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Pearl Academy hosts Creative Career Conclave in Mumbai

*Blog by Jyoti Manral, Faculty at Pearl Academy, Mumbai*


Panelists at Creative Career Conclave

Panelists at Creative Career Conclave

17th October, Mumbai- Pearl Academy, India’s leading institute of design, fashion and business courses, hosted Creative Career Conclave (CCC) at Pearl Academy, Mumbai. The interactive session witnessed a creatively charged audience of more than 200 students and parents, who were enthralled by the abundance of information and knowledge that the esteemed panelists shared with them on multiple new age and creative careers.


The conclave consisted of an admired panel of ingenious minds from the world of fashion, art and design, Mr. Rahul Bose – Indian film actor, director, screenwriter, social activist, and rugby player, Prof. Vikas Satwelkar – an erstwhile faculty and executive director at National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad, and Prof. Tapan Chakravarty – Head of Department, Interior Architecture & Design at Pearl Academy and Ann Priest – Pro Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs and Head of College for Art, Design and Built Environment at Nottingham Trent University.

Rahul Bose, renowned film actor and director, and an esteemed member of the panel said,

Mr. Rahul Bose - Indian film actor, director, screenwriter, social activist, and rugby player

Mr. Rahul Bose – Indian Film Actor, Director, Screenwriter, Social Activist, and a Rugby Player

“Every person in this world has a skill which he or she is born with but not many are lucky enough to find it. I am one of those lucky people who did. The secret of life is to do only what you love. Ask yourselves which is that part of 

Speaking about the workshop, Mr. Sharad Mehra, CEO, Pearl Academy, said, “Pearl Academy has been helping in shaping the business and creative landscape of creative industries over the past 20 years. These industries are in a dearth of appropriate and talented taskforce. With a platform like Creative Career Conclave, we are trying to bridge this gap of demand and supply by making the right audiences aware at the right point of time i.e. when the students decide to opt for a suitable career for themselves basis their interest and intelligences. Creative courses are the new age courses that provide abundant promising career opportunities globally.”your job which you feel you love the most and make that your next job. That is the best way to go for those who are confused about their career. Take this pressure off yourselves boys and girls and start anywhere you like and sooner or later one day you will get to the bulls eye.”

“We are glad that we have the support of such eminent panelists in our multiple initiatives such as this conclave that aim at enlightening the audiences on creative businesses. Interestingly, the conclave has been welcomed by and found extremely helpful to both parents and students. This is extremely encouraging and inspiring for us to continue this and conceive more such events.” Mr. Mehra further added.

_MG_2270The session with the industry experts was in line with Pearl Academy’s aim to guide and empower students with knowledge and perspective enabling them to assess their future in the professional studies and giving the required momentum to the budding creative professionals of tomorrow. Each of the esteemed personalities addressed the students, giving insights into prolific ways to use their innovative bent of mind.

The interactions at conclave were an amalgamation of visions, insights, curiosity, guidance, aspirations, et al which made them more interesting and worth taking back home for the students as well as their guardians. Pearl Academy shall continue to conceive and execute similar initiatives in its endeavour to guide the fertile and innovative young minds of India.

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“Creative Career Conclave: A must attend career guidance forum for students!!!

*Blog by Samriddhi Agarwal*Pearl Academy, Jaipur*

Another rocking event, Creative Career Conclave was hosted by Pearl Academy Jaipur was held on 14th October at Hotel Ramada, Jaipur, witnessing a crowd of around 150 students and their parents. The conclave aimed at helping students with little or no knowledge but passion about ingenious career opportunities in Design, Fashion and related Businesses.

The speaker panel included experts from diverse fields such as Mr. Jean Marc, Design Director, Marketer & Luxury Expert, Dr. Sanyogeitaa Chadha, Head – School of Fashion at Pearl Academy and Mr. Ayush Kasliwal, Interior Product Designer, Founder AKFD studio. Not only were there experts from the industry but Pearl Academy Jaipur campus’s Director – Dr. Veena Dutta with her team of seasoned teachers of Pearl were also present at the venue to guide students.

The event started with Mr. Jean Marc’s words giving a French taste to the show. It was interesting to know that he started with a job of a salesperson to fund his education. A great inspiration for many listeners, Jean also confessed how bad in sketching he is and that is really not a pre-requisite to be a successful designer. All what is needed is passion and creativity to achieve one’s dreams.

