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Masterclass Unveiled At Wills India Fashion Week ’14

– by Pearlites Tanya Bedi & Vaishnavi Shivaram | Fashion Media Communications, Level-0

Masterclass is a book that features top Academies from around the world that offers MA in Fashion, Textile and related courses. This Amsterdam based book featured top 28 academies this year, and yours truly, Pearl Academy, was a part of it.

Pearl Academy is the first academy to be featured in this book we are proud to announce that we have set a benchmark in the fashion world. More than 70 of our students were involved in the Launch and they helped make it successful. The launch went successfully during Wills India Fashion Week 2014 and we are nothing but filled with joy right this moment.

To know more about the Guide, click here Masterclass

Stay tuned for highlights from day three!

Live tweets @PearlAcademyIND & follow us on Instagram for live images.






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Quirky People At Wills India Fashion Week ’14

– by Pearlites Tanya Bedi & Vaishnavi Shivaram | Fashion Media Communications, Level-0

So while walking around the arena, we came across quite quirky people that held their own little fashion show. Their ready to wear caught our eyes and we just couldn’t help but share it with everyone!

  • We met up with a fellow blogger Amanda and we simply loved her outfit. It’s got a cute story behind it, the skirt was a dress that Amanda wore when she was about 10 years old, and now it’s a DIY skirt. Take inspiration ladies.
  • Arjun Dutta is a known model, but well he is mainly known to make girls swoon all over him. And who could blame the girls, as soon as I saw that outfit I think I fell little in love myself.
  • Meet another one of our alumnus, Sumiran Sharma. His quirky sense of fashion killed me and took me to heaven and left me with a pang of jealousy because I have been dying to get my hands on that baseball cap and those studded pair of heels.
  • What could you expect more from the models? Let alone a showstopper. Sanea was wearing galaxy print with a bomber jacket and I love how she could turn the ready to wear items into a cluster of glamour.
  • We could debate on this one but I love her outfit. Meet a fellow Fashion Designer, Palka Paul, who is here from Dubai. This is her creation and she wore it during Fashion Week and made heads turn. I loved the Chanel clutch and now I am simply dying to get my hands on it. The feather-y delight was the perfect thing to sum up the day.
  • While walking towards a Fashion Show something caught my eye and when I stopped to check I saw a huge headpiece that screamed Cleopatra to me – only if it were gold. The whole outfit was almost plain and then you get this sudden pang of glamour thanks to the headpiece. Sheer Genius.
  • We got a Fashionista in the house people. Sumiran, who was mentioned before too, blew our minds again. He wore a man skirt, which is basically a trouser and a skirt combined, with his set of heels and a long collar t-shirt. And he designed it! Boy, would I love to learn from this man.

Stay tuned for highlights from day three!

Live tweets @PearlAcademyIND & follow us on Instagram for live images.

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Day 2 – More Craziness At Wills India Fashion Week ’14

– by Pearlites Tanya Bedi & Vaishnavi Shivaram | Fashion Media Communications, Level-0

The day began with Vaishali S.’s mind-blowing collection. Of course like always, Pearl alumni don’t disappoint and Vaishali S. was the best of the lot and she started the show with a bang and ended it with the same. If I would be asked to comment after the show, I’d just compliment her on how she made a subtle color like white stand out so much.

Kiran & Meghna, and Pratima‘s Collection: So I guess white is here to stay. For everyone who thought white is the color for just summer ’14; I’m sorry, but no. It’s all over the place. It’s the color of the year. And the collections traveled from beautiful floral patterns to dark colors and lots of black and then finally ended with all White.

Ashima-Leena are the queen of traditional wear”, was a statement made my Simran right after the fashion show occurred. And boy do I agree. Shades of Blue, Shades of Red, Gold And Shades of White, those were the colors and Black is always a constant. Beautiful Lehengas, Crop Top blouses and Sarees with slits; what is left? I personally went gaga after the slit in the Saree and found it quite creative, that’s one Saree I wouldn’t mind wearing as an everyday wear. I’m excited to see what all is in line for traditional wear now.

