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The magic of design and textiles at Pearl Academy Portfolio 2013

The magic of design and textiles at Pearl Academy Portfolio 2013

The first step in the production of clothes for any designer is to decide a theme on which the clothes will be based. This theme is best conveyed by the use of the right textile. This right textile is produced by a combination of the apt print or texture which depicts the theme in a perfect form and the correct composition of the textile so that it falls, flows and behaves the way a designer wants it to.

The Textile Design programme at Pearl Academy offers an exciting range of learning opportunities for textile designers, spanning across textile design and promotion, focusing on all four core specialist techniques of knits, weaves, prints and surface ornamentation. Our student’s works are up for vote through People’s Choice Awards

Two of our textile designers, Anubha Bhardwaj and Aayushi Saini, have created textiles inspired by themes based on international designs.

Design 1: Fortuny In Greece by Anubha Bhardwaj

Anubha’s main inspiration is a Spanish designer named Mariano Fortuny who had an obsession of natural colors, did hand screen printing and was known for his fine hand pleated Delpho gowns. Her theme is ‘Ancient Greek Clothing’. She has designed home furnishing products for a living room using textiles technique like screen printing, weaving, pleating, appliqué work, dyeing and hand painting.

Design 2: Aboriginal Art by Aayushi Saini

For the final project Aayushi’s theme was inspired an international art which is ‘Aboriginal Art’ of Indigenous people of Australia which includes paintings on leaves, wood carving, sculptures, cave paintings and sand paintings. Out of that Cave paintings are taken ahead as the theme for apparel.  Aboriginal art is based on important ancient stories: even contemporary Aboriginal art, is based on stories (Jukurrpa) and symbols centered on ‘the Dreamtime’ – the period in which Indigenous people believe the world was created. The Dreamtime stories are up to and possibly even exceeding 50,000 years old, and have been handed down through the generations virtually unchanged for all those years.
While Anubha used Greek influences in the construction of the textiles she created, Aayushi used Australian influence in her prints. Both the textiles had international influences but the forms in which they are seen is very different.

Vote for the one you like and get a chance to win gift vouchers from Vero Moda!

For more event related details and to vote for your favourite designs, visit :


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Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

Calling all the fashion and design aficionados! The moment you all have been waiting for is finally here.

The Portfolio 2013 Vero Moda People’s Choice Awards!

A showcase of the best of the best from Pearl Academy, where you get to pick the winners. These young minds are the future of design, fashion and business. To vote click here –

Portfolio 2013 Vero Moda People’s Choice Awards

Vote for your favourite future star designers from Pearl Academy and crown them with the Vero Moda People’s Choice Awards and  get to win exciting gifts.

Projects featured are from the following categories

  • Fashion Design
  • Communication Design
  • Textile Design

What do I win?

Lucky voters will win vouchers worth Rs. 1000 from Vero Moda.

Winners from every category will be getting Vero Moda vouchers worth Rs. 2000 each.

Vero Moda is the brand of choice for the fashion-conscious, independent young woman who wants to dress well. Vero Moda offers quality, affordable and inspiring clothing for those who want to look good and have fun with their looks. At Vero Moda they live and breathe trends.

To have your say just log on to –

Vote and Win!

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Sneak Peek into Portfolio 2013!

Sneak Peek into Portfolio 2013!

Harmony of shapes, colours and designs often come together to enchant one’s senses in amazing ways. Beyond doubt fashion design is the quintessential element of clothes in todays world. Fashion design engages people and allows them to communicate subliminal messages that talks about their personality and who they are.
At Pearl Academy we encourage students to do just that. Here is a sneak peak at some of the wonderful work done by our fashion design students. More of our work is up for vote through People’s Choice Awards

Collection 1: The Eco Cube-Out of the farm by Resham Karmchandani



Organic is a way of life, a cult that embraces all who wish good for mother earth. Moving along similar lines this collection aspires to introduce eco-fashion as mainstream fashion by changing the stereotypical ‘out of the farm’ image of eco clothing and opening new realms of natural dyeing.

This project is an endeavor supported by The Woolmark Company .The silhouettes realized in wool have been basked with an assortment of natural dyes and natural dyeing techniques such as Rust and Compost dyeing which brings us to the title ‘Out of the farm’. Her aim is to collect the minimum, process as simply as possible and let nature lead the way.

Collection 2: Ganjifa- The playing cards of India by Deepali Bansal



The collection is inspired from Ganjifa- The playing cards of India, which is a craft practiced in Orissa. The prints are taken from the motifs, hand painted on the playing cards. This gives the garment an ethnic feel of India brought to it from Orissa on a background of neutral colors.  The idea is to create a summer wear range for the women aged 20-30. Be it a tea party after office or a casual meet, these casual wear garments will bring you in the mood.

While Resham’s collection focused on a better tomorrow by using eco-friendly clothes and fabrics for her collection to produce dresses which are focused on 20-30 year old women, Deepali’s clothes tap into an important part of Indian culture from Orissa. Both of them are trying to make heritage more wearable but the elements of heritage that they are using are extremely different. Vote for the one you like and get a chance to win gift vouchers from Vero Moda!


For more event related details and to vote for your favourite designs, visit :


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Meet the stars at Portfolio 2013

Meet the stars at Portfolio 2013

Some of the biggest names of fashion and design industry will be seen at Portfolio 2013, the graduation event being organised by Pearl Academy. This is a testament to the talent of Pearlites who for years have crafted a niche for themselves in the industry.

The enviable line up includes Meera and Muzaffar Ali who  are going to share the dais encouraging pearlites while we showcase our best of the best designs. The multi-talented duo have several projects from film-making to design and to their credit.