Our second speaker Dr. Sanyogeita Chadha shared,“At the time when I was pursuing design, we were called ZOMBIES”-  a profession for the dead probably!!! And here we are today, where masses are choosing Design andcreative businesses as a serious career option.

Some mind boggling experiences were shared by Mr. Ayush Kasliwal also. “My first project was my own 6sq.ft. bath room in my office for which I never was paid neither appreciated. But, the crux lays in the learning experience, the grilling process which makes a fine artist out of an individual.” shared Ayush.

At the end, what was more interesting to witness was that one question that many students asked – How do we convince our parents about creative courses who only know of C.A., Engineering and Medical as career options. Students were reminded that where there is a will there is way and if you can’t see one then you build one. The experts’ advices were taken seriously by the students and guess how we know it? In the Q&A session, there were endless queries by these students about creative courses, careers, future prospects, etc.

The future of creative industries looks brighter with such a promising event. Hope to see a larger chunk of youth joining the brigade of creative professionals in the coming years!

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Pearl Academy hosts ‘Creative Career Conclave’ in Jaipur

Creative Career Conclave – Right career guidance to aspiring design and fashion students through engaging session by eminent panelists

Panelists at Creative Career Conclave

Panelists at Creative Career Conclave

October 14, 2014, Jaipur: Pearl Academy, India’s leading institute of design, fashion and related business courses, hosted ‘Creative Career Conclave’ in Jaipur at hotel Ramada. The interactive session witnessed a creatively charged audience wanting to know more about the dynamics of the world of design, fashion, retail and other creative areas as an education and a career. More than 100 eager audiences including both parents and future budding minds witnessed the conclave.


The conclave saw an esteemed panel of ingenious minds from the world of design and fashion bibles – Mr. Jean Marc- Design Director- Marketer and Luxury Expert, Mr. Ayush Kasliwal- Interior Product Designer and Founder of AKFD Studio and Dr. Sanyogeitaa Chadha- Design Professional, Academician. The amalgamation of dreams, choices and learning saw an artistically put together essay of vocations inclined towards the finer things of life.


Enthusiastic about the conclave, Mr. Jean Marc, Design Director, Marketer & Luxury Expert, said, “It’s a wonderful platform for creative minds students to explore better and trending education and career prospects. For me, it was an amazing experience to have a conversation with the GenNext face-to-face at Creative Career Conclave. The kids are smart and with a little guidance, I am sure they can do wonders.”


Speaking about the conclave Mr. Sharad Mehra, CEO, Pearl Academy, said, “Creative careers are extremely challenging and rewarding. The demand of creative professionals has also increased tremendously in the last few years. Our various initiatives including Creative Career Conclave are a regular feature across cities to reach out to the budding and creative think-tanks of tomorrow – students who are willing to make their own identities and leave their footprints for others to follow. We were looking at reaching out to maximum number of creative students in the city.”


Dr. Veena Dutta, Campus Director, Pearl Academy, Jaipur, said, “We have been seeing a steady shift in the traditional mindset of students as well as parent when we talk about creative careers and we are looking forward to welcoming the new batch of innovative students who are all set to work hard and carve their niche. We are constantly looking for industry leaders who can address our students about the current scenario and give them a clear picture of what lies ahead. This event has been created for the same reason. ”


Mr. Ayush Kasliwal- Interior Product Designer and Founder of AKFD Studio, said, “The kind of course modules that the institute follows is noteworthy. Students at Pearl Academy are already industry ready. I believe that this is a result of not following the age old method of teaching by the books and engaging with students in a way which encourages them to explore and break through their reservations to become creative professionals. This unique way of teaching through extempore sessions and presentations empowers the students with greater practical knowledge.”



Post the conclave, one of the parents who attended it said “The conclave was nothing less than an eye opener for us. It a whole world out there and our children can actually make a career in creative areas. I was very impressed to see those two alumni of Pearl who are doing really well in the industry. After this session, I am sure that I will encourage my child to study whatever he wants to.”


The conclave was enjoyed unanimously by parents and the budding young minds as they got to experience a creative dialogue like never before in the city of Jaipur.


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