Rahul Mishra‘s set was the first thing that caught my eye when I entered and well it took me a while to get a hold of myself. It was made as if there were sharp icicles coming out of the floor and they were reflecting the light, blue-red-green. While the colors remained the same, the style was clearly out of the box. Reverse-ombre dress of white and midnight blue and the heavy coat with shoulder pads stole my heart and I do not want it back anymore. Over all it was quite amazing to watch all these pieces of art walk down the runway.

For highlights from day three, stay tuned!

Live tweets @PearlAcademyIND & follow us on Instagram for live images.

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Day 1 –The Opening Of The Banging Wills India Fashion Week of 2014

– by Pearlites Tanya Bedi & Vaishnavi Shivaram | Fashion Media Communications, Level-0

Tarun Tahiliani’s banging opening show of the A/W’14 collection at Wills India Lifestyle Fashion Week, New Delhi. For the indo western lovers, darlings we have news for you, Indian is the way to go. Seems like the fiery red and the classy black are back in fashion. While the first show shouted royalty and elegance the second one was all about bright colors. I personally loved the combination in the first show and the outfit styles in the second ones. The madly successful show had the super hot Shilpa Shetty as their showstopper wearing a stunning red and orange Lehenga.

Anupama Dayal started with the most subtle yet bright opening. The audience seemed to be going gaga from the very first Lehenga and vibrant outfits that lit up the whole place.

And then Vineet Bahl toned down the whole place with his off white collection. You could see the colors escalating slowly and peaking in the terms of brightness and then there were the final pieces that blew us all away and kept us wanting more by the end of it.

Raakesh Agarwal, oh my god what a show it was! Truly something worth writing about. His show showcased all the studs, fur and leather in all the right ways possible and the dreamy presentation with all the smoke just added a lot to his collection. A lot of black and gold was also seen in his collection (seems like the combination is actually back with a bang). He played his leather very well with the blue smoky effect. His collection also saw a variety of a lot of unisons and dresses in different styles. He basically played all his elements really well and personally I think it was one of the best shows of the night all thanks to the way he crazily brought all the fashionable trends in one.

On the other hand Kiran Uttam Ghosh’s collection saw a lot of black. It was either black net or black felt! She also played her elements well the threadwork, the felt and velvet altogether in one piece. Bronze and a lot of aquamarine blue were seen too on her collection. Saw maximum of different types of dresses in her show. The colors orange, violet and brown were seen too in her collection. But then, it felt that the ‘bang’ factor was missing in her collection. So between Raakesh Agarwal and Kiran Uttam Ghosh, I would say Raakesh stole the show!

Rina Dhaka. Well, the last show always holds high expectations, because you always end with a bang. For me the show’s theme was “Faux Pas”. Every dress had amazing potential but expected more.

Stay tuned for highlights from day two!

Live tweets @PearlAcademyIND & follow us on Instagram for live images.

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Expert Talk – March 2014

Expert Talk

Listen, interact and get career counseling from experts/faculty on careers in creative industries around fashion, design and business. You can get counseled by experts who can guide you and discuss your future within the design industry.

You can also take the Pearl Aptitude Test at the events itself and get your own personal career profile.

The event is happening in Delhi, Noida, Mumbai and Jaipur this Month.

To register for the event


Delhi & Noida
28th March | 3pm – 5pm
Where: Pearl Academy Delhi Campus & Noida Campus

28th March | 12pm – 4pm
Where: Pearl Academy, Jaipur
Special Workshops for Students & Parents in Styling, Mobile Photography, Interior Designing, Jewelry Buying, Felt (traditional textile craft).

30th March | 11am – 1pm
Where: The CLUB, 197, D.N. Nagar, Andheri (West), Mumbai – 400 053
To register, call: 09773711010, 09820602133

Hope to see you all there!

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Design Polygon hits Noida Campus today!

