have been passed down from generation to generation and told and retold through various mediums.

Today, Pearl Academy organized a very interesting Interactive Session on ‘Web Storytelling and Building Audience Engagement – Why do some stories engage and some enrage?’ and discussed the relevance of storytelling in today’s scenario where technology is an integral aspect of our daily lives.

The session was made worth attending by valuable insights on Viral Film Making, Story Telling, Digital Content Creation & Promotion and much more by distinguished experts David James Baker, Writer-Producer, Faculty member at Sante Fe University of Art & Design; Deepti Pant, Head-School of Communication, Media and Film; Pushpendra Misra, Founder-Director & Writer, Flying Saucer Pictures; and Rajat Nagpal, Film Maker, Chef & Entrepreneur.

David James Baker said that in theory, there is no difference between practice and theory; there is a metamorphosis of ideas that’s occurring all the time and the artists need to be right in the middle of it and be involved.

“Intent is more important that the Medium” quoted Rajat Nagpal when explained the four ‘S’ of storytelling.

Pushpendra Mishra believes in bold storytelling and loves to celebrate ideas and humor. At the session, he encouraged budding story tellers to push their ideas and make the most of them.

Deepti Pant presented her case study titled ‘Rasgatha’, an amalgamation of Mythology and Interactive Media Style. She believes that when facts are woven with stories, they make the stories more powerful yet keeping the facts alive. She urged the participants to integrate technology in storytelling and experiment in the virtual reality space in order to take the art of storytelling to another level.

At the end of the session, participants took away with them some interesting tips on creating authentic, captivating, meaningful, content and building audience engagement. A day that was well spent and celebrated by the storytellers…

If you have any questions regarding courses or more, click here.

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Industry expert Syed Sameer talks about “Cost Effective Sales Strategies ” at our Delhi campus

With an extensive experience of about 2 decades in operations ( sales , marketing & distribution  ) in Consumer goods & services( FMCG , Pharmaceuticals , OTC , Banking & Telecom  sectors ), Syed Sameer is a self-motivated and dynamic individual. He recently visited the Delhi campus to conduct an interactive session with our students from School of Creative Business.

India is a land of dispersion , where nearly 68% population residing in rural India which is inaccessible through roads  , purchasing stocks from nearly 1.5cr retailers . In the given scenario , the selection of markets & retailers becomes of prime importance since the cost of direct distribution is pretty steep , combined with the managing motivation & ROI of the channel partner . Also , taking the indirect route of distribution is a function if brand building & margins , which again hits the bottom line .

Sales management comes handy , since keeping the attrition at low levels & devising variable salary for high performers can keep the growth engine running . Also effective utilization of the given sales force becomes paramount to drive consistency .

“We have entered in the era of predatory marketing , where retaining & upgrading the existing customers is the easiest route to profitability along with being a cost effective one . Attacking the category users is also recommended for start ups working on limited resources . CRM is not a software platform , but a conscious cost effective sales strategy” says Mr.Sameer

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‘Opportunities in Creative Industry’ – A fun-filled and informational day at RG Degree College

Unlike a boring Monday, it was a fun-filled and informational beginning of the week with the whole day dedicated to workshops and competitions at ‘Opportunities in Creative Industry’ – an exclusive session organized by Pearl Academy, India’s leading higher education institute in design, fashion and creative business courses, in collaboration with RG Degree College, Meerut, at its campus. The session was aimed at spreading awareness among the aspiring design students on immense career prospects in the creative industry along with valuable insights on entrepreneurship by the Experts from Pearl Academy.


More than 500 students of the college participated in three workshops – Fashion, Hair & Make-up and Entrepreneurship conducted by Pearl Experts Ms. Shalini Bisht, Ms. Anjum Bhardwaj and Mr. Tarun Pandey respectively.


Ms. Nien Siao, Director, Pearl Academy-Noida campus, shared her views and said, “Meerut is a city of immense talent pool. This collaboration with RG Degree College is an effort to tap the young minds and apprise them about the possibilities available in the field of design in India and abroad. We thank Dr. Seema Jain, Principal of the College for making this event happen. Also, would like to thank convener Dr. Kanchan Puri and Dr. Deeksha Yajurvedi for all the support extended by them. It turned out to be an extremely successful day for everyone.”


Dr. Seema Jain, Principal, RG Degree College, said, “Our students have tremendous potential and we consider it as our prime responsibility to channelize that in the right direction especially when it is about their career. We thank Pearl Academy and are glad that their experts gave their valuable time and advices to our students today. We wish all the best for our students.


The day also witnessed two other activities – a Design Quiz and a Comic Design Competition. Students participated in both the activities enthusiastically and the top contenders walked away with prizes by Pearl Academy.


Pearl Academy will be back in the city on 1st February, 2015, and will bring one of its unique initiatives ‘Creative Career Conclave’ to the city. The conclave would be an eye-opening session for many of the attendants where the industry experts will talk about their share of experiences in the design world and much more beyond that.