So, you thought that’s it? Of course not! Fashion and design stalwarts  Sunil Sethi and Vineet Bahl are going to be there to give us company. Wanna join us?

Then try your luck with out contest on Twitter and win free passes to the grand finale fashion show on May 18, 8PM here -

Here are brief profiles of our guests-

Meera and Muzaffar Ali

The film-maker, fashion designer, poet, artist, revivalist duo have worked together to create some amazing works of art and design. They are well known for their ethnic, Indian couture and are also very active in addressing social issues.

Sunil Sethi

Sunil Sethi, connoisseur of Fashion, Luxury & Lifestyle products (Made in India), set up Alliance Merchandising Company, a sourcing and buying agency in 1988. Over the years he has represented elite designers and world’s reputed & well known stores including Anthropologie, Crate & Barrel, Armani Casa etc. for their product development and buying out of India.

Since 2002, he has taken more than 25 Indian Fashion Designers to the International platform, selling their products under their own brands to notable store like Selfridges, Golf & Co, Tsum, The Conran Shop, Habitat, Coin and other through his own company. He is also associated with many Indian Fashion & Design Colleges as Jury, speaker and Adjunct Professor.


Vineet Bahl

Vineet Bahl studied fashion in England and launched his eponymous label in 2007. While Vineet’s work is known to set tones impressive for a woman who understands fashion before she wears it, his outfits are here to compliment the spirit of womanhood in its truest form – you don’t have to be a size 0 to wear Vineet Bahl. The label is extensively retailed through stores in India and also at renowned stores in  Sidney, LA, Rome, Berlin etc.

For more event related details please visit –

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Pearl Academy is back with Portfolio 2013!

Pearl Academy is back with Portfolio 2013!

The annual graduating event of Pearl Academy, Portfolio 2013 will be held on May 17th and 18th.

Come witness Fashion Trends 2013 and the Red Carpet Fashion show showcasing some of the best works by our students across the field of their expertise.

For the schedule of the events, invites and details please check

You can also be part of Portfolio 2013 by voting for your favorite designs at Pearl Academy’s People’s Choice Awards!

Be a part of the People’s Choice Awards and get a chance to win exclusive invites for Portfolio 2013’s exclusive Red Carpet events.
More information about the People’s choice awards will be shared shortly on our blog, Facebook and Twitter.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the past work done by our students.

We look forward to having you at Portfolio 2013

Come and witness the future of Design, Fashion and Business!
Also, coming soon is the People’s Choice Awards! Watch this space for more.

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Jasleen kaur, Inspired from the umbrella theme ‘Makeovers’, and the element ‘Eye Makeup’

Jasleen kaur, Inspired from the umbrella theme ‘Makeovers’, and the element ‘Eye Makeup’

She is an extrovert, obsessed with design and its
uniqueness. She is thirsty and hungry for design and finds
pleasure in applying her knowledge of textiles in a multidisciplinary
context, be it in making products or applying it in spaces.
She enjoys conceptualization for feasible concepts that focuses on
detail, functionality, aesthetics, and likes adding sophistication to them.

She is exhibiting her skills of textiles in spaces as her
final graduation project. The highlight of the project being in
research and designing for the makeover’s VIP lounges for the
makeup artists who want to expand and look for the oomph factor
to be in limelight, and want to provide the best class environment
to their clients with their positive and welcoming space decor.

Theme: Makeovers
The designs and color palette is inspired from the
umbrella theme ‘Makeovers’, and the element ‘Eye Makeup’
as the focus and the sub-theme. The surface manipulation
and innovative embroidery techniques are explored in the
collection depicting the mood of an eye makeup and textures.


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Importance of Quality and its effectiveness at Auric by Anshul Puri

Importance of Quality and its effectiveness at Auric by Anshul Puri

Anshul Puri


This project is aims at understanding importance of quality and how effective is it within the company. A process of quality control has to be followed by the manufacturer so quality goods can be shipped as the buyer has certain norms and parameters in terms of quality .The lack of quality control can lead to rejections and delay in shipment.

Objectives and Research Method

1. To understand the importance and working of quality control department at Auric Merchandising Services
2. Find the reason behind actual delay and cancellation of shipment
Secondary source used was inspection reports of the previous styles which went into production for fall winter 2011. While conducting inspections certain problems were observed which could have been averted, for this a study on styles was conducted which were into production for the season spring summer 2012


Lack of quality control in the suppliers unit where the production for Auric merchandising services was taking place, this was leading to delay and rejections of shipment.


1. Quality Control is an important aspect when a shipment is shipped to a buyer
2. Effective quality control can help to identify problem while production in initial stages
A quality control department has to be set up in the unit of present suppliers where the production for Auric Merchandising Services is taking place so the problems relating to quality issues can be identified at the initial stages itself.

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Mess up The Rythm By Aanchal Sharma

Mess up The Rythm By Aanchal Sharma

Inspired from all the things in “Baazar”, this is a vibrant collection with a messy look. Baazar is a hub of life with full of vibrancy in it.

It emphasizes the mismatch of bright colors red to purple and blue to green. The intricacy and busy life of bazaar has been showed through pin tucks combined with tie and dye. Simple-cuts silhouttes with a heavy street influence in viscose fabrics.



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Design as a medium to express thoughts. By Aanchal Kokra

Design as a medium to express thoughts. By Aanchal Kokra

I believe in using design as a medium to
express my thoughts. Every person may use
different media for this purpose, be it writing,
advertising etc. In other words I like to use
design to communicate. I am passionate
about illustration and want to communicate
my vision to the world through it. I like
exploring common subjects that exist in our
society and communicating them to the
masses through my designs.
For me design is learning and exploring at
each step. I strive to be a perfectionist and
try to get even the most intricate details to
be perfect.



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