Design Polygon Mentors

Five days of rocking workshops by absolutely brilliant mentors in their respective fields being held at our Noida Campus for the foundation level students, starting today. Coming from the innovative brains of the faculty at Jaipur campus, this series of workshop has already been observed at Kukas’s campus recently.

What is Design Polygon? It is a set of multidisciplinary workshops for the students of foundation level at Pearl Academy. The workshops are curated keeping in mind the emerging trends in design education, students’ interest & aspirations and learning outcomes. The workshops are designed to include diverse disciplines such as drama, literature, film, street art, photography, and yet offer foundation students a learning experience relevant to their disciplines.

The Jaipur campus saw eminent personalities from the art world in its Design Polygon which included:

  • Maya Krishan Rao: Performance artist
  • Anirudh Nair & Amba Suhasini: Experts in adaptation of Shakespeare’s plays
  • Rashmi Munnikempanna: Photographer
  • Thomas John Kovoor: Fine art sculptor

Take a look at the Mentors who will be transforming Pearlites at Noida Campus into much more confident and self aware individuals this time.

Workshop – Butoh & Film Making
1. Anurag Dasgupta: Independent filmmaker and practitioner
Keen interest in giving into a stream of consciousness and perception of human bodies in social spaces.

Workshop – Who will write the history of tears?
1. Vidisha Saini: Artist
Likes to queer utopia, gender, colonialism and history. She works with alter-egos (Fadescha), tourism, memory, hyper-text and other performative mediums. She has exhibited and performed in India as well as internationally, her recent shows include ‘Building On Ruins’, Cirrus Gallery, Los Angeles; ‘A Bomb With Ribbon Around It’, Queens Museum, New York; ‘Indian-American Bread’, Center Artists Lab, Santa Fe, NM; ‘Cinderella Ashtray’, Concord Space, Los Angeles.

2. Poornima Sardana: Design activist
Awarded the Young India Fellowship in 2013. Currently working with Kathputli Colony as part a voluntary initiative to connect the artist community there with a larger audience.

Workshop – Text as Image and Communication
1. Rahul Bhattacharya: Independent art historian
Ex managing editor of Art&Deal Magazine and He curates exhibitions and public art projects focused on seeding independent platforms. His practice transverses the zones of performance, video art and painting and text.

Workshop – This is my story
1. Malika Taneja: Theatre artist
Works with the theatre group Tadpole Repertory and undertakes several independent arts management projects. Her current workshop is – This is My Story.

Workshop – Pinhole Photography
1. Ajit Bhadoria: Photographer
Photography acts as a catalyst for him – A catalyst to ask questions; even when there are no answers. He will teach pinhole photography at Design Polygon.

Workshop – Angry Delhi Tours
1. Deepani Seth: Ethnographer
Interested in understanding how urban spaces develop and evolve and how they impact the people who interact with them.
2. Vandita Sharma: Innovation consultant
Bangalore based researcher and designer.
3. Thomas Crowley: Researcher and writer
Currently works for the Delhi-based NGO Intercultural Resources, and is writing a book about the politics and the ecology of Delhi’s forests.

Design Polygon Workshop at out Noida Campus has already begun today. Updates on each workshop and the fun that is going to happen every single day throughout Design Polygon will be shared right here!

So stay tuned!

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Pearlites wowed Fashion World at Lakme Fashion Week!

Alumni Recently, Grand Hyatt, Mumbai, witnessed one of the biggest events of fashion industry – Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2014 (12th to 16th March, 2014.

What was so special for Pearl Academy to feel proud of in the fashion week gone by was the presence of some of its brilliant alumni – Nikhil Mehra, Vaishali Shadangule, Atithi Gupta, Leon Vaz, Abdul Halder, Khushboo Agarwal and Prem Kumar.

The collections showcased by these Alumni have not only won accolades from the connoisseurs of fashion fraternity but also will be setting trends that we will follow to stay stylish and glamorous.