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And today Creative Career Conclave reached Kolkata

The young and aspiring designers from the city got a chance to interact with the industry experts to know about  the future of the design industry and its scope at the conclave. This yet another workshop was hosted by Pearl Academy at The Gateway by Taj in Kolkata on 18th January 2015, where the speaker panelist included Designer Suchismita Dasgupta, Communications Specialist Mrityunjoy Chatterjee, and Senior Architect at Bose Brothers Architects Sandip Bose.

The speakers addressed more than 150 students and their parents about how the future of the budding design professionals can be transformed by the endless possibilities waiting for them in the design world.

Nien Siao, Director, Pearl Academy Noida-campus, said, “There is a vast scope for fresh, young and trained minds in the growing design industry. The conclave helped the students to shape their fresh minds for tomorrow, which will eventually shape the way we think about the industry. Since the experts narrated their own experiences, it assured the parents that the creative industry is a hopeful option for their children and they need not to worry if their children choose to pursue a career in the same. The Conclave turned out to be a great success with enthusiastic participation from the audience as well as the speakers.”

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Yet another successful Creative Career Conclave in Jodhpur

Yet another successful Creative Career Conclave in Jodhpur

This one took place on 16th January 2015 at Hotel Park Plaza, Jodhpur where eminent speakers from the design domain addressed the  potential creative professionals on the growing avenues in the creative fields. The panel included – Architect Benjamin Roberts, Chief Technical Officer of Jagrati Shringi and Fashion Designer and Academician Taruna Vasu. More than  150 enthusiastic students and parents marked their attendance at the conclave and got engaged in the conversation with the eminent experts that revolved around a myriad of aspects of creative industries.

This initiative by Pearl Academy has been witnessing a great response from the participants who are able to find ground breaking opportunities in the unexplored areas of the creative industry.

Speaking about the workshop, Dr. Veena Dutta Director- Pearl Acedemy, Jaipur campus, said, “The current generation is fortunate to witness and receive good quality career guidance and from such renowned individuals in the industry. The Creative Career Conclave is a platform by Pearl Academy to reach out to students in cities across the country to explore various opportunities waiting for them in the future. The distinguished speakers at the event are able to accomplish the student’s quest to search for immense possibilities in creative industries. The Conclave in Jodhpur was a great success and we saw participation from enthusiastic students from the city who are looking to enter this exciting world of design.”

Creative Career Conclave is now a trademark conclave series by Pearl Academy which has completed two decades of empowering creative minds across multiple domains of design, fashion and creative businesses.


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Students from Pearl Academy Jaipur get together with Access Development NGO to work with under-privileged artisans

Students from Pearl Academy Jaipur get together with Access Development NGO to work with under-privileged artisans

In an endeavor to promote and support design thinking, Pearl Academy recently engaged with Access Development, a non-profit company whose overall aim is to incubate new institutions to enable their self-sufficiency and self-sustainability. Students from the Jewellery Design course at Pearl Academy’s Jaipur campus went on-ground to work with smaller artisans and teach them about the current trends, which would help them get an edge over their competitors and sell their products better in the industry.

A lot of the artisans that the students worked with go through hardships that they face with the involvement of middlemen who take the commission for their work and leave the artisans under paid for quality work. Access Development works towards eliminating the threat of middlemen for these underprivileged artisans in order for them to get the appropriate value for their art through their store- ‘Ode to Earth’. Products by these artisans are available at ‘Ode to Earth’ and are picked up by leading retailers across the country.

While Access Development’s ‘Ode to Earth’ looks at giving these artisans direct access to brands, students from Pearl Academy worked closely with the artisans to enable them in terms of design which will appeal to a larger audience and also give them better visibility in the market. Coupled with the artisans’ expert handling of various materials, this new path shown to them by students at Pearl Academy will definitely help them create a larger assortment of products and in turn expanding their existing business.
shriyaSpeaking about this activity, Shriya Agarwal, a student at Pearl Academy said, “Our aim was to empower these artisans and boost their self-confidence for them to uplift themselves from their current position. We are sure that with the new technology and the new designs they will be able to earn a lot more than they are able to right now.”
“Access Development services provide training programs for fashion jewellery artists in Jaipur. Pearl Academy has been an important part of our programme. Students from Pearl Academy have created a new identity for these artisans and we are extremely thankful to Pearl Academy for producing such designers, who are not only creative but also have technical expertise and are extremely social. The knowledge that these students have imparted to the artisans around the current design and technology will help them build on their portfolio and increase their number of sales exponentially as these designs are in great demand in the market.” quoted Kuldeep Panwar, Programme Coordinator at Access Development.
Speaking about this initiative, Dr. Veena Dutta, Director at Pearl Academy-Jaipur said, “At Pearl Academy our priority is to instill a strong sense of design among our students. While they shape their own career and carve a niche for themselves, it is important for them to develop a sense of responsibility towards the society and help in improving problem areas with the use of design wherever possible. This initiative was a step towards creating a sense of responsibility among students.”

“Working with artisans has given our students a sense of the problems that exist in the market for artisans. This was a small step for Pearlites, going forward they can further build on how they can be socially responsible and use design as an enabler.” added Dr. Dutta.

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