Need to know more what Pearl Academy Alumni showcased at LFW! Check out here for their collections

Nikhil Mehra (Label – Shantanu-Nikhil) Photo Courtesy –

Khushboo Agarwal and Prem Kumar (Label – KHEM) Photo Courtesy –

Abdul Halder Photo Courtesy –

Vaishali Shadangule (Label – Vaishali S.) Photo Courtesy – &

Leon Vaz (Label – Karleo) Photo Courtesy –

Atithi Gupta Photo Courtesy –

Stay tuned for the upcoming Wills India Lifestyle Fashion Week 2014 this March!

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Pearl Utsav’14 – An eventful celebration with musical ‘Euphoria’

PU1It was a houseful Pearl Utsav this year at Talkatora stadium where students from more than 20 colleges participated in various competitions and the stadium was jam-packed with more than 1500 audiences in the evening to listen to their favorite rock band ‘Euphoria’. The day became more special when the big announcement was made – the new campus of Pearl Academy at Mumbai!

Mr. Sharad Mehra, CEO, Pearl Academy, handed over the ‘Key to the Future’ (a symbolic key) to the new campus’s director Ms. Bulbul Choudhary at the stadium and wished her all the best.

Another exciting initiative that Pearl Academy exercised was Smart Bands (Radio frequency identification (RFID) wristbands). The fest was promoted on all the social media sites and students were seen wearing this Smart Band which had a chip, which when swiped on Facebook installations at the venue, sent automatic updates on their timeline about the fest.


PU2The one day event turned out to be a day full of bustling activities, which saw more than 200 students from Delhi universities as well as other universities engage in activities – Khichak (photography competition), Nukkad Natak (drama contest), Spotlight (dance competition), A Walk to Remember (fashion show), Melody Arrest (singing competition), and Keep Calm and Design (T-shirt design contest). Winning students received cash prizes worth INR 60,000 and gift prizes worth INR 40,000. After the prize distribution, the students jived to the music of Euphoria, one of India’s oldest and the best rock bands.

Activity First Position Second Position
Khichak JIIMS Pearl Academy, Noida
Nukkad Natak Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce Jesus and Marry College
Spotlight GTBIT Galgotia
A Walk to Remember IHE Pearl Academy, Noida & New Delhi
Melody Arrest Asian School of Media Studies Amity
Keep Calm and Design Pearl Academy, Noida Pearl Academy, New Delhi

The colleges that participated in the competitions – Jesus & Marry College, Indraprastha College for Women, Galgotias University, Guru Tegh Bahadur Institute of Technology, Lady Sri Ram College, Hindu College, Pannalal Girdharlal Dayanand Anglo-Vedic (PGDAV), Keshav Mahavidyala, Motilal Nehru, Amity University, Noida, Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, Institute of Home Economics, JIMS, Vasant Kunj, Zakir Husain Delhi College, Apeejay, Greater Noida, Jamia College, VIPS Rohini, FDDI, Ramjas (DU), Maharaja Surajmal (IP University), JK Lakshmipat University-Jaipur, SDND Khalsa (DU), IEC CET Gr. Noida, Ramjas (DU), etc.

Missed Pearl Utsav 2014? Check out here what happened there and be prepared to attend it next year: Pearl Utsav 2014


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Pecha Kucha Nights at Pearl Academy Noida

Pecha Kucha

From Left to Right – Ms. Nita Soans, Dean-Adianta School; Mr. Mohammed S Qureshi, Founder Intelaeon Education Services; Mr. Nikhil Paul, Founder-We Make Love; Ms. Ipshita, Founde- Ipshita’s Cake Mamma Bakes; Mr. Amit Grover, CEO-Nurture Talent Academy; Ms. Neha Chopra, Director-Planning O & M; Mr. Sunil Kumar , President-Exchange4mediagroup; Mr. Sanchit Vir Gogia, Founder & CEO-Greyhound ; Ms. Surbhi Mittal, Student-Pearl Academy; Mr. Aditya Dev Sood, Founder and CEO-Center for Knowledge Societies (CKS); Ms.Nien Siao, director-Pearl Academy, Noida

Pecha Kucha has become a global event and is now in over 600 cities. Its openness and inclusiveness makes it an excellent way to share information, meet new people and interact in meaningful ways with other passionate people.

Pearl Academy Noida, in association with Adianta School of Leadership and Innovation, witnessed one of such nights at its campus today. With focus on “Social Media Entrepreneurs” as they key theme, the evening saw young and dynamic professionals as speakers from diverse fields such as design, fashion, music, organic farming, wedding photography, cultural artifacts, and food, among many others.

The leading mentors, advisors and curators of India’s online entrepreneurial culture at Pecha Kucha were – Sunil Kumar, President, Exchange4media Group; Ipshita, Founder, CakesMammaBakes; Neha Chopra, Strategic Planning Director at Ogilvy & Mather; Sanchit Vir Gogia, CEO, Greyhound Knowledge Group; Surbhi Mittal, Fashion Designing Professional (Pearl Academy Alumni) and a Start up Enthusiast; Nikhil Paul, CEO & Founder, We Make Love and Amit Grover, CEO, Nurture Talent Academy.

Ms. Nien Siao, Director, Pearl Academy, Noida, was delighted and expresses herself in these words, “Pearl Academy is delighted to collaborate with Adianta School for Leadership and Innovation and we are glad be a part of the Pecha Kucha Nights. This indeed is an innovative way to bring creative and progressive minds togNien Siao at Pecha Kuchaether to share their work and experiences. Our constant endeavour is to stay dynamic and incorporate new and exciting trends in our teaching practices. With Pecha Kucha, we are a part of the larger inclusive learning society where students, faculty and professional experts showcase, chat and converse in an open environment.”

The theme of the night was carefully chosen and kept so (Social Media Entrepreneurs) because this particular fraternity has grown humongously in the last few years and interestingly the age does not seem to be of any significance here. A person in his eighties is as active as a lad or lass in his/her teens. Being online has become a very essential of everybody’s life and this also fed one of the discussions at Pecha Kucha forum on sustainable online enterprises.

Then we had speakers who enlightened about virtual money, new ideas, innovation, online start-ups, tools for sustainable online businesses, etc. The motto behind every talk was to inspire younger generation to take risks and live their dreams by doing what they want.

Check out the glimpses of Pecha Kucha here:


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Dose of SYNESTHESIA last year, More EUPHORIA this Pearl Utsav!


Music, music and more music!! Music was all that was echoing in the corridors of Sirifort Auditorium where four music bands formed by talented students from various colleges of Delhi fought to win ‘Synesthesia 2013 – Battle Of The Bands’, at Pearl Utsav last year.

The annual fest of Pearl Academy, India’s design and fashion education institute, witnessed this amazing battle for which more than 30 bands auditioned. And, only four best bands – Dementia India, Ebinox, Heisenberg and Kraken made it to the final rounds and performed at the fest.


But the best was unleashed in the evening – Delhi’s own rockband ‘Nasha’! The lead singer of the band, Akhil Sachdeva and his crew member casted a million spells on the music lovers with their enchanting Sufiana performances.  To check out the glimpses of Pearl Utsav 2013, Click Here

But that was last year – 2013. What’s next?

What’s this year!! It’s EUPHORIA! The rock band is all set to mesmerize everybody at Talkatora Stadium on 8th of March, 2014. 

Is that all?  No!

We have multiple competitions running throughout the day where students from various colleges across Delhi/NCR and neighbouring areas will participate to win prizes worth thousands. The competitions are:

Blindfold Painting – Guide your partner as he paints you blindly

Khichak – Come with a device and click

Music– Melody Arrest

Keep Calm and Design – Paint a shirt, show it off

Nukkad Natak – Move the audience with your drama skills

Spotlight – Let your team set the stage on fire

Ad- Mad – Advertize a brand in a team

A walk to remember – Glam up the fashion parade with your team

Get more details here:

Mobile Numbers: 9999392399 / 9560293000

See you there for another memorable evening with Pearl Academy